how do you dress trendy according to your personality?

It’s a fact, the personality contributes to make us unique and to shape part of the image we send back to society. It defines who we are, takes care of our attitudes and our emotional worth, but also makes the union between our temperament and the way we feelings

But if the personality seems to be completely forged in time and experience, psychology researcher Judith Rich Harris shows through studies that 50% of the latter would be acquired from birth, while 10% would be influenced by the family environment, compared to 40% resulting would be from unknown factors.

All in all, if the personality also causes us to distance ourselves from others, in particular it allows us to reflect our thoughts through our speech and position. It fascinates us, and forces us every summer on the beach -on the margins of the crossword puzzles- to enjoy personality teststo make the link between our perception and our way of understanding society.

How does style relate to personality?

What we have no control over is how our personality evolves from year to year, as a result of certain personal or professional changes. But what we often forget is that fashion is one of the best alternatives that pushes us to show a little more of us personalitywithout having to say anything. How ? Because of our style.

Because if we don’t choose our body, we have the last word to emphasize it, to determine who we want to become. And for good reason, if the style reflects our personality, this trend is not new. And for good reason, the style of clothing has always been seen as an extension of the personality, making it possible to show our cultural affiliation, to a social group, to a generation, or even to a style of music we are associated with. to be.

As proof, in the 1970s, the rise of the punk style gathered crowds around flared pants, thick-soled shoes, leather jackets and round glasses, symbols of an entire era. In 1990, it was the fizz of torn jeans, worn in a roundabout way to counter the society of overconsumption. As for the current fashion, it brings us a touch of nostalgia back to bygone days by restoring the arsenal of clothing and accessories that the crowd of 2000s† Because no matter what we say, fashion is a social link that allows us to learn a little more about our personality

How do you dress according to your personality?

Since part of our curiosity has to be satisfied, we might as well identify the most important elements that will help us know how to dress according to our personality† Before we start with the models, let’s take a look at what the MBTI† The Myers Briggs Type Indicator, which takes its name from its creators Isabel Briggs Myers and Katharine Cook Briggs, is based on the theory of psychiatrist Car Gustav Jung. This tool is intended as a reference for psychology experts and coaches. Because the MBTI, based on eight dominant psychological functions, makes it possible to categorize 16 personality types, to determine which category an individual belongs to, and to determine their selfknowledge† But for our part, in order to expand our fashion selection, we have compiled a list of: 6 types of personalities which you inevitably end up in, with or without a test.

the shy

A good follower of discretion and with a slightly introverted temperament, the shy woman likes to wear clothes that make her feel comfortable in all circumstances and that are anything but flashy. We think of clothing in neutral colors – white, cream or dark shades -, natural materials – linen, cotton, wool – and garments that do not reveal too much.

the romantic

In love with love, with the idea that we have it, the romantic wanders between pastel-colored clothing, lace and airy materials to embrace her personality through style. Above all, she loves the peace & love style of the 70s and local and minimalist fashion brands, to which she remains faithful. In his closet? Sweetheart neckline tops, 2021 style reissued corsets, floral dresses, delicately buttoned shirts, baskets and immaculate trousers.

the dreamer

Wandering between her thoughts and reality, dreamer has built up a calm, creative personality that sets no limits to being imagination† His side artist she likes to make clothes with prints artsy – floral, gingham, psychedelic – just like the cuts stitched with lightness. In her fashion wardrobe we mainly find flowy trousers, dresses with balloon sleeves, old-fashioned Mary Jane shoes and derbies, but also casual knitted cardigans.

the scout

Reckless in his genes, theexplorer not afraid of anything. She experiments and fills her temperament with daring by breaking free from stylistic beliefs. Her insurance is gold and makes her dare to wear clothes borrowed from military, punk and rock styles, which she always twists with fantasy. Her favorite pieces are chunky ankle boots, cargo pants, a sleeveless blazer, a beige safari jacket and a khaki jumpsuit that will make her feel good wherever she goes.

The Rebel

The rebel knows how to convince with an assertive character. Her spontaneity, her imaginative mind and her dynamic character make her a person who likes to go off the beaten track, through her own style† She likes to attract attention on different levels and stands out wearing a leather biker jacket, a fringe bag, a denim jacket too bighigh crocodile leather boots, vinyl pants or even a tank top with shoulder pads.

the ambitious one

Working girl recognized or in the making, the ambitious one knows how to be persistent and logical. She is also responsible, organized and endowed with an undisputed analytical sense. In psychology, these indicators earned him the name “workaholic”, confirming his attachment to his professional environment. In his fashion wardrobe, white and striped shirts stand out, a little black dress of the road, pumps lace-up shoes to hold onto her feet, square-toed sandals, pleated trousers, pencil skirts, a baguette bag and oversized glasses.

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