Do you want to install a central island in your kitchen? You fell well, we explain everything to you!

The central island brings coziness to the kitchen. This installation also allows you to have a work plan for cooking, as well as several storage areas. Discover all our tips for installing one in your home.

Central island: how to install it in the kitchen?

The first thing to do before I think about itfacility material from you small island is of think it over at thePitch† Where are you going to put it? It is important to choose a Place not don’t cut the traffic and adjusted with you room† Then you need stare the bastaings who will have the role of fit l’small island† Thereafter to repair the caissons and decorate-the. attitude your work plan and sand the edges† You will then have to stare the load and storage and voila!

Central Island: What Are The Mistakes To Avoid During Installation?

Whenever you want to install a small island in your kitchenit is very important to take into account some elements† First take the measures of your room for To adjust l’facility† Not him should not have to which’island takes up all the space in your kitchen True cut the passage† This would be at risk overload your room and of thegetting heavier† Also think about the decoration and with style that you want to give to you interiorl’islandmust follow this atmosphere.