Which clothing style autumn-winter 2021-2022 for 40-year-old women to shine after quarantine?

How do you dress when you are 40 years old? Well, as we like! Contrary to popular belief, there is no expiration date when it comes to fashion. Admittedly, after 40, we don’t want to dress like 20 anymore. We prefer a stylish but assertive look, a clothing style that fits the current but personal trends that combines chic and practical … in short, we are looking for a look that is not “too much” or “not enough”. A Short Guide to Finding Fall-Winter 2021-2022 Clothing Style and Twisting Your 40th Birthday!

40-year-old women’s look: which autumn-winter 2021-2022 clothing style shines after quarantine?

Those who say “40 is the new 30” are not really wrong! 40 is undoubtedly the age when you can afford to be cool and chic, classy and rock, elegant and unusual at the same time. This is when we are already aware of who we are and what we want. After 40, you can be a young mother, relive a first love, or start a new family. However, one thing is certain: at 40 we know we are no longer 20, and this is especially true for fashion novelties. In short, an adult woman can handle all the trends of the moment, she has every right to do so. But she should also never be the first degree in her fashion choices, leave that to the little girls. So how do you look stylish when you’re 40? Which autumn-winter 2021-2022 clothing style to adopt? Here’s our little fashion guide to the most important trends of the moment for adapting (and adapting) to your best age + some mistakes to avoid.

The BCBG style in the spotlight at 40

style bcbg look woman 40 years outfit trend autumn winter 2021 2022

A recurring trend towards fashion, the neo-bourgeois style, also known as BCBG, is a love of style among young girls. It’s not just reserved for midinettes, though. It can also appeal to mature women. How to adopt it brilliantly after quarantine? Dare to wear the little black dress, add a trench coat and tighten the waist to maximize your femininity. For shoes, instead of classic pumps, opt for high boots. Instead of thin tights, enhance your legs with a colored opaque model. Swap the small ladies’ bag for a simple, sober and chic bag.

Casual chic so as not to overdo it

casual chic woman style fashion 40 years autumn winter 2021 2022

Ah, the casual chic style! We love her soft and assertive style. How do you adopt it when you are 40 years old? Invest in essentials like the blazer jacket, logo T-shirt, sweatpants, faded jeans, white sneakers, military rangers, etc. The idea? Stay trendy without neglecting comfort by favoring practical materials and cuts. And since you’ve found your style, your identity and your figure by the age of 40, it’s not a good idea to succumb to super-tight jeans if you have curves. An outfit we can afford? A casual top over a wrap skirt for a successful cat look. To personalize everything, a large ring or a jewelry belt is enough. Another stylistic option? Wear a white t-shirt under a hazelnut colored dress. Today, 40-year-old ladies look so young that putting them in the 40-something category is simply out of the question! Proof with our favorite 40-year-old stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Julia Roberts, Katie Holmes, Victoria Beckham and Cindy Crawford never looking so beautiful (and stylish).

The quirky western style

women's fashion look 40 years or older clothing style autumn-winter 2021-2022 western style

This winter the western trend is on the rise. So we just have to give in to it. But how do you play the western when you’re 40 years old without passing for a dancer straight out of the? crazy horse † The safe bet is undoubtedly the jeans friend† Quite loose at the thighs, it emphasizes the hips and shows off the ankle nicely. A modern alternative? Cargo pants! To give it a sexy touch, wear it with low cowboy boots, whose heel elongates the legs and makes the butt bulge out. Suede boots with fringes are also a very good option to get a western look this winter. At the top a chic (not folk) and well-fitting checked shirt in dark colors. On the jewelry side, the shiny chain goes beautifully with a checkered top. To give your outfit a modern twist, swap the cowboy boots for high waders or a pair slouchy boots

A rock look: yes, but glamorous!

women's fashion look 40 years old which winter clothing style 2021 2022

The rock style is damn ingrained in fall and winter fashion trends. But now, at 40, it’s hard to adopt it elegantly. The safe bet? A large sweater or cardigan too big worn with a simple white top underneath. For a rock and sexy look at the same time, we dare treggings, a piece that we can afford without being complicated, because it harmonizes wonderfully with the oversized sweater. It doesn’t just soften it, it gives it a different identity, more elegant and distinguished. Loose at the top + tight at the bottom = successful glam rock style. You even dare to wear jeans with a faded effect with an XL turtleneck. The finishing touch: a pair of chic and trendy pumps.

Women’s 40-Year Style: The Right Items to Shop for Fall-Winter 2021-2022

women's fashion style 40 years old trendy garment autumn winter 2021 2022

After the Fall-Winter 2021-2022 clothing style that you can wear when you are 40 years old, you can focus on the most important pieces to shop this season:

  • The knee-length little black dress, quite tight, not too fluffy and not too doll
  • shirt too big white to wear with a leather skirt.
  • The winter coat that goes with your favorite dress for a chic look.
  • The faded jeans to wear during the week with a nice blouse and heels (or Converse).

Some fashion precautions to take if you are 40 (or older):

  • Go light on accessories and makeup. However, never leave the house without jewelry or make-up!
  • Take care of your cut. A bad hair look can make you look awful. So, at the age of 40, we offer ourselves a color and a custom and fashionable cut.
  • Invest in a nice pair of shoes, because they go out of style the fastest.

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