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Revealed to the general public through the show Top Chef, the former winner of the show now heads his own restaurant Bacôve, in Saint-Omer. View his biography.

What a long way to go Camille Delcroix since his victory in Top chef of 2018. The young chef, so tipped to lead the kitchens of Philippe Etchebest’s restaurant, finally ran off by opening the very first restaurant, Bacôve, in Saint-Omer† A homecoming for Camille Delcroix, who constantly defends the north and its exceptional culinary terroir. To learn more about the chef, his cuisine and his restaurant, discover his biography below.

The Biography of Camille Delcroix

Camille Delcroix was born on Nov 11, 1989 in Saint-Saulve, in the north and grew up a few kilometers away, in Raismes. If some chose the kitchen as a garage voice, it wasn’t at all the case for Camille Delcroix, who fell into pot when he was little. To be parents indeed ran a butcher charcuterie caterer in Anzin and his older brother, Pierre, was also an enthusiast. It is therefore very logical that Camille Delcroix passes her BEP and then her Bac Pro Cuisine at the hotel school of Orchies, before he started his professional training in the restaurant? The Musigny in Valencian. After three years, the young chef joined Marc Meurin’s brigade at the star restaurant Beaulieu Castle in Busnesbefore being noticed by the general public by participating in Top chef of 2018. Camille Delcroix won this season with his team leader Philippe Etchebest, beating the now star chef Victor Mercier.

Where is Camille Delcroix’s restaurant?

Mid 2021, almost three years after his victory in Top Chef, Camille Delcroix reveals in a video on social networks that he is about to get a restaurant with his wife Carla. The chef and his companion explain that this establishment, christened? bacovewill be established instead of the restaurant? The swan in Saint-Omer. In December 2021, the couple opened their restaurant, where “the cooks” [mais aussi Camille Delcroix] are required to go to the dining room to present and serve dishes, as well as to explain the producers. For example, we have found a quinoa producer in Flanders,” explains Camille Delcroix, who makes it a point of honor to defend the local producers. “We want people to be our guests, like at home. We want them to feel good, do something simple like us.”

in ‘s house Bacôve, Camille and Carla Delcroix offer “a” gourmet cuisine but uninhibited. The common thread in the plate is: to promote horticultural products”, as well as fish from the Audomarois marshes. “Nothing is possible without a fresh product whose quality is known to the chef and which he himself has selected from producers who respect nature throughout the regions of France. Depending on the seasons and what they offer, fruit and vegetables come from gardeners in the Saint-Omer region, the fish directly from fishermen in the marshes of Saint-Omer or the neighboring Opal Coast, meat of the best farmland. A natural cycle that is constantly renewed and that offers its variations, short circuits that guarantee maximum freshness to compose a very nice gastronomic score”, specifies the site of the Bacôve restaurant.

What are Camille Delcroix’s emblematic recipes?

in the show Top Chef, Camille Delcroix distinguished himself for his mastery of cooking sauces. At Bacôve, every menu is a colorful and tasty seasonal variation full of poetry and creativity. If the menu changes regularly, it is still possible to name some examples of flagship dishes such as Scallops boulognaise-beet-haddocktrout from Affringues, salsify and walnut sabayon or de Guinea fowl from Henoville, carrots from Tilques† As for dessert, the chef bet on the recipes of the grandmothers of the north as the Sugar cake, homemade yogurt and brown sugar that crackles to the bite or the Brussels waffle, delicious with candied beetroot† Childhood memories that Camille Delcroix relives with passion!

Where can I find Camille Delcroix’s books?

Since his passage in Top Chef, Camille Delcroix published two cookbooks. The first, published in 2019 and named Meals from the North: ch’ti cuisine, with family recipes that are easy to make, twisted with a touch of modernity. In 2022 the chef will publish his second book, Long live the Plancha, in which he reveals his best recipes for using the plancha from appetizer to dessert.

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