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Is resale the new fashion trend for 2022? Yes ! And besides, according to the statistics, second-hand fashion will now dominate in the shops! It is therefore practically the new “must have” and “must do” for the fashionistas of the future. There are millions of reasons for this new trend, but the most important is to live more sustainably and responsibly to preserve our planet for future generations. In this article, we reveal the shocking numbers behind the most commonly used “fast fashion” and how you can change this scary stat while staying in fashion! Zoom!

What is second-hand fashion?

We are very happy to see that more and more people are turning to the responsible way of living which is now part of the rule of the three Rs: “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle”. So, after embracing the upcycling trend and eco-friendly home decor, it’s time to take action on the fashion issues. Why do it? Learn more about it by reading the following paragraphs. The statistics are really disturbing!

second hand fashion clothes

Did you know that the global production of clothing is responsible for 20% of the total waste of drinking water in the world? After use, it becomes toxic from cancer-causing chemicals used in the manufacture of clothing. In addition, most of these so-called fast fashion or disposable products contain plastic microfibers that contaminate water supplies and food products during washing.

what is second hand fashion?

You will probably say that they can be recycled? Unfortunately, that’s not quite possible… The truth is that most clothing is not biodegradable and also contains chemicals that pollute our environment. Each year 59,000 tons of textile products arrive in Chile’s Atacama Desert! So instead of being a tourist hotspot, this part of South America has turned into a disposable fashion graveyard. And how can we change that?

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Second-hand fashion is a trend that is emerging in response to the accumulation of this textile waste. So if you’re addicted to shopping, this is the ideal solution to upgrade your wardrobe while staying fashionable. It is now possible to find websites, groups on Facebook and even stores that offer second-hand clothing. The good news is that everyone, regardless of budget and clothing style, can find a trendy piece here.

second-hand men's fashion

Major fashion brands are also turning to new consumer demands. It is now possible to find brands that offer a “used” section on their websites. So you can buy and sell items that you have already used again. You just need to fill out a small form so you can put the product online. In return you will receive a voucher that you can use for the new collection.

Why should we buy and sell second-hand products?

buy and sell used shoes

Are you really getting the most out of the clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories you already own? Are you guilty of something that you will probably never wear again or that you spontaneously bought and never wore? It’s time to say goodbye to all those forgotten things that only take up your wardrobe and closets. Sell ​​them and give them a chance to be worn by someone who really cares. Another good idea, especially before the Christmas holidays, is to organize a charitable initiative or simply give them to those in need.

Buying used items is more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

If the stats we’ve already mentioned below aren’t enough reason for you, here are a few more reasons that will (perhaps) convince you to choose fashion second-hand

  • According to the BBC, wearing one piece of clothing for just 9 months can reduce your carbon footprint by 20%. So give old-fashioned items a new life!
  • By the end of the decade, second-hand fashion will overtake the fast fashion we know today. It therefore deserves your attention.
  • Buying used items is more environmentally friendly and sustainable. By choosing second-hand fashion, you avoid (or at least minimize) the disastrous consequences of overconsumption.
  • Second-hand items can often be purchased at low prices.
  • You have the opportunity to earn a few extra dollars while clearing out your wardrobe.

second-hand fashion influencer - Vanilla Scratchpad

Long considered a taboo, the clothing of second-hand were hard to find, but not anymore. Nowadays you can find your fashion item even in hypermarkets at low prices. Zara dress for 10 euros?! A trendy winter coat for 15 euros? Yes, it is very possible! Read on to find the complete guide that will help you discover the best fashion items, the emerging influencers who are supporting second-hand and the fashion brands that will follow.

Choose conscious brands

refocus our energies to make smarter purchases, be better informed and more attentive

Second-hand fashion has been all the rage in France in recent months. That’s why it’s very easy to find responsible brands that support the movement. Starting with hypermarkets like auchanto website La Redoute who created The Reloop – a webshop specialized in the sale of second-hand items. You can find the same concept on Zalando, Percentil, Micolet, Modz and again† We are also adding to the list of brands sandro who has added a “used-hand” section to his e-shop and Dieselwhich offers a “Second Hand” collection with jeans.

Follow second-hand fashion influencers

Follow second-hand fashion influencers

The environmental impact of fast fashion is a topic on everyone’s lips. So if you love the movement but don’t know where to start, check out the hottest Instagrammers who use and promote sustainable and eco-friendly fashion. They are proof that “recycled” does not necessarily mean “old”. You should also keep in mind that we are now seeing a return of retro and vintage fashion from the 60s, 70s or 80s. So, what better place than thrift stores to find a piece: unique and trendy fashion? We doubt it! So, here’s our selection of bloggers that you’ll see in detail in the photo gallery:

  • Allison Kelley is the author of the “One Year Thrifted” blog, which shows her spending an entire year shopping only secondhand.
  • Tyler Chanel – on her blog “Thrifts and Tangles” she shares tips on how to shop at thrift stores.
  • Taylor Hawkes – in her vlog you will find several tips for creating a truly unique outfit.
  • Mila Stoyanova – creator of Vanilla Scratchpad will show you how to dress according to the latest fashion trends while respecting the environment.
  • Rosa Bonheur – the influencer with a thousand and one colors who will reveal to you the secrets of upcycling.

Second-hand luxury fashion – does it exist?

Second-hand luxury fashion - does it exist?

We have already presented the concept of the capsule wardrobe, which is also part of the Slow fashion. So, in short, it’s better to invest in a high-quality garment that you can wear for longer and that goes with most of your clothes. In this context, whether you’re looking for a classic Louis Vuitton handbag, a rare vintage Rolex watch, or desperately want a Chanel scarf and don’t want to wait for their list, luxury resale sites are the ideal solution. There are millions of luxurious pieces waiting to be rediscovered and loved. And the best part? You buy them for a bargain price!

Second-hand fashion – 10 changes you can make today to embrace the slow fashion trend

When we talk about luxury brands, we cannot miss their evolution and their adaptation to global changes. For example, Alexander McQueen collaborates with the website Common locker room which offers store credit for the brand’s current collection in exchange for pieces from the past season, which are then inspected and resold online.

The French fashion house Jean-Paul Gaultier is also adapting to new customer needs. Soon it will be possible to rent some of his masterpieces, while his redesigned website will have a resale category, where he will sell vintage pieces.

Valentino is also venturing into the resale of luxury with its “Valentino Vintage” initiative, which encourages the second-hand trend. Valentino items will be submitted to select stores around the world in exchange for credits to be spent in the Italian brand’s boutiques.

photo gallery

make smarter purchases

The fashion blogger Rosa Bohneur who wants to reuse “old” fashion items

Rosabohneur fashion blogger style upcycling

Hannah_rupp – an Instagram account where you can find useful ideas about responsible fashion

Rosabohneur fashion blogger style upcycling

Taylor_made_style shows you how to live ecologically and responsibly

taylor_made_style how to live green

“Thriftsandtangles”: second-hand fashion or smarter shopping?

thriftsandtangles fashion second hand

Avoid the disastrous consequences of overconsumption!

go for vintage and retro fashion

Second-hand fashion is part of slow fashion, which is based on the quality and use of natural fibres.

use cotton clothes

By choosing second-hand fashion, you encourage a slower production of clothing.

use cotton clothes

Vivienne Westwood said it well “Buy less, choose well, make it last! †

Vivienne Westwood said well Buy less, choose well, make it last.

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