Guy Martin has revived the Palazzos Maritati and Muci, located in the Salento region, not far from the Ionian Sea, in Italy.

Guy Martin does not only have cooking as a passion. fell in love with the region salento, in Apulia in Italy he decided to transform two historic 18th-century palaces in the rooms while maintaining their authenticity and charm. Mission accomplished: Palazzo Maritati and Palazzo Muci, nestled in the heart of the typical village nardo, preserve the architectural character of the 17and and 18and century, punctuated by artistic and decorative pieces, sometimes vintage, sometimes modern.

Italian palaces: a floor-to-ceiling renovation

The whole point of this renovation was to don’t distort the taste buds and preserve their architectural heritage as much as possible. Besides wanting to keep the charm of the old, the Municipality of Nardo makes it a point of honor to protect the city’s architectural heritage. In total, 10 bedrooms were created in rooms with vaulted roofs and preserved stone walls – where possible. During the three years renovation, craftsmen and professionals were able to discover some treasures. In the Maritati Palace, a old chapel was notably revealed under the false ceilings and the walls were reworked in the meantime.

Italian palaces: decoration from here and elsewhere

In addition to the natural charm of these two buildings, the decorations are elaborated thanks to works by artists from all walks of life. With his wife Katherina Marx, Guy Martin decorates the various rooms with vintage and iconic decorative pieces. We find, among other things, furniture from PoglianicbyEtteore Sottsass or even from Gianfranco Frattini† What immerse us in the atmosphere of those of the years 1970† You can also see the ceramist’s creations Enza Fasano or even from Guerrino Tramontic† Street art also appears in some rooms with paintings by Toxic and gives an avant-garde and modern touch to the decor.