the clothes, shoes and accessories that will dominate this December 31

With the arrival of the holidays, the desire for a festive outfit 2021 is certainly palpable. And if you’ve already planned your 2021-2022 New Year’s trip, but you’re missing the ideas for trendy looks, we’ll come to your rescue! So, how do you dress on December 31st to welcome the new year in style? The editors of have dug up the essential pieces that will be emerging this December and that deserve our very special attention. From clothes to shoes, to accessories… follow us!

Party outfit 2021 ladies: the festive clothes on December 31!

Need a New Year’s outfit idea that combines comfort and chic? No problem ! The writing revolves around the elegant pieces to favor even if you are hosting a party at home. So don’t wait any longer and discover the trendy 2021 evening dress made for you. Let’s start with dresses, an essential piece of clothing for any self-respecting woman.

feather dress

ladies evening dress 2021 party new year feather dresses ladies new year outfit

Feathers invite themselves on our dresses to give them a natural and soft touch. Moreover, these always stylish pieces prove to be the perfect party outfit for ladies as they are super easy to wear. Just pair them with matching shoes and handbag and you’re done. We recommend skipping the jewelry at the risk of overloading your look. When it comes to colors, it’s New Year’s Eve and all the daring is allowed: black, pink, red, gold or shadow effect, it’s up to you.

slip dress

new year outfit 2022 slip dress satin dress dress trend welcome the new year with style

His Majesty, the slip made a comeback a few years ago and hasn’t stopped seducing since. Ultra feminine and totally in the fashion trends autumn-winter 2021/2022, this dress bends to everyone’s wishes. But how exactly do you apply it for your New Year’s Eve outfit for women? So consider pairing it with a faux fur coat and remember to mix and match the colors of the two pieces. When it comes to shoes, high heels are still the best option, but it looks like sneakers and ankle boots will do the trick too. Do you dare the casual chic look for the evening of December 31?

leather dress

ladies new year outfit leather dress autumn winter fashion trends new year outfit

Leather has officially made a comeback among the fashion trends and has invaded all of your favorite pieces. And to keep up with the latest trends, we adopt the 2021 leather party dress to become the star of the New Year’s Eve party. In addition, if you opt for colored leather, you will certainly go for a trendy outfit from 2021 that seduces.

sequin dress

new year outfit idea party dress 2021 with sequins sequins fall-winter trends

There’s nothing like sequined dresses to celebrate the arrival of the new year in style and sparkle! Did you know that this dress is indeed the most favorite item in New Year’s outfits? Don’t wait any longer and go directly to the webshops to get the star of the New Al parties!

The wide sequined pants in the 2021 party outfit

new year 2021 ladies pants party outfit trends December 31 chic new year ladies outfit

The wide-leg pants are an always on-trend piece that you can wear all year round and for any occasion. In addition, you can opt for the New Year’s party, but on one condition: that it is decorated with sequins! As we said above, the latter have become the symbol of New Year’s celebrations and invite themselves almost everywhere: on dresses, pants, shirts, skirts and even festive makeup.

The jumpsuit will be an integral part of the 2021 New Year’s outfit

new year outfit ladies pants jumpsuit new year outfit 2021

Feminine, elegant and structuring the silhouette to perfection, the jumpsuit allows you to wear a sophisticated party outfit for 2021. Available in a variety of colors and patterns, this piece will suit any woman’s style. And if you can find it in sequins, you will definitely have a trendy look!

The shoes

trendy evening dress 2021 new year 31 december plateau shoes

Which shoes will you choose for your 2021 ladies evening dress to welcome the new year in style? Here the answer is unique: platform soles! Combining comfort and elegance, these pieces are sure to become an integral part of your look as they refine your silhouette.

The 2 favorite accessories for your party outfit for 2021

party outfit for ladies 2021 how do you dress new year trendy accessories XXL earrings

The New Year’s outfit 2021 cannot do without accessories, we agree. But which one to choose? So here we’ve packed in the two XXL elements that are extraordinary to give us a look that fits right in with the fashion trends for Fall-Winter 2021/2022. With the first accessory that should not be neglected on December 31, you can immediately attract all the attention. These include oversized earrings or the so-called “statement earrings”, an accessory that is not exactly brand new, but has not stopped growing in popularity.

ladies party outfit new year outfit 2021 accessories Grece Ghanem XXL bracelet oversized jewelry

Jewelry that makes a style statement is a must-have among fashionistas this year, given the popularity of Grece Ghanem’s accessories, whose impeccable style dictates the fall-winter 2021/2022 trends! It is therefore not at all surprising that the XXL bracelet is also part of the outfit for the new year, you just have to choose the one that best suits your style.

Finally, don’t forget to clean your silver and gold jewelry at home so that they can always enjoy their shiny appearance.

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