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Fire and ice in one cruise!

Shores of the World - From Iceland to Greenland - From August 3 to 15, 2022

This is what Rivages du Monde will offer this August aboard the World Explorer. With a small capacity (maximum 130 passengers) and equipped with the most modern technologies to protect the environment and in particular the seabed, this luxury expedition yacht of the latest generation promises a crossing in exceptional conditions.
Imagine two islands between the Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic Ocean: Iceland and Greenland. Few regions on Earth inspire so much the pull of the unknown and the curiosity for nature’s strongest eruptions.
Iceland, a volcanic country, offers passengers swimming in turquoise-blue waters, lunar landscapes dotted with fumaroles and geysers, cliffs and islands populated by countless birds. A magical setting tempered by the simple and welcoming charm of the capital, Reykjavik.
In the wake of the Vikings, these daring adventurers who once colonized these coasts, Rivages du Monde will then set sail for Greenland and its immense ice cap, an island that will give a different twist to this cruise: the unforgettable adventure of navigating among the icebergs , admire the steep fjords, approach the howling sled dogs in this white paradise…
The landscapes are idyllic and the stops are unique: such as Disko Bay and its frozen fjord (Greenland), classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Rivages du Monde takes its passengers on a breathtaking, friendly and human adventure. The passengers are not only in total osmosis with nature, but are also accompanied by a French-speaking team and in particular by a speaker, specialist in the history of these polar regions, for a complete experience.

From Iceland to Greenland: the cruise in detail.

Departure date: August 3, 2022
13 days / 12 nights
The highlights:
From the volcanic lands of Iceland to the frozen landscapes of Greenland
The unique navigation in the Prince Christian Sound Passage
The two capitals Reykjavik and Nuuk
Exceptional Stops in Greenland: Ilulissat, Disko Bay and the UNESCO-listed frozen fjord and Eqip Sermia Glacier
Price per person, from: € 7,640
Optional: excursions to discover cultures and natural wonders.

The World Explorer, 5 Wind Roses*: A human-sized boat, modern, environmentally friendly, spacious and friendly… for sailing, chatting and dreaming!

The brand new World Explorer was born in August 2019. Built in the shipyards of Viana do Castelo in Portugal, she proudly hoists her Portuguese flag and revives the great age-old tradition of this country’s shipbuilding industry, which has carried so high and all. far from the desire to discover new worlds. World Explorer’s advanced technology allows it to safely navigate even the most extreme regions of the planet to the far reaches of the Antarctic continent. Its small capacity, limited to 130 passengers, allows it to dock anywhere in the world, access the most remote ports and promote the creation of exceptional routes to the most unusual regions.
Aboard the World Explorer, modernity is combined with elegance and comfort. Its resolutely sleek and refined design nevertheless radiates an interior decoration in warm and enveloping colours. The World Explorer has many spaces for relaxation, sharing and observation that encourage contemplation and serenity. The technical details guarantee comfortable and risk-free navigation in the most remote areas of the world, without neglecting the beautiful coastal navigation or large ocean crossings.

The world is beautiful and everyone wants to enjoy it. But for that it must be preserved.
The World Explorer is equipped with hybrid engines that allow it to perform all its maneuvers in ports and to minimize greenhouse gas emissions. The electric traction ensures a very stable and silent navigation in calm seas. The Rolls-Royce engines are optimized for minimum fuel consumption. Stops at the coast, its new
dynamic parking system ensures that it stays in place without the use of anchors, which optimizes the conservation of underwater flora and the protection of ecosystems. The new stabilizer technology also makes it possible to better control the seaworthiness of the ship and thus limit consumption. Every effort is made on board to limit waste as much as possible: water consumption, plastic objects, stock management, etc. Information is broadcast digitally on screens, limiting the use of paper.
The World Explorer thus fully meets the requirements of responsible deployment, which is one of the fundamental values ​​of Rivages du Monde.

Its small size looks more like a yacht than a large liner (126 m long and 19 m wide). However, the interior of the World Explorer is very spacious and pleasant. It welcomes its passengers in the utmost comfort. The cabins are all exterior and most are over 20 m2 in size and have a seating area where you can enjoy panoramic views.
Two full decks are completely dedicated to common areas. Served by a wide and spacious reception area, deck 4 gives access to different places: the auditorium, the large Explorer lounge with bar, the restaurant with tasty and refined dishes, the games room, the shop and an outdoor area where it is possible to have a drink or have lunch.
Deck 7, at the very top of the ship, gives access to the beautiful Observation Lounge with 180° view, the gym, the Spa by l’Occitane, the heated outdoor pool with 2 hot tubs.
Deck 8 even has a helipad and running track.
The World Explorer thus has many spaces where everyone can find privacy or enjoy moments to share with other passengers, depending on their mood.

Conviviality and support are the keywords of the Rivages du Monde cruise concept.
On board, the Rivages du Monde team works together with the customers: cruise director, guides, speakers, experts and artists. Without forgetting the video team that films the most beautiful moments.
On the antipodes of mass cruises, which now welcome thousands of passengers of all nationalities on one boat, Rivages du Monde offers, with the World Explorer, original, cultural and convivial cruises, true to its values, and with French-speaking supervision.

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