Aurélien Gazeau turns the page C’Chartres Football

Seven years of good and faithful service. This is how we can summarize the transition from Aurélien Gazeau to FC Chartres, which became the CCF in 2018. The midfielder with the subtle left leg therefore closes the Chartrain chapter (139 matches and 14 league goals), the longest in his rich career, in June. The 35-year-old announced this on social media.

“In spirit I have always been a ‘clubista’. It is therefore not unimportant to have spent seven years in Chartres. My daughter learned to play football here. I met great people there. Leaders, players, supporters,” notes the 30-year-old, who has become an essential part of the workforce of Jacky Lemée, Jean-Guy Wallemme and then Jean-Pierre Papin.

Sporty pension?

This September, “Gaz” will take on a new challenge, both personally and professionally, while considering giving up sports: “Everything is not settled yet, but we plan to buy a tobacco-like commercial press on the side of Mayenne, the region of origin of my wife”, explains the former Amiens, confidently, who “will continue to follow the results of “his” club”.

He chose this club in 2015, at the urging of Jacky Lemée, and was impressed by his performance with the ASC reserve in 2015, while Chartres was still playing in CFA2. “I had a proposal from Dunkirk. But at National it was a one-year contract. There I had two + another option in case of a climb. I was 28 and wanted to settle down. And even two steps lower, the project seemed interesting to me. I have never regretted this choice,” continues Gazeau, determined to dispel any sense of bitterness.

Gazeau: “A great frame of mind”

Because the Chartrain episode doesn’t end the way he imagined. The player, who has been relegated to the bench from December, who knew the National with four different clubs (Laval, Le Poiré, Carquefou and Amiens), has since alternated between N3 team and short appearances in N2. “It was clear that I was no longer the coach’s first choice, but I accepted it. I have always respected his decisions and I have never complained about them,” says Gazeau, exemplary in the frame of mind as on the meadow.

Even if the weight of the years began to feel: “In terms of recovery, it was not the same,” admits the person concerned, very close to his teammates Arnaud Archimbaud or Nicolas Palbrois: “The old grunt, I’m starting to master it. We can not taking the lead at all, but soon we laugh about it!” confesses this FC Nantes fan, equally disappointed with the “regrets” (“2019-2020: the failed National ascents with Jean-Guy Wallemme without us really understanding why”) as well as the season’s new disappointment in the Classes.

Held in check by Poissy, there will be no climb for the CCF

On these questions, “Gaz” prefers a retro look, but to make the most of it: “The turnout of the CFA, at the MMArena in Le Mans, in 2016, was extraordinary. Like the Coupe de France- matches against Orléans (3-1, author of the 3rd goal) and then Tours (1-2), in 2017-2018 ”, notes the player, who passed the training center of Stade Lavallois, not very far entering Ligue 2. All the evil he wishes for the club he is about to leave: “Compared to the resources deployed, Chartres deserves to go up and I sincerely hope the club will get there,” concludes the wise Gazeau As for his own business, which he considers secondary, he has only one wish: “To remain happy.”

Born on May 6, 1986 in Nantes (Loire-Atlantique).
1.76m, 78kg. Position: relay midfielder.
Club course: FC Nantes (1994-2000), Lavallois Stadium (2000-2008), Saint-Pryvé (2008-2009), Le Poiré-sur-Vie (2009-2013), Carquefou (2013-2014), Amiens SC (2014-2015) ), FC Chartres and then C’Chartres (since 2015). Performance: 2 climbs in CFA (2010, 2016), 1 in National (2011).

David Berthelem

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