How do you dress well if you are a small size while respecting the fashion trends 2021/2022?

Are you a trendy woman who is interested in the latest fashion trends? But what if you have a short waist? Do not worry ! Fashion items are not just for models! You just need to adjust them to your figure to make it longer and grab a few inches from your hips. In this article, you’ll find the best tips for getting a runway-worthy look by choosing the right accessories and outfits. Focus on small sizes fashion 2021-2022!

How do you dress well when you are little?

If you’ve been following the fashion leads, your shopping list may already be filled with 70s and 90s inspired items, like wide legs for example. You may also have seen the sleeveless sweaters, the knit pieces, the mini skirt, the shift dress, the puffer jacket, and many others. But are all these articles for you? If you have a narrow waist, you should also think about how you can combine them to elongate your silhouette by taking advantage of your curves or just the opposite – to wrap it in an ultra elegant and trendy way.

Before we start analyzing the most wanted pieces for the Fall-Winter 2021/2022 season, let’s think about your personal style and the clothes you already have in your wardrobe. Do you prefer skinny cuts or free cuts? Depending on your style, choose from the top pieces below and learn how to wear them in style.

Flared pants or jeans

fashion trend 2021-2022

Despite the wide legs, these pants are ideal for you. However, there are still a few things to think about. Opt for high-waisted and ankle-length models to visually elongate the silhouette. Combine it with a skinny top or if you have a slightly bigger stomach – with a straight-cut shirt, as in the photo above.

fashionable skirts

fashion pleated skirt for small size

Long skirts are an integral part of the fall-winter 2021/2022 fashion trends, but if you want to take advantage of this, you’ll probably have to go through the heels box. If not, replace this style with a pencil-style straight skirt that doesn’t exceed the knees (if you have a flat stomach) or a pleated midi skirt (if you have a generous bum). Combine it with white or black sneakers or with heels. Ballerinas and loafers are still a good option. Only avoid important shoes such as military rangers and “dad shoes”.

The famous down jacket for women

ladies down jacket in mint green for little ladies

The jacket is the essential piece of autumn-winter and in recent years the quilted model has become one of the gadget† If you are a small size, you really should forget about the long or medium-length cuts that envelop you like a cocoon. The down jacket is very comfortable and ideal for the cold months, but it does not improve the morphologies. So, to take advantage of this trend, opt for the short or sleeveless version. If you do have a large bust, we recommend that you choose a jacket instead of a down jacket.

long coats

which jacket for a short woman

Long coats can lengthen the silhouette, but also wrap the morphology down. So how do you wear them? Bet on slim models that emphasize your waist. You can also achieve this look by tying the jacket on a belt. Another option is to roll up your sleeves. Combine the long coat with slim clothing such as jeans, leggings or a skirt. Oversized coats are absolutely to be avoided.

Find more ideas in the photo gallery

how do you wear a blazer when you are small?

Rather sneakers than XXL sneakers

Small fashion items to try and avoid

Combine XXL jackets and blazers with a mini skirt to visually elongate your legs

How to dress well if you are a small size while respecting the fashion trends 2021

If you are petite with wide hips, wear skinny jeans with a straight shirt over them

how do you dress when you are small with a belly?

Combine the oversized sweater with slim jeans with 7/8 legs

jeans and an oversized sweater - fashion trend 2021-2022

Opt for monochrome outfits

Eva Longoria in bright yellow costume

Combine high waisted jeans with a crop top

high-waisted jeans in combination with sweater shorts

Wrap style dresses are ideal for petite women

wrap dress in intense color

The teddy coat should also be worn with slim clothes to emphasize your waist

teddy coat - how do you wear it when you are little?

Emphasize your waist

Emphasize your waist

Bet on vertical patterns and not on horizontal ones

Bet on vertical patterns and not on horizontal ones

Choose a small handbag, avoid XXL models

Choose a small handbag

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