all these summer trends that make you look younger

teenager in the soul, thirty or more than forty years old, let us not be afraid to appropriate at our leisure clothes taken from the dressing-room of the Gen Z† After all, it is all a matter of appropriation and selection. In other words, if wearing certain clothes seems complicated to us, the truth is quite different. Regardless of the cut of the clothes – from the cropped shirt to the mini skirt through the cycling shorts – each of the fashion essentials can temper its side hot by being associated with more casual wear.

What fashion trends to wear regardless of our age?

cycling shorts

In fitness or business activity mode, cycling shorts are the fashion guarantee of summer. Its smooth material and tapered cut mean it offers unparalleled support to fashionistas of all generations. What do we approve? The colorful power V cycling shorts.

Padded Flat Sandals

Unanimously voted the most popular shoes, flat sandals made of real or vegan leather are the guarantee of a precise outfit. What rejuvenates? Their silhouette effortless which replaces the time of a day of the pumps a little rigid.

cargo pants

Recognizable by the side pockets sewn to either side of the thighs, this early 20th century workwear is now the prerogative of fashion lovers. So, to enter the style race, it is necessary to buy cargo pants and combine them with more coollike an open shirt.

The micro bag

This minimalist handbag trend, which had been eclipsed for a while, is back for good, as the house of Dior confirms, proud to present its collection of Microbags† A hype followed by the ready-to-wear labels where we like to order. Anyway, carrying an arm’s length micro bag in 2021 means one thing: that we know about fashion.

The pareo skirt in the city

Combined with a shirt in the same color, the knotted sarong-style skirt is an asset to any fashion wardrobe. Whether you’re over or under 30, this beach wardrobe piece will allow you to not only reveal part of your legs, but also add an extra touch of style to your outfit.

Second skin tops

Quintessence of the fashion wardrobe of the 70s, topssecond skin are all found allies for women who want to improve their bust and breasts.

Wear orange and green

Opposites attract, as confirmed by this cocktail of vibrant colors that work perfectly together. Inscribed in cold tones, the Bright green contrasts ideally with the intensity of mandarin, which is part of warm, even exotic chromatic palettes.

The man’s vest

That would be teenagerWhether you’re in your thirties or over forties, the bib style cardigan is the ultimate fashion find you can get. The reason ? Stripped of its sleeves, the blazer falls into the arms of girls who master stylistic codes, and who have the secret of associating this classic jacket with unrestrained clothing and accessories: cargo pants, flat sandals, futuristic sunglasses…

A bandana top

A scarf tied down around the chest, or a satin or crochet top bought straight from a boutique or thrift store, the bandana top is the fashion guarantee to consider this summer.

A tartan skirt

Stylistic mirror of the era old-fashionedThe kilt-style skirt is part of the repertoire of fashion trends for 2021. Its tartan print and perfectly fitted cut have earned it the credit of being accepted in the wardrobe of fashionistas of all generations. The ideal combination? Combine this preppy skirt with a loose top and flat shoes.

Sports bra with logo

On the sidelines of the sports fields, the active wear bra is far from being sidelined as it becomes the fashion essential for trendy girls. And yes, you can wear it regardless of your age, provided you know how to temper the cropped effect. The dexterity? Wear the logo sports bra with a blazer jacket too big and chic high-waisted pants.

A blouse with zebra print

Far from having said the last word, the zebra print mania is back in power with a blouse on which she tattoos her black and white stripes. And contrary to popular belief, this striped top isn’t just for Gen Z. It’s about knowing how to make it your own. In other words, there are two options: wear it with the matching pants, or combine it with a skirt or high-waisted pants in raw denim.


With the woman-child silhouette it gives, dungarees are the ideal ally for women looking for rejuvenate In two shakes of a lamb’s tail. But to wear it with dignity, the trick is to break the soft cut with stimulating accessories: sneakers and knee socks, but also – and why not – a white T-shirt.

The green blazer

The blazer has never been forgotten and has had the knack of coming in different seams and colors since its appearance in the navy wardrobe of the 1820s. But this time there’s no need to settle for a traditional version in black or blue. flannel navy but to focus our interest on a super colorful blazer jacket. The best shade? Green, inevitable.

A cropped and laced shirt

Let’s not be afraid to openly show this trend that the new generations are picking up. And rightly so, his short cut that reaches above the navel and his delicate straps excite him with sensual notes. But to match it with style, the best advice we can give is to wear a cropped shirt with high-waisted pants.

psychedelic prints

The trend of clothing with psychedelic motifs, which was praised at the beginning of spring, is not abating, quite the contrary. With its graphics inspired by the oilcloth and wallpaper of the time seventiesthis hypnotic print has become the healing of youth what we’ve been waiting for, since the new generations took over.

green mules

Though they reflect retro style, square-toed green mules have seen a real boom on social networks since fashionistas from all walks of life have monopolized them. Their favorite model? Drawn the electric green mules the atticthe Italian brand driven by Gilda Ambrosio and Giorgia Tordini. And before or after your fortieth birthday you can easily wear them with a long dress.

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