which men’s clothing for easy climbing?

Climbing isn’t just about equipment. It should be noted that the clothing style of a well-defined man should also be respected. However, choosing the right outfits for a climb sometimes proves to be a difficult task, even for the pros. Which men’s clothes to choose for easy climbing? Find out everything there is to know about it here.

How do you dress for climbing in summer or indoors?

It must be said that indoor climbing clothing is meant to be lighter. So choose a t-shirt made of a light and comfortable material. It is essential that it does not keep you warm. You have the option to select a template that: wicks away moisture easily and dries quickly† By the way, if it suits you, you can choose a tank top. As for the pants, prefer an active cut on the whole body. The manufacturing material must make it resistant, but also offer maximum comfort. Even if it is not very suitable for a high temperature, you can keep a sweatshirt with a zipper. In the high mountains it can be very useful.

What to avoid

You should skip cotton clothing, as this does not promote the maintenance of body temperature. Indeed, cotton is a material that does not go well with too high temperatures, because it is more focused on hypothermia. The latter is a fairly common cause of sudden drops in temperature, which endanger your health. The rise in your body temperature that follows physical exertion can drop dramatically. You can take on bodybuilding clothes for men to get in shape and climb without any effort. In the end, keep in mind that cotton outfits aren’t necessarily what you need.

How do you dress for outdoor climbing in winter?


When it comes to outdoor climbing in winter, the choice of clothing follows a very different logic. The goal here is to keep you warm so you can climb easily. For this, choose a t-shirt that offers you both a strong feeling of warmth and a minimum of comfort. If you want to add a sweatshirt to your outfit, prefer one that is made of cotton. With its properties, this material will warm you well.

Also make sure the collar is quite high to avoid drafts and chills. You can see models of outfits on the site that perfectly match your preferences. In addition, it is possible to find the right choice in a fleece to facilitate your climbing. However, to be useful to you, it is important to take one that is quite light. It should also be specified that a fleece for climbing must meet several conditions. It should already facilitate breathing and be resistant to wear and tear. It is also essential that it allows proper drainage of perspiration. Choose a cut that is practical to make enough movements.

For the choice of pants, choose one that is free long to cover your skin, but which is not extensive. This way you can climb better and you are not bothered by the wind. It should also be warm, but breathable and leave you free to move. Also don’t forget to wear sturdy socks to protect your calves.

What to avoid

It is true that cotton is accepted as a useful material for your climbing sweatshirt. But don’t make the mistake of choosing only cotton clothes. The winter season does not stop you from sweating with the effort of the climb. Otherwise, avoid waterproof clothing† Opt for outfits that help fight the cold and the wind. It’s worth saying that clothes made of synthetic or more flexible fabrics are better suited for an activity like rock climbing.

Which men’s shoes to choose for successful climbing?


Once you’ve found the perfect outfit for easy climbing, it’s time to choose your shoes. You should know that there are certain types of shoes that are suitable for climbing. That’s why you have the option to choose chiking boots† These are suitable for all types of routes and are incredibly resistant to the vagaries of the weather. They are often fitted with studs to facilitate grip on slippery slopes. In addition, they protect you against falls and other accidents caused by a lack of rigor in the choice of equipment.

Whichever shoes you prefer, they must necessarily be suitable for climbing and protect you from various risks. It is also recommended to choose: a shoe size larger than your shoe size to make your feet more comfortable. However, it must be said that this is more suitable for beginners. For experienced climbers seeking greater precision and power, tight, curvaceous shoes would be ideal.

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