France defends the creation of the statute of a company with a mission at European level

Posted on October 20, 2021

Two years after the promulgation of the Pacte law, which notably created the status of “company with a mission”, Bris Rocher’s report, commissioned by Bercy, evaluates the consequences of this text. To promote this new form of capitalism to as many companies as possible, the CEO of Groupe Rocher makes 14 recommendations, including “to encourage every European society to adopt a raison d’être

France can defend the idea of ​​a fairer and more responsible capitalism (…) No other country can fight this struggle better than us” said Bruno Le Maire during the presentation of the report by Bris Rocher, CEO of the Rocher Group, on the evaluation of the Pacte Act.We played a pioneering role in Europe with the Pacte Act“, stands in abundance Olivia Grégoire, Secretary of State in charge of the Social and Solidarity Economy, two years after the adoption of this text which, in particular, has created the status of a company with a mission. “We provide a role of influence and promotion of this status on a European scale‘ she says, together with her minister.

To convince more companies to adopt purpose and/or corporate mission status, the Bris Rocher report makes 14 recommendations that Bruno Le Maire commits to “very broad resume“. She “is analyzed and possibly applied“, adds Olivia Grégoire. Among these recommendations are that “to encourage every European society to adopt a raison d’êtreBris Rocher, himself at the head of a company with a mission, recommends “project the registration of this status beyond the French borders

“Provide a European framework to promote our vision of responsible capitalism

France has every right to convert this status on a European scale, to defend the architects of this model. †We must provide a European framework to promote our vision of responsible capitalismargues Emery Jacquilat, president of the mission-driven business world.This status does not exist anywhere else, it is a real innovation that can be carried out beyond the French borders” adds whoever organizes the first “European congress of companies with a missionin early December at the European Economic and Social Committee (CESE).

The French delegation will then meet its Italian colleagues. In Italy, since 2015, there is the status of “Social benefit“: the 926 companies that have adopted it must state one or more goals in their articles of association”of common benefitElsewhere in Europe, the laws have not yet provided for legal forms of companies with a mission or equivalent. The “European Congress of Companies with a Mission” has already planned to go to Brussels in early February to give its feedback and convince them of the need to provide for the extension of its status to all of Europe.

More than 300 companies with a mission in France

Notably, the Pacte Act, promulgated in 2019, gave companies the ability to include purpose in their statutes and, for the most committed, transform themselves into companies with a mission. †CSR approaches are no longer enough, companies need to be more involved and company status with a mission is a good tool and a real lever for transformation.Emery supports Jacquilat, president of the company with mission Camif.A company must now be able to tell itself that the more sales increase, the greater the impact – and vice versa. This is the key to the ongoing reform of capitalismfurther specifies Bris Rocher’s report, commissioned by Bercy.

The Pacte law is one of the legislative and economic pillars of this five-year term, one of the legal texts that best defines the economic ambition that is ours, with the President of the Republic, since 2017“, launched Bruno Le Maire.”We’ll make sure it’s done right.”he promisesTwo years after the entry into force of this text, more than 300 companies have become companies with a mission. †If the enthusiasm for these new governance models was high, there would not have been a frank and massive shift towards them“, tempers Bris Rocher’s message.”Few medium-sized companies or large groups have taken the step of becoming a company with a mission, and while half of CAC 40 companies have defined their raison d’être, few have incorporated it into their statutes.“, the study further qualifies.

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