The Complete Guide to Fall-Winter 2021-2022 Trends!

If there’s one thing that can be said about this year’s winter fashion trends, it’s that they are made to lift the mood. We see bright and daring ideas, pops of color, eye-catching prints. Discover the trends for autumn/winter 2021-2022 without a doubt!

Bold colors and shapes create bold prints that instantly brighten up your wardrobe. With black coats as a base for the colder months, try adding a bold piece to your outfit. Feel free to mix and match the prints. Keep in mind that an elegant blouse with a ribbon at the neck is the star element that you can add to your professional outfit.

Bold colors and shapes create bold prints that will boost any wardrobe

What are the colors of winter 2021-2022?

Note that combinations of saturated shades are very popular this season. From neon pink and orange, to green and cobalt blue, to purple and sunny yellow, the possibilities are endless. It’s a great way to brighten up your wardrobe and bring color into your life. Don’t be afraid to emphasize brightly colored pants. Bet on bright red pants, associated with bright blue, neon orange or bright pink.

Bright colors are in fashion this season

Prince of Wales fashionable pants mustard sweater turtleneck white ankle boots

Fall fashion 2021

Keep in mind that you can wear the thigh high boots and ankle boots with mini skirts, dresses or even shorts. It’s a great way to take the summer basics a little out of season. Don’t forget the knitted skirts and dresses that are very trendy this year. A pair of boots or pumps will help you stand out. Try baggy pants for a more casual look. They have become a staple of the celebrity look in recent months and can be paired with almost any top, be it a t-shirt or a sweater you are spoiled for choice.

winter fashion 2022

Oversized quilted jackets, matching snow pants, goggles and patterned knits will do the trick. Note that experts advise adding volume to fur coats. Keep in mind that the floor-reaching variants and the ultra-short variants are very flattering on the figure.

Autumn-Winter 2021-2022 trends

ladies winter outfit entirely in white fur coat beige velvet ankle boots

Winter outfit for women

Matching sets aren’t just for summer. Feel free to try a leather look from head to toe. For going to the office, on the weekend, or for an evening on the town, this outfit will protect you from the winter cold. The biggest advantage is that these pieces can be worn separately. So try a look that includes a leather midi skirt and thigh-high boots. Remember that the main elements that keep you warm and enhance your look are the leather gloves. Keep in mind that it is a versatile accessory that can add drama to any look. Try wearing leather gloves with a short-sleeved blouse and a leather skirt.

Bet on a leather skirt with a belt

fashionable outfit boots with heels leather mini skirt white off shoulder top

Trendy dress autumn-winter 2021-2022

Long, flowing dresses are very popular this year. Consider adding high boots and leather gloves for a quintessential winter look. Note that the straight dress is also an excellent variant. The transparent dress is a good way to show elegance and sophistication. Don’t hesitate to put on a draped-effect lace dress or a dress with puff sleeves and a flowing skirt.

Long, flowing dresses are very much in fashion this year

trendy dress 2022 red floral asymmetrical and flowing black thigh high boots knit hat

Fashionable Pants

If you want to elongate your legs, try a pair of fit-and-flare pants that can easily change from day to night with the right accessories. This type of pants is a versatile piece that can be worn with both elegant shoes and sneakers.

Clothing trend for women

Try a long skirt that can be worn with a turtleneck or with a sheer blouse, a staple for the evening. High boots give your look the finishing touch. Note: loose skirts are an absolute must-have this season. Plus you feel like a princess. Don’t hesitate to combine it with a chunky knit sweater.

Autumn-Winter 2021-2022 trends

ladies look autumn 2021

Tasting trend for autumn-winter 2021-2022

This season you have the option to opt for an extra large tote bag. Choose a bag with a gold or silver metal element, depending on your style. Remember that faux fur is not just a part of coats and jackets. It will also improve handbags. Slightly retro and undeniably stylish, small crossbody handbags are making a comeback.

Slightly retro and undeniably stylish, small handbags are making a comeback

women's fashion 2021 2022 beige pants and brown boots mustard handbag

Winter sweater trend 2022

Sweaters inspired by après-ski clothing find their place in the winter wardrobe of 2022. Their greatest asset is the comfort they provide.

Trendy shoes autumn-winter 2021

Metallic and shiny ankle boots, elegant and high leather boots with high or low heels in black or brown, platform shoes, pointy pumps are all must-haves for autumn-winter 2021-2022.

Trendy shoes autumn-winter 2021

trendy dress 2022 in chocolate color fashionable silver metallic boots

Consider investing in a must-have outerwear for fall. Be it a denim jacket, cardigan, trench coat, leather jacket or long coat, versatile outerwear is the most important part of a wardrobe. Finding the right pair of shoes is also an essential pillar. Feel free to team suede ankle boots, high heeled boots or combat boots with a denim or floral sundress. Consider pairing a blazer with a fitted white T-shirt and a flowy, fitted midi skirt with a belt. Fall is the perfect time to embrace cozy winter basics like turtlenecks, leather jackets and corduroy pants. Remember that oversized blazers and chunky knits go great with midi skirts and bermudas. Or try a silk blouse with wool trousers. Don’t forget straight legs and skinny jeans that can be worn with sweaters, blouses and t-shirts. Dare to play with bright colours, prints and patterns to add dynamism to your look.

A chic take on cold autumn days

ladies winter look asymmetric white skirt brown leather boots teddy caramel top

ladies winter look white pants beige faux fur coat brim hat

An idea for cold winter days

fall fashion 2021 black boots flowing skirt white turtleneck black handbag

Trendy outfit for fall

2021 fall fashion casual black jeans off the shoulder sweater burgundy ankle boots

fall fashion 2021 prince of wales coat black pointy pumps blue jeans

fashion autumn winter 2021 2022 brown straight split mid skirt sneakers turtleneck sweater

This is how you wear layered clothes

fashion autumn winter 2021 2022 caramel pants white sneakers beige jacket

fall winter 2021-2022 trend

fashion fall winter 2021 2022 green trench coat brown boots light blue jeans

A chic and elegant look

women's fashion 2021 2022 boots and leather handbag camel pants jacket with belt

women's fashion 2021 2022 brown thigh high boots knit white dress knit hat

winter fashion 2022 black ankle boots black skinny jeans and black top gray jacket

winter fashion 2022 beige straight pants white sneakers black jacket gray top

black belt fashion pants white top black handbag and boots sunglasses

Trendy sweater for cold days

fashionable pants bottle green oversized sweater turtleneck black shoes with heel

autumn winter 2021 2022 trend woman in beige sweater white skirt camel handbag white boots

A casual chic vision

fashionable outfit

trendy women's clothing light blue jeans beige cardigan knitted hat

autumn-winter trend

Choose the coarse knitted sweater

trendy women's clothing black leather pants black ankle boots white turtleneck sweater

trendy women's clothing brown pants beige jacket white sneakers casual top

autumn-winter 2021-2022 outfit

fashionable outfit long button down dress with brown leather boots scarf

winter look 2021 2022 woman in black skinny jeans and white asymmetric sweater

A sleek and trendy look for fall

winter look 2021 2022 blue jeans beige jacket black top beige pumps sunglasses

winter look 2021 2022 jacket belt bottle green cap black pants

trendy dress 2022 beige brown coat leopard print ankle boots sunglasses

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