The Complete Guide to Adopting a Fall 2021 Look

For the second year in a row, fashion is reinventing itself. In the context of a global pandemic, the industry has been creative and daring. Working under unusual circumstances, the makers addressed an audience whose lives have been changed forever. In the end, they showed their collections virtually or in a very intimate setting. Still, creativity reigned. For the fall of 2021, the collections are adapted to the times and embrace this new life. So it’s no surprise that comfort is key to the fall 2021 look. Do not wait any longer to check out the trends we have selected for you in the following lines.

This fall, long trousers, high necks, jackets and voluminous dresses are the pieces that will rule. Keep in mind that you have the freedom to layer the clothes. So take advantage of it if you want a modern look. Remember comfort is key this season. Do not hesitate to dress in luxurious knitwear: skirts, long dresses, two-piece sets. Wool coats and jackets are your best allies for cold days.

Enjoy the freedom of layering for colder days

Autumn-Winter 2021 colors

Saturated shades that encourage self-expression are also on the rise. The play of colors, asymmetrical shapes leave no one indifferent. So now is the time to be brave. Dare to try trendy colors: mustard, lemon, candy pink, marigold, rust, lavender. Or bright blue and red, powder blue, bottle green, olive green, light gray, powder pink.

Adopt the trend colors autumn-winter 2021

autumn 2021 trend outfit in powder pink beige ankle boots gray jacket

Fall Winter 2021-2022 Women’s Trends

Due to the current circumstances, ready-to-wear has inevitably become more functional, with more respect for a changing world. Plus, fashion is now easier to wear with trends that suit all styles, genders, and silhouettes. The rooms are infused with a festive optimism that brings a little sparkle. Don’t forget to bring a tailor this year, because he too is on the rise. Ultra-modern and comfortable, ideal for going to the office or going out with friends.

Dare to adopt an autumn look 2021

fashion autumn winter 2021 caramel pants white blouse black jacket

Shoe trends winter 2021-2022

Fans of high boots will be happy with this news. Crocodile-embossed high boots with geometric heels are the main items of this season. Comfortable slippers, loafers, clogs, metallic, glitter or rubber platform soles are all must-haves in the wardrobe of fashionistas this winter.

Platform shoes are on the rise this season

how to dress in autumn beige denim jacket black jeans casual top

Trends – autumn fashion 2021

For fall 2021, looser jeans variations like mom jeans, flares, bootcuts and boyfriend jeans are the go-to pieces. Mom jeans and straight-leg cuts in particular are the most popular designs. To balance the silhouette, opt for a slim t-shirt and a fitted blazer, a cropped sweater or a smart blouse tucked into jeans. Feel free to try on printed trousers and jeans. Made of denim, corduroy or wool, they are ideal solutions for autumn. You can combine them with other vibrant prints or solid pieces. Consider bringing pleated skirts, midi skirts in dark tones, tailored blazers, and leather jackets and scarves in green, navy, burgundy, brown, or black.

Trends – autumn fashion 2021

fall fashion 2021 casual chic style woman in ripped jeans and green jacket

Winter trends 2021

Note that skiing is this season’s obsession with padded clothing and comfortable suits, parkas, down jackets and even balaclavas. All winter pieces have been reinterpreted with an urban touch. Faux fur and leather are also elements to absolutely adopt this season. Note that soft colors like chocolate, mustard, eggplant are preferred. This year, giant cloth tote bags and leather shopping bags have been created to carry everything you need throughout the day. These handbags are designed in classic colors that will not compete for attention despite their size.

Bet on trendy colors for the winter

fall fashion 2021 blue green pants mustard yellow sweater white ankle boots

Women’s clothing 2021

Oversized boyfriend jackets create an elongated silhouette. Thanks to the shoulder pads, this garment will visually tighten your waist and lengthen your legs. Don’t hesitate to combine the boyfriend jacket with straight pants or leather shorts for ultra-modern style. Dare to try on a suit in pastel colors. Fresh mint green or soft lavender are ideal varieties to adopt. Choose yellow and camel colors. Mix and match these shades to add depth to your outfit.

Casual chic look for women 2021

To take on the casual-chic style, team boyfriend or ripped jeans with a blouse and high-heeled shoes. You can pull on a sweater and add a blazer and pocket square. So you can go to the office and also in the evening. Opt for a jacket and turtleneck to add a touch of seriousness. In this case, do not hesitate to put on trousers or skinny jeans. Dare to combine this outfit with a pair of sneakers for a comfortable yet stylish outfit.

Choose the casual chic look

American style woman 2021 boyfriend jeans white shoes brown accessories

Chic look for women

To get a chic look, you need to follow a few basic rules.

  • Do not use more than three colors at a time. However, you can mix textures, patterns or prints, but don’t exceed the number of three when it comes to the colors you will be wearing. This trick will give you an effortless chic look.
  • Invest in high quality timeless pieces. In addition, you save money this way.
  • Take the time to sort, rearrange and define your style, identify apparel supplies, view colors and trends, and learn how to manage your purchases. Consider clearing out the clutter and keeping only what you need and like.

A chic outfit to adopt

autumn look 2021 woman in casual chic outfit in black and white

Stylish women’s outfit

Note that the chic style is timeless. A straight dress, worn with pumps, is undoubtedly the classy outfit par excellence. To adopt this style, consider bringing stylish jewelry as well, if you are planning a finished look. Thus, a good pair of pearl earrings contributes to a sophisticated and chic style. Remember that this outfit is suitable for any occasion.

American style woman 2021

The greatest asset of the American style is comfort. American women choose casual wear that gives them a sense of freedom. So if you want to adopt a comfortable and functional style, this is the best choice. Depending on the weather conditions, choose jeans, a t-shirt, a casual blouse or a thick sweater. Remember, sneakers are your best allies for a finished, American-style look.

Bet on casual wear for more comfort

autumn outfit black jacket and boots caramel top blue leans

Idea to adopt the casual chic style

outfit idea woman jeans prince of wales jacket and moccasins

Ultra-modern vision autumn 2021

casual chic look woman 2021 cap shoes and outfit in black

casual chic look for women 2021 pink skirt black t-shirt and jacket black ankle boots

Key pieces for autumn-winter 2021

chic look woman in black outfit with white ankle boots burgundy red handbag

An elegant outfit to wear with confidence

women's clothing style 2021 beige coat white dress black accessories

Fall 2021 watch to absolutely adopt

trend autumn winter 2021 2022 caramel ankle boots black pants taupe sweater

Opt for the casual chic style for colder days

fall winter 2021 2022 trend woman in ripped black jeans and sweater

Autumn look 2021

winter trend 2021 black outfit ankle boots black sunglasses

fashion trend 2021 black ripped jeans white top and jacket

A very elegant and feminine vision

chic outfit woman blue jeans white top caramel and black jacket

Floral dress in an autumn version

stylish ladies outfit black floral dress with belt, black boots and handbag

casual chic look for women 2021 ripped jeans mauve blouse brown ankle boots

trendy ladies outfit black pants gray pullover hat and black boots

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