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When designers predict the trends of the season, sometimes months in advance, the planets also influence our style. “This year is all about the Saturn-Uranus square. This can amplify the tension between conservative Saturn and innovative Uranus,” explains astrologer Odette La Du Paul. Uranus settled in the sign of Taurus for a period of seven years; a position that invites us to rethink our way of consuming, with a desire to get closer to nature by choosing more natural or recycled materials. “This trend is not just based on an economic mode, but resonates with the zeitgeist. Witness the number of people recovering old clothes to transform them and make new ones with the old ones,” adds the astrologer.

Sun sign and personality

On an individual level, it would be simplistic to judge someone’s clothing style by their sun sign:

“There are other elements to take into account, such as the ascendant, the position of Venus in the birth chart and the dominant planets of the chart,” the astrologer underlines.

“We talk a lot about the sun sign, because the sun is the star of our system, and thus the most important element. But before a man reaches a solar stage, he will go through all kinds of stages, influenced by socio-cultural, familial and ethnic factors.

Therefore, it would be just as simplistic to say that all people born under the sign of Taurus have the same taste and dress in the same way. Nevertheless, to give you some clues or ideas, here’s a little nod to the affinity of the zodiac signs, with the trends of the moment.

Aries: a dressing room without the hassle

What the Astrologer Says: Ruled by the planet Mars, the base of this sign is male, so it values ​​things that are simple and straightforward. Aries is quick and spontaneous. Opting for practical outfits, this board works on a whim.

The good parts: A dress that is easy to put on, with sporty details added, confirming the dynamic spirit of the board.

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Street style London.

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Taurus: Good chic and above all good kind

What the Astrologer Says: Ruled by the planet Venus, Taurus is more sensual. He’ll like rounder, more conservative things with more earthy colors. Taurus still counts and likes to seize the right opportunity to show a nickel pace.

The good parts: A beautiful brand bag, classic references such as a blazer or pumps and the Taurus panoply is at the top.

Woman with beige checkered blazer, white top, black pants and pumps, gold bag with chain, gold chain and bracelet.

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Street style London.

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Gemini: youth at full throttle

What the Astrologer Says: Gemini is the sign of adolescence. Ruled by Mercury, it stands out for its youthful appearance. It needs practicality, flexibility and adaptable parts.

The good parts: A women’s dress and bag that contrasts with the sock-sneaker combination.

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Street style Copenhagen.

Cancer: the eye in the retro

What the Astrologer Says: Ruled by the moon, returned to the past, Cancer dedicates a cult to vintage pieces. Worn in a total look or in small details, old pieces are its allies.

The good parts: A Claudine collar, lace, a 70s blouse… all found second hand.

Woman in yellow dress with black checks

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Street style Copenhagen.

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Leo: dazzling under all circumstances

What the Astrologer Says: Shiny jewelry, rhinestones, clairvoyant, that is the uniform of the lion. Even if the look is more sober, it is a person whose presence we notice. Ruled by the sun, this sign radiates.

The good parts: Decorated in gold or dressed in jeans and sneakers, the Leo will always manage to release a very solar energy.

Woman with black blazer, yellow fringed dress, silver earrings, bag with gold chain strap, yellow mules and gold bracelet.

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Street style Milan.

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Virgo: clean and orderly

What the Astrologer Says: Pragmatic and very orderly, Virgos look neat and will not bear to go out with a stained garment. His planet is Mercury. It is a sign symbolizing work, health, service. In addition, the Virgo wears the uniform very well. Without impressing the gallery, this sign flaunts an unassuming look.

The good parts: Perfectly coordinated sets, soft colors twined by a playful detail.

Woman in beige pantsuit, taupe bustier, red microbag and beige pumps and yellow glasses.

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Street style Milan.

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Balance: Balanced sophistication

What the Astrologer Says: He is an aesthete, a character with a sense of harmony. His planet, Venus, reveals his artistic sense. The Libras know how to combine their outfits with chic.

The good parts:
A beautiful blouse with ruffles, a beautiful bag… As long as the adjective “beautiful” precedes the garment or accessory, they will find their place in your dressing room.

Woman with purple blouse with ruffles, fuchsia midi pencil skirt bag and silver pumps.

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Street style Milan.

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Scorpio: have you seen me?

What the Astrologer Says: It is a sign of which Mars is the ruler. He can be quite provocative and likes exciting things. He lives by responding to the other. Even with the basics, the Scorpion will complete its bet with extravagant touches; just to get attention.

The good parts: A dazzling neckline, transparency, short… the right ingredients for a sparkling look.

Woman with red blazer and sheer tulle skirt, black belt with white text.  Handbag, choker and black ankle boots.

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Street style Paris.

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Sagittarius: Style Fighter

What the Astrologer Says: ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius is the adventurer of the zodiac. He can wear an Indian dress or a necklace brought back from a trip to Bali: this sign likes to carry the world with him.

The good parts: Bright colors, bohemian blouses and ethnic jewelry can seduce a Sagittarius.

Woman with bohemian embroidered blouse, wide striped belt, loose khaki pleated pants, white umbrella and orange and gold bracelets.

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Street style Paris.

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Capricorn: Hide this look I can’t see!

What the Astrologer Says: Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn is quite frugal, discreet. The flagship color is black. Capricorn is quite precise: there is something very neat about his silhouette.

The good parts: A timeless coat, a refined dress will delight Capricorn.

Woman with glasses, dress, harness belt, bag and black slippers.

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Street style Copenhagen.

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Aquarius: the look of the futurist

What the Astrologer Says: It is a sign whose ruling planet is Uranus. We are at a colder, more distant pace than that of a Cancer, for example. In a group, Aquarius manages to distinguish himself from others.

The good parts: Cold colors, sharp corners and white. The Y2K trend (note: from the 2000s) could be a good fit for Aquarius.

Woman in a white dress, neckline decorated with a silver link chain.

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Street style London.

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Pisces: a poetic look

What the Astrologer Says: Ruled by the planet Neptune, Pisces are quite voluptuous, more poetic. This sign is connected to the universe. His artistic flair is reflected in his style.

The good parts: Soft and flowing materials giving way to a slightly bohemian, even romantic silhouette.

Woman wearing orange rectangular glasses, pink vest, fuchsia handbag, light pink dress with orange patterns and white flip flops with black soles.

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Street style Copenhagen.

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