Emily in Paris outfit – the eco-responsible and original style at an affordable price!

After the release of the second season of Darren Star’s Netflix series, we can’t stop thinking about Emily’s outfits! You can see how Emily Cooper assimilated more into the Parisian culture. However, she certainly does not want to be completely absorbed in her surroundings. Thanks to the work of costume designer Marylin Fitoussi and the well-known costume consultant Patricia Field, the American, played by Lily Collins, stands out without any problems. Emily returns to the City of Light, dressed in green, yellow, and red colors. These bright hues set her apart from her French counterparts with more neutral outfits. However, there’s no denying that Emily’s style is still flawless and quite interesting to try. Read the rest of the article for inspiring photos of Emily’s outfit in Paris! We’ve also prepared some practical tips for you to adopt this extravagant style yourself.

Emily in a pink jacket

In her work on Emily’s outfits for the second season of the famous series, the stylists set themselves several goals. They strive for improvement and go much further. You will see that they rely more on fresh and original ideas, but also on their taste for fashion. They don’t want to take advantage of only the most expensive brands to ensure success. Therefore, you could easily imitate Emily’s style in Paris outfit without spending large sums of money.

Flowers – the perfect accessory

emily casual chic ladies outfit with a bouquet of roses

Haute couture or simpler brands?

Both ! The stylists of the series decided to try an extraordinary approach. They give a chance to younger creators who are less famous and cheaper. This is how they popularize their clothing, under which real masterpieces can be found. At the same time, fashion specialists do not give up haute couture – Dior, Balmain, etc. They thus form an interesting combination between brands that are already established and brands that are gaining ground. Undoubtedly, to succeed in this type of mixing, you need to have a lot of experience and talent. It’s impressive!

Emily Paris inspired summer outfit

chic high waisted ladies pants emily in jeans and white top

Eco-friendly fashion

The stylists responsible for Emily in Paris’ outfit have been moving towards eco-friendly fashion lately. They opt for vintage clothes that can be found in various specialized stores in Paris. Apart from the conservation of nature, this type of clothing is exceptional and unusual and therefore attracts much more attention from onlookers. Designers say, “We only buy new when we need something for the next day.” Thus, they set an excellent example for anyone who wants to dress fashionably and have a good style. The key is not always in the more expensive brands that are nevertheless an integral part of the series. But we feel encouraged to visit thrift stores to protect our planet.

Dress with floral pattern

chic ladies suit set emily in a multicolored dress

Preferred colors

Second Season of Emily in Paris! It shouldn’t be trivial. Netflix’s production stylists realize that viewers are waiting to see something new. Nobody wants to have a déjà vu. While the designers opted for white and black for the first season, this time they opted for more vibrant and varied colours. They hope that the spectators will be surprised and happy.

Emily in Paris outfit – the best ideas

Now that the main accents in Emily’s style have been removed, it’s time to get to work. We are going to present you the best outfit ideas that Netflix production offers us. Most are quite easy to imitate and adopt. You can also take inspiration from it to come up with your own combinations and find your style! Enjoying!

Outfit based on green color

Emily often uses green as a common thread through her otherwise busy outfit. For example, in one scene, the Savoir employee walks into the office wearing a striped Versace polo shirt and a Mugler skirt with multi-colored strappy heels. She is wearing a green Elie Saab jacket.

Emily’s green coat

emily in paris look emily in green coat and short skirt

The stylish outfit with multiple colors

chic ladies suit set emily in a short green skirt

Emily in a Parisian cafe

American clothes Emily in a Parisian cafe in a green jacket

Emily – beautiful and elegant

American style woman Emily in Paris in green coat has the queue

The red tulle dress

Emily wears this extravagant red dress to the fashion show in Versailles. Fashion specialists consider this one of her best looks. Field and Fitoussi saved one of Emily’s most stunning and spectacular costumes for the end of the season. In the final scene of the film, the young woman sits in the front row of Grégory Elliot Duprée’s (Jeremy O’Harris) fashion show, wearing a high-waisted dress from the collaboration Giambattista Valli x H&M 2019. Posted in Versailles, a court that was once the home of Marie Antoinette, it is no wonder that it was mainly the young monarch who inspired the creation of this dress.

Red and extraordinary dress for the Versailles visit

american jacket woman emily in red tulle dress

The attraction of the color red

American style woman Emily in Versailles with a red dress

fashion womens clothes emily in paris beautiful dress and elegant hairstyle

Emily and the color yellow

You can’t miss yellow – such a bright color that fills the atmosphere with positivism and makes you smile! In Episode 5 Emily finds Camille together for lunch. The main character wears a yellow blazer, a plaid tank top, a multi-colored skirt, and lavender-colored knee-high boots. To complete her outfit, Emily is wearing a small Dolce & Gabbana purse. However, this is not the only time we can see her in this color. She also has a very nice yellow dress.

American clothing style Emily in Paris dressed in yellow blazer

American style sweater Emily in Paris with her boyfriend

The color yellow is often adopted by the character of Lily Collins

chic ladies jacket and pants set emily and camille in paris

emily in paris outfit emily talking to a girl on a couch

Dress with heart patterns

We have the impression that this dress is from another era! At the Baton Rouge themed party for Chopard in episode five, Emily steals the show in the heart-print midi dress designed by Georgia-based designer Anouki. It is true that the style of the dress is a bit weird and unusual. It is therefore the perfect choice for those who like to surprise their friends and attract attention.

chic high waisted ladies pants emily in a heart pattern dress

White dress with heart pattern

casual chic woman emily in a white dress with hearts

What if we don’t want to wear dresses and skirts?

There are women who don’t like to wear dresses or skirts. It is very normal to have a different style that this type of clothing is not suitable for. We also have a great idea for you! Emily’s outfit in Paris sometimes consists of a well thought-out shirt with accessories. Elegance is everywhere – not just in dresses!

casual chic outfit wife emily has a table in paris

stylish style woman casual style emily in a black and white jacket shirt

Shirts can be stylish too!

fashionable outfit emily surprise on the terrace

stylish outfit Emily takes a picture of her friend on a jetty

casual chic woman Emily in a white shirt

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