Fears of 3rd social round after Macron re-election: ‘It will be wiped out before 2027’

Yellow Vests and unions agree on a very tense social climate during the second term. The culmination of the pension reform.

“This time the scenario will not unfold as planned, and above all we will not wait until 2027. Macron will certainly be wiped out by many before that date powerful protest demonstrations† Le Pen will surely return to her cats and her father after she is exposed as a false friend of the People.”

Roland Veuillet firmly believes in it. The re-election of Emmanuel Macron to the Élysée will revive the movement of the “yellow vests”, of which he is one of the most important figures in the Gard. This tireless activist, who demonstrated every Thursday evening and Saturday morning in Nîmes for more than two years against the health pass and “authoritarian politics” government, does not doubt the emergence of a new social front. “It’s back to normal, the party is over, the ‘serious stuff’ starts again”, predicts the opponent whose facts seem to prove him right. Indeed, Sunday evening, barely the name of the winner known, several rallies were improvised across France.

“Nothing has changed”

In Nantes, Paris, Toulouse, Lyon, Strasbourg but also in Montpellier where a hundred demonstrators, supported by students, showed their anger for the prefecture. “We’ve been there for three and a half years, do you think we’re going to stop now? claims Richard Abauzit, used to demonstrations at the Prés d’Arènes roundabout. We’re not going to let go today, it can’t be. Nothing has changed since the beginning, it’s even worse. We left for five years of mobilization, for a new society, not for charity”

A struggle that some union representatives expect. It “whatever it costs”, it’s the employees who pay itsaid Franck Mary-Montlaur, Secretary-General Force Ouvrière of Hérault. People are worried, pessimistic. Many voted out of spite or expressed themselves through a blank ballot or by abstaining. Sunday evening we heard nothing reassuring. The two finalists have clearly demonstrated their ultra-liberal policies that will destroy pensions, labor law and the status of civil servants. We are shrinking the middle class, but it is the middle class that fuels our economy

For the FO representative, only a significant wage increase could ease tensions. Macron really needs to listen to the world of work, stop the measures that perpetuate the impoverishment of the working poor, continues Franck Mary-Montlaur. People who work should be given real recognition. This is mainly done through a pay rise. This will make it possible to consume more and revive the economy.”

In between two union meetings, Serge Ragazzacci made the same comment to the CGT. to denounce ‘President Macron’s stubbornness to break our social policy’the Secretary-General of the Hérault is not very optimistic about a reconciliation of the social climate during the second term of Emmanuel Macron. “His authoritarian and highly vertical policies have turned angry voters into the arms of the far right”notes the manager bitterly who, like his colleague from FO, calls for a better distribution of wealth to calm down “the strong social pressure”

‘The pension reform is based on a lie’

A push that threatens to accentuate pension reform, “a fundamental struggle”According to him. “For the moment we stumble, continues Serge Ragazzacci. I do not yet know the capacity of the future government to negotiate, but the first premise is distorted. The pension reform is based on a lie. The real motive lies elsewhere. It is entrusting social security to private interests, to speculation. We’re talking billions”† And the trade unionist warns: “If Macron tries to convince without moving, then he will have to face an unprecedented social movement. And we will do everything we can to organize it.”

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