12 fashion trends to steal from the holiday wardrobe this summer

Freshly stolen from holiday wardrobe a bit cliche, some garments that are at the top of the summer trends free themselves from stylistic beliefs. Because now it’s no longer a matter of limiting ourselves to traditional flat sandals, floral dresses and miniskirts, but focusing our attraction on clothes we want to escape from. But which ones do fashionistas steal from campers to try on?

Travel: these camping clothes that will mark summer 2021 style

the bob

A fashion pariah for years, the bucket hat redeems itself by protecting the minds of girls who are one step ahead — or one step back — when it comes to style. Whether monochrome, two-tone, with logo or printed, this flagship of the time eighties makes us want to escape, go a little further than our campsite.

daddy sandals

If there’s one pair of sandals in your wardrobe at the start of summer, it’s the dad sandals. In other words, shoes just borrowed from tourists, which consist of a flat sole and several Velcro straps, decorated to hold the feet of proven fashionistas. Whether padded, leather or imitation leather, smooth or embossed, dad sandals are the safe bet to bet on.

The bandana shirt

Side by side with the Hawaiian shirt, the bandana print shirt emerges from the dressing room of the tourists to land in that of the girls who rely on the fashion sphere† And in contrast to his casual look, we associate him with chic clothes, such as pleated shorts and a processed bag.

the sarong

If it completes the arsenal of beach changing roomthe sarong also complements that of fashionistas. A trend that confirms the very trendy Emili Sindlev and gives credibility to the bitumen. Associated with more elaborate clothing, the pareo brings the dose of vitamins we expected before going on vacation.

The pleated mini skirt

Parallel to the stands of Roland Garrosand tennis courts in camping, the pleated mini skirt wins every game. But this year, to replace our opponents of style, we plan to wear it with a white shirt, a quality handbag and sneakers or mules with heels, to gain height without losing your balance.

Pool slides or “pool sandals with platform”

has been camping slippers? Absolutely not, according to the influential personalities who improvise as stylish lifeguards. And for good reason, from Kendall Jenner to Hailey Bieber, these waterproof mesh or rubber mules are gaining ground just a step away from summer. To wear them in town? They are ideally associated with elegant clothes to temper their casual look: flared jeans, a spotless blouse and a baguette bag to embellish the whole.

the basket

Whether bi-material as is the trend of the moment, whether it is cane or raffia, the basket is the perfect alternative to handbags for strolling around in style, at the campsite or at the beach, such as in the city. To wear it without crashing, the best option is to twist the basket with rough or textured clothes, to temper the look. A blazer jacket, pleated trousers, high-waisted jeans, a shirt dress…

The beach bag

On the sidelines of the basket, the shopping bag makes a big difference to the camping wardrobe to disturb those of fashion lovers. And this summer, it’s indeed the quilted shopping bag that does the trick.To wear it with conviction, fashion girls pair it with a blazer too big and soft pants, to mix styles and inspirations.

Sandals with flat platforms, or “flatforms”

Revival of the 90s, the platform sandals mastoc offer themselves a new stylistic impulse. Because if their cut can too often controversially make you think it’s a fashion faux pas, the truth is quite different. We love them twisted with retro clothes, or plucked from the dressing room old-fashioned : a tartan skirt or a halter top as it was in 2000…

Flat or platform flip flops

yes the flat flip flops have their say on the doorstep of style, and aren’t just committed to being worn in camping aisles. As proof, the big names in fashion are repeating this shoe trend again, by including it to oversee the urban asphalt.

Flip flops with heel

Remastered for urban wear, flip flops are embellished with heels—minimalist, platform shoes, or maxi—to give seasoned fashionistas length and style. As proof, these bold post-pedicure shoes stand out as the alter ego of traditional summer sandals.

Sporty shorts

Shorts in terry cloth or nylon, this camping garment par excellence – and sportsman – throws the ball back to the style pioneers. Because, against all odds, the sportswear shorts is in the midst of a stylistic revival, as style professionals prove. What do we like? The relaxed look and unstoppable comfort it promises. And to make it completely enjoyable outside the campsite, the sports shorts can be combined with a matching jacket.

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