Kébi: a restaurant-bar dedicated to the revisited Kebbeh arrives in the Marais in Paris

By Caroline J., Rizhlaine F. Photos By Caroline J. Posted at April 25, 2022 5:28 PM

Notice to lovers of Levantine cuisine, here is a place to discover urgently! We present you Kébi, a unique restaurant-bar, dedicated to Kebbeh, revisited in all sauces. Head to the Marais to discover this ultra-gastronomic address coming to Paris!

Paris stands at the crossroads of gastronomy come from all over the world. As you walk the streets of the capital, you can treat yourself to a taste trip at any time through addresses that are the default bearer of culinary specialties iconic or little known of the countries they represent. Today the time has come for lovers of levantine cuisine with the discovery of a unique restaurant waiting for you in the swamp

Welcome at Kebia restaurant which, as the name suggests, specializes in Kabbeh† This one Levantine specialty is originally made from meat and bulgur. It comes in the shape of an elongated ball, similar to a rugby ball, and is used in most Lebanese Restaurants

Kébi in Paris, our photosKébi in Paris, our photosKébi in Paris, our photos

But if the Kabbeh is a specialty so widespread in the capital’s good Levantine addresses, why the Restaurant Kebic is it unique? It’s simple, this place is all about this meze which he sees in an original way. in ‘s house Kebic, so don’t expect to enjoy the traditional Kebbeh. Ideally located close to the Place des VosgesKebic instead let us taste the Kabbeh in all its forms through recipes that are all equally different and delicious, each time celebrating the meeting between the West and the Levant.

“With Kébi, we want as many people as possible to (re)discover a traditional breakfast cereal from the Levant countries and come up with all possible combinations to make it a modern and universally trendy dish”† Therefore Marc Naaman describes this concept that he envisioned and which is likely to seduce the taste buds of many gourmets in need of novelties.

On the menu? Plant-based recipes, such as butternut kebibut also different types of meat including the tasty duck kebi with foie gras, dates and nuts, onions and sage. We also like the kebis with fish and shellfish, with the raw tuna, ginger and peasand on the other hand the excellent calamari kebi accompanied by curry, peppers, aubergines and pistachios. A pure delight that takes us straight to the Mediterranean! In total, no less than 8 kebis are shared or not, and served in very beautiful signed plates Ottolenghi

Kébi in Paris, our photosKébi in Paris, our photosKébi in Paris, our photosKébi in Paris, our photos

We continue the tasting with the dishes where, again, the kebbe is of course honored and reinterpreted in an original and still enticing way. heart for the kebi in lentil salad with kohlrabi, tomatoes, mushrooms and mint, plus a savory pomegranate molasses dressing. Fragrant and gourmet, a dish to enjoy without measure!

For carnivores, opt for the generous plate of beef tartare style kebi, served with homemade fries and salad. Again, originality is required and the reinterpretation is perfectly mastered and really successful! Another unusual creation? the chicken kebab † a club sandwich whose bread is replaced by kebbeh.

Kébi in Paris, our photosKébi in Paris, our photosKébi in Paris, our photosKébi in Paris, our photos

And because Kebic pushes the concept to its limits, the kebbeh is also to be enjoyed in a sweet version with regressive notes of banana, cinnamon, dark chocolate and toasted hazelnuts. Otherwise, choose the succulent bulgur with milk with its pears and saffron. A real treat to finish this end of the meal in style!

Kébi in Paris, our photosKébi in Paris, our photosKébi in Paris, our photosKébi in Paris, our photos

To accompany it all, Kebic relies on a rich drinks menu, made up of French and foreign wines. We especially recommend the white wine from the Baal Bekaa estate from Lebanon. For lovers of scientific drinks, no less 7 cocktails are offered, including the very floral “ Arrack rose (arakan ice alcohol and rose syrup), but also the “ beetroot mojito » (rum, lemon and beetroot juice, mint) or the « orange blossom old fashioned (rye, honey and orange), without forgetting mocktailsas the ” Basil Honey Lemonade (basil, lemon juice, honey and plain water).

Kébi in Paris, our photosKébi in Paris, our photosKébi in Paris, our photosKébi in Paris, our photos

To top it off Kebic opening soon street food corner, attached to the restaurant. So fans will be able to find kebis to take away with a choice of recipes already made where you just have to choose, or put together yourself by the minute!

So how do you want your Kabbeh † Sweet ? Dirty ? Round, square, bite-sized or even in a pancake? The hardest part is making your choice! So we have aroused your curiosity, we meet in the swamp until 3 rue de Turenne taste the taste kebbeh way Kebic

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume in moderation.

This test was conducted as part of a professional invitation. If your experience is different from ours, let us know in the comments.

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