Fastmag ERP software has been supporting Grace & Mila for over 10 years

Fastmag has been supporting Grace & Mila’s growth with its ERP software since 2011. Discover the secrets of their partnership.

Fastmag ERP software has been supporting Grace & Mila for over 10 years

The feminine brand Grace & Mila was born from a family passion, that of Patrick, Patricia and Julie Chou, two sisters and a brother, who, thanks to their enterprising parents, were cradled in the art of ready-to-wear from childhood. . Since the success of their first creations more than ten years ago, namely eight fine knit sweaters, including the small knit sweater that has become iconic, the brand has grown and managed to keep its customers, but also all its partners. Listening, collaboration and benevolence have been its watchwords since its inception and it has chosen suppliers such as ERP Fastmag who share the same vision and objectives.

The success of companies also depends on better cooperation with its partners, suppliers and even the co-construction of solutions with them. The fashion brand Grace & Mila is an example of this. It is also by moving forward together with its ERP software partner Fastmag, continuing its growth, opening new services for its network of resellers and increasing customer satisfaction. The family business, founded in 2011 by the Chou siblings, has always favored the collaborative mode, listening to its teams as well as to those of its customers and partners. “Grace & Mila is a great adventure in which the clients have participated. We maintain a strong relationship with them, we always listen. It is the DNA of the brand”, emphasizes Sandrine Amadoux, Marketing Director of Grace & Mila. A philosophy also applied by Fastmag, which remains attentive to the needs of the company and does not hesitate to quickly develop new functionalities to meet the expectations of the ready-to-wear brand.

Trust relationships between partners and suppliers

For the three founders – who launched their label by imagining a pair of sweaters presented at a Who’s Next trade show that brought together wholesale players – everyone’s involvement is the key to success. The Chou family started in start-up mode and has always maintained this agility to grow the business in France and internationally. “They have always been able to accompany women in their daily lives with trendy products, combined with original and refined details and without being afraid to take risks. Internally we are still in “test and learn” mode. We also maintain trusting relationships and close ties with our multi-brand retailers and with our suppliers,” added Sandrine Amadoux.

Fastmag ERP software supports Grace & Mila in its growth

The company has collaborated from the start with the French software publisher Fastmag, who has guided it throughout its growth and through all stages of its development. “It’s a long-term solution that has helped us grow. What I like is that the team is always listening to us and the solution evolves over time,” says Benoît Gramont, Supply Chain Manager at Grace & Mila, who arrived seven years ago to manage the supply chain. supply, logistics and online sales place. The team of about thirty people at the headquarters in Pantin has adopted the Fastmag Négoce software and the Copilot solution to access key indicators, effectively analyze the collections and make the right decisions. “Fastmag can take our wishes into account. When we pass on information to the publisher, he pays attention to it. And if we have a problem to solve, he will find a solution.” This was especially the case for inclusions of product sheets with their Gencod identifiers, which were missing from the ERP. The Fastmag teams made developments to fix this in a month and the problem was solved. Improvements are constant.

An “open” ERP via API for freedom of execution

And when the solution does not cover all needs, the open architecture offers the possibility to plug into other tools on the market via APIs. Grace & Mila, which opened its e-shop that now accounts for about 10% of sales, has connected it with the e-commerce platform Prestashop and with Sendinblue for marketing automation and customer relationship management. “All stock flows, throughput of goods are consistent. Inventory visibility is improved across channels. We can link everything thanks to the Fastmag API,” says Benoît Gramon.

End-to-end management thanks to ERP software

The freedom of execution offered by the software, as well as all configuration functions, authorizations at different levels and access rights, allow great flexibility for the brand, which uses it as a management solution for all its activities. “It brings a lot of flexibility and significant time savings.” Only production is managed by other software that was deployed before the implementation of Fastmag.

Franchise Development

Although not all branches are equipped with Fastmag yet, the house is trying to convince them, because it also greatly simplifies stock transfer between stores and invoicing between partners. This flexibility in operations becomes essential as the family business continues to grow. It is already present in 26 countries, including the United States and Canada, and already has 1,600 multi-brand outlets, including 900 in France, including corners in department stores. “We also opened three franchises in 2020 in Aix, Lyon and Chambéry, which were successful and will continue this year with an opening in Paris,” notes Sandrine Amadoux. “These formulas are launched by mostly multi-brand stores that only want to sell our products. It is also because we have always maintained a relationship of trust with them.”

Ever-expanding collections

The brand also continues to expand its collections while maintaining its creativity and spontaneity. Following a line of homewear launched during the incarceration, accessories will complete the range of knitwear, dresses and blouses. Always attentive to the expectations of its consumers and to social changes, it has also expanded its collections in natural materials, hemp, linen and cotton to increase them from 30% before the health crisis to 70% in just a few months by opening new excavations. to do. suppliers and local artisans with whom she still forges close ties “We are all part of this adventure that is beyond us. Everything moves on all levels. We all create together”, says Sandrine Amadoux enthusiastically. “Today, Grace & Mila is a shared dream, a family of more than a hundred artisans, stylists, salespeople and more, ensuring that every woman finds herself in collections throughout the seasons,” says the label, which is teeming with numerous projects and now wants to establish itself alongside other big names in fashion.

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