Presidential elections 2022 | Chicken from Brazil, 0% VAT, food voucher, localism: what place for agriculture in the debate between Macron and Le Pen?

Agriculture and food were rarely discussed during the debate between two rounds of the presidential election between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen. A debate that lasted nearly three hours. However, return to some truces that called for the fate of the peasants.

Brazilian and European chicken

The outgoing president and National Rally candidate vehemently opposed the European topic, Emmanuel Macron accuses Marine Le Pen of “ lying about merchandise “, the last considering” never saw the French leaders defend the interests of the French in the EUEurope is not all or nothing, it is not “we take everything and we say nothing or we take nothing” “, the candidate who has developed on the subject in 5 years began, now saying “ want to stay in the European Union “, but ” fundamentally change it to create a European alliance of nations There is a whole range of European Union policies with which I do not agree ” she continued, quoting ” the spread of free trade agreements selling German cars, sacrificing breeders to compete with chickens from Brazil or beef from Canada

Which chicken from Brazil?

Which chicken from Brazil? was surprised to remind Emmanuel Macron that he was “against” the EU agreement with Mercosur because” when we ask our farmers for things, we ask the same right to their face What you describe sounds like a band split up “, the outgoing president continued, accusing his opponent of “lying about the goods.” † Europe is a condominium, we can not just decide to ripolin the facade† Wanting to change clubs on your own is differentiating yourself “, he stood on it.

Inflation: VAT at 0% against food control

Program against program, the two candidates for the presidential election also oppose the methods of protecting purchasing power on Wednesday evening, April 20. Marine Le Pen reiterated her wish to reduce the VAT on energy to 5.5% instead of 20%, and to 0% VAT on a basket of basic necessities (hygiene and food), “ as long as inflation is one point higher than growth which she thinks is the case now.

Not true, there is a difference, but in the other direction replied Emmanuel Macron, a statement confirmed by Le Monde recalling that inflation (2.8%) was significantly lower than growth (7%). Due to the war in Ukraine, prices rose 4.5% year-on-year in March 2022 with an annualized growth rate of 5.5%.

At the idea of ​​the VAT cut, Emmanuel Macron resisted his shield against the price of energy and the food voucher announced for the households most in difficulty† More effective and more appropriate measures, according to the outgoing president.

Localism vs Ecological Planning

On the subject of the environment, which is little talked about in her program, Marine Le Pen assured that: it is the free trade-based economic model that is responsible for greenhouse gas emissions” The National Rally candidate denounced the role of import, stating that she had built her program on: “move” to promote local consumption and reduce pollution caused by travel. † The state must establish economic patriotism, we must stop importing half of our fruits and vegetables. Collective catering must commit to purchasing, not organic because there is foreign organic, but French the candidate said.

The free trade model does a lot of damage to animals

Marine Le Pen has also linked the free trade model to animal suffering. † We have animals born in France and transported hundreds of miles by truck to fatten them up and then hundreds of miles to slaughter them, it’s an insane model she continued.

Response from Emmanuel Macron: “ our imports that cause us the most problem are our dependence on hydrocarbons, but you subsidize them with a reduction in VAT, your program has no head or tail and accuse Marine Le Pen is getting “climatosceptic”. The latter answers in return that he is “climate hypocrite”.

I was struck by the IPCC report, I want to go much faster in the next five years. A prime minister will be responsible for this project, environmental and territorial planning Explained Emmanuel Macron. The outgoing president said he wants to support the transitions more: support the industrial and agricultural transition, not through an order but through investment “, he insisted. Emmanuel Macron also denounced the fate reserved for renewable energy sources in his opponent’s program to, for his part, develop 50 offshore wind farms or even agrivoltaism, a real project that we will carry out with our farmers

Security in the countryside

In the deepest countryside people tell me they are surrounded by the uncertainty that is everywhere, in the cities, in the countryside said Marine Le Pen about her favorite topic of safety. † The facts are really happening everywhere: cars are being siphoned off to steal gasoline, construction sites are being ransacked, we steal the farms, we sometimes steal the animals on the hoof, the crops, the manure…. As soon as something has the slightest value, people tremble to be stolen from them. ‘, she continued, proposing solutions in her program: certainty of punishment, the creation of 25,000 prison places or even a referendum on immigration.

Emmanuel Macron, for his part, indicated that he wanted to create 200 gendarmerie brigades in the countryside or deploy 1,500 cyber patrols to fight against cyber attacks. He also promised the creation of 8,500 positions in the judiciary.

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