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The inhabitants of each country have a certain style of clothing that distinguishes them from others. Americans are no exception. What are the characteristics of their clothing style? Are there any brands or types of clothing that the American woman prefers? In this article, we will reveal what the American style is for women and how to adopt it.

There are definitely ideas to steal from the American style

If we had to pick one word that best sums up American style, it would be comfort. Americans dress casually, but why? Because clothing is a sign of freedom. The freedom to choose how you want to present yourself to the world. The advancement of casual style, or “casual” in English, removed the rules that imposed remarkable luxury for the rich and functional workwear for the poor. Thus, thanks to global capitalism, the clothing market is flooded with options to mix and match to create a personal and comfortable style.

See how comfort and chic can go hand in hand

example light brown jacket, jeans, black shirt, sunglasses, modern woman

What clothes are part of the American style for women?

A quote from an American article from 1922 states: “Once a woman has known the joys and comforts of unrestricted movement, she will be very reluctant to return to thick skirts. Yes, we like feminine skirts and dresses, but the American woman more often chooses jeans. Because they are always in style and serve as a versatile base for your wardrobe. But what do we combine them with? For the summer, for example, opt for simple and light t-shirts or tank tops, on the other hand, during the cold months, a long-sleeved blouse and a thick sweater are the perfect option.

Here are some variations to complete a basic American style look

idea of ​​American style look for women with different jackets, checkered blouse and knitted cardigans

Sportswear – another essential part of American style for women

Sportswear could indeed be called “America’s contribution to fashion”. In the 1920s, if you can believe it, “sportswear” was the term used to describe the comfortable, casual clothes that women wore to watch sporting events. While today you are most likely to see women proudly wearing tracksuits in their daily routine. In fact, yoga pants have come out of the gym too. The reason: They’re so comfortable that yogis wouldn’t want to take them off.

Combined with compatible accessories, sportswear becomes very chic

an example of American style for women with sporty tracksuits and a chic bag

In the summer you can choose cycling shorts

a woman wears the American brand Vans sneakers black shorts and a gray blouse

Are there typical American style shoes?

As noted, comfort and practicality again dictate the rules when it comes to footwear. You can leave your pumps or your ultra-high heels for your evenings. The American style for women loves stylish and high-quality sneakers. If you don’t like this type of shoe, you can also opt for classic lace-ups or ballet flats. Another perfect option are loafers. They offer a classic style that adds vintage glamor to everyday or office wear.

Ankle boots are as flexible as they are stylish

a woman in gray Chelsea-esque boots, a Gollegian coat and an American-style denim shirt

A few more details of the American style for women

We have already mentioned the essential elements of the American woman’s wardrobe. But to get the authentic look, you might want to know a few more details. These are, for example, the hyper flashy logos of brands on your clothing. If you don’t like the idea, you can opt for the combination of a few bright colors at once. In addition, another peculiarity of the American style for women is the scope of several accessories at once. For example, by adding a scarf, thick necklace or thick earrings, your look immediately gets an upgrade. In addition, they also keep you nice and warm in the winter.

Americans are known for being bold in their style choices.

a look with fashion women's clothing oversized blouse black pants and a red leather handbag

You can use a colorful necklace, bracelet or earrings to add some sparkle

a woman dressed in a leather jacket wearing a lot of gold jewelry in front of a red wall

You can follow some of the tips in the previous section to spice up your look. A few more tricks you can apply include:

  • roll up the jeans – It’s so simple and easy that you can already do it without even noticing. Yes, putting on or rolling up the jeans makes the outfit more beautiful. You can try a single or a double roll. Single roll works well with stiff straight jeans and double rolls with your looser jeans.
  • Tie or tuck the top – One of the best ways to spice up a plain shirt or top is to tie it up the front or tuck it into your jeans. Doing this shows your curves instead of hiding them, and it adds an attractive note to a dull look.
  • Add layers – You can start by layering a cute cardigan over your jeans and t-shirt, and even go a step further and add a leather or denim jacket to complete the look.

It’s a great way to show off your shoes and ankles and lengthen your legs

a streetwear outfit for women with light blue jeans, white sneakers and a yellow jacket

The next time you put on a simpler top, tuck it into your jeans.

a blond woman wears jeans and sneakers of a designer clothes on her feet

an American casual look with rolled up jeans and a black sweater a girl sitting in front of a door

American look for women with a denim skirt and t-shirts with gold jewelry prints

an example of American fashion with a t-shirt in jeans, a belt and braided hair

American denim jacket tied around the waist combined with a white t-shirt and black pants

fashion women's clothing with a tulle skirt, leather jacket and striped t-shirt

Another important item in the American wardrobe is the college-type jacket

a woman dressed in dark jeans and an American jacket with a rugby ball

American dress style a girl dressed in a flower pattern dress and a college jacket

The blouse tied around the waist is another way to brighten up the look

streetwear style for women with a leather jacket, rolled jeans and a sweater around the waist

American style for women with leggings and leather jacket

a girl with blond hair in a white blouse and jeans in women's streetwear style

blond woman dressed in sporty american jacket and bleached jeans

You can also put a scarf around your hair to match the rest of your clothes.

an idea of ​​trendy women's clothing with high-waisted square pants and orange fishu in the hair jpg

a girl at the escaleir wearing white sneakers, ripped jeans and a plaid shirt

a woman dressed in American clothing style with jeans and a knitted sweater with multicolored stripes

gigi hadid in streetwear brand of red tracksuit and leather backpack

gigi hadid dressed in women's streetwear outfit with sunglasses and sporty cap

two girls in dusty pink and gray tracksuits with white sneakers women streetwear jpg

jeans wrapped around the ankles and a loose blouse stylish clothes

go for a streetwear look for women with yoga pants and a gray knit sweater

a woman wearing a stylish blouse with prints and gray jeans with a high waist

an idea of ​​a streetwear look for women with a white denim t-shirt and moccasin tyoe shoes

streetwear for women that combines vans sneakers, a spotrif sweater and black shorts

American clothing style with an all denim look and black sunglasses

a woman wearing a cropped print T-shirt and gray jeans, an example of American fashion

three variations of american style for women in winter modern american style sneakers and oversized coats for women

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