Football: The TFC promoted to Ligue 1 after beating Niort (2-0)!

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Toulouse FC received the Chamois Niortais this Monday, April 25 with the aim of validating the club’s return to Ligue 1, two years after leaving it. Mission accomplished for the Violets, win 2 to 0. The TFC is officially back in the elite.

The movie of the game

0′: Mr. Alexandre Perreau-Niel whistles the start of the match. The Toulousains kick off in front of more than 24,000 spectators. In 90 minutes, the TFC can validate its return to the elite.

5′: First tension in the stadium, Ngoumou overruns on the right and puts back Dejaegere who, thanks to his control, turns to the left and slides the ball to VDB who strikes low to the ground, at the foot of the left post of the Niort- goalkeeper. 0-0

18′: Rhys Healey out with injury, the Englishman appears to have injured his adductor after a duel to get the ball back. Replaced by Ado Onaiwu. 0-0

21′: OPENING OF THE SCORE FOR THE TFC! Perfect opening from Nicolaisen towards Sylla in the back left of the defence. De Guinea achieves perfect control and crosses back towards Dejaegere who takes over with a flat foot in the middle of the penalty area. He cheats on the Niort goalkeeper to his right. 1-0

The joy of striker Brecht Dejaegere at the opening of Toulouse’s score.

45′: It’s intermission in the stadium. The TFC is virtually in the Ligue 1. 1-0′

61′: Brecht Dejaegere gives way to Denis Genreau, the French-Australian enters the field under the emotional gaze of his parents who made the journey.

69′: The post saves Niort. Van den Boomen finds Nicolaisen from a corner at the far post, the Dane’s header ends up at the bottom of Michel’s left post. Spierings resumed unsuccessfully, countered by the defense. 1-0

77′: 2-0 for Toulouse! Van den Boomen, served on the right by Ngoumou, delivers a caviar from the center towards Ado Onaiwu, the Japanese resumes with a diving head and makes the Stadium roar. 2-0

90′: It’s over at the stadium. TFC 2-0 victory! Ligue 1 is back in the Pink City. Fans take to the field.

Dejaegere delivers the stadium

We felt the TFC feel sluggish at the start of the first period, despite being in control of the match, the weight of the problem is almost visible. In the 20th minute, after a long perfect opening by Nicolaisen in Sylla’s race, the Guinean checks and retreats to his captain Brecht Dejaegere, forgotten in the heart of the area. The Belgian quietly takes the flat foot and makes the stadium cheer. Onaiwu doubled in the 77th minute.

The tile for Rhys Healey

The England striker, author of 20 league goals this season, was injured in the 18th minute of the game. Healey appeared to have been hit in the adductor. The strongman of Toulouse’s attack could therefore miss the end of the season. Fortunately for Toulouse, the hole has already been made.

Rhys Healey, hit in the adductor, came out in the 20th minute.

Rhys Healey, hit in the adductor, came out in the 20th minute.

Branco power 20

The Dutch playing master of Toulouse has once again let his magic foot speak. VDB delivered his 20th assist of the season. He is the great architect of the TFC’s very good season. It will be difficult to keep him on the Toulouse staff next year.

Nice atmosphere in the stadium

24,209 people responded in attendance this Monday evening at the stadium to cheer for the violets and take part in the celebration. The Toulouse supporters were constantly pushing their team. This is the second participation of the season after the 28,032 spectators at the Paris FC reception. Clap, songs, ola… the supporters brought the evening to life on the island of Ramier.

Lessons from the game

The TFC are officially back in Ligue 1 after their 2-0 win over Niort. Next goal, win the championship trophy. This decisive match could therefore be that of Monday 2 May against Rodez, in the Aveyron. So the TFC could be crowned champions by beating the RAF, by condemning its neighbor a little more to relegation to National. An alternative is possible, the TFC could become champions without playing, for that Ajaccio cannot beat Le Havre on Saturday 30 April.

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