Kitchen trends – 19 kitchen trends to follow in 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has affected many aspects of our lives! After the spring-summer 2021 fashion trends, Covid-19 has also redesigned interior trends. And the gourmet piece is no exception! Luxury or family version, rustic or industrial, modern kitchens are reinventing themselves to meet the demands of our new everyday life. This year they will be more ergonomic and functional than ever. You will find more and more optimized furniture that multiplies their tricks without being forgotten guns thanks to a beautiful assortment of colors and materials. The proof in our article of the day dedicated to the 19 kitchen trends to follow this year!

19 kitchen trends to follow in 2021!

Curious what the modern kitchen will look like in 2021? We’ve said it and we’ve said it again: The new kitchen trends for 2021 are all about comfort and serenity. To prove it to you, the editors of have discovered the latest in trendy kitchen design. So don’t hesitate any longer and opt for our selection of gourmet pieces with an attractive design! From vibrant colors to innovative materials to smart and modern storage spaces, here are 19 ambitious but totally achievable projects!

Trendy marble kitchen design

kitchen trends 2021 white marble kitchen decor trends

Although we see quite a few new products appearing, interior experts know for sure: the strong kitchen trends of recent years are still current! That’s why we’re not at all surprised that marble is finding its place in current kitchen trends. Noble material par excellence, it dresses the gastronomic room to create a refined and luxurious atmosphere. Despite the specific and quite frequent maintenance, it is highly preferred for kitchen and bathroom furnishings. Marble is known for its resistance, beauty and the ability to give a certain elegance to the interior space. In the kitchen of 2021 it will be heavily veined to bring more elegance and style! In short, we love its clean look!

wooden keys

kitchen trends 2021 deco design modern kitchen

Also in 2019, the kitchen will continue to profile itself as the living space par excellence, in which the residents just want to feel good. If we have to define at the same time the most fashionable and the most appreciated material, then we are undoubtedly talking about wood. Dark, light, raw or even with visible veins, it can dress the gourmet space from A to Z. The central island, the back wall, the worktop, but also the floor and the various kitchen utensils, nothing is spared. This year, however, we prefer to emphasize the central island in waxed concrete, as shown above.

Black kitchen, the big kitchen decor trend in 2021

decipher color trends kitchens 2021 decorating idea black kitchen

If in the past the options were relatively limited, decorating your kitchen today rhymes with a headache as there are so many decorative options on the market. However, one thing is certain, the choice should not be trivial, because a kitchen is designed to last ten years. The question then arises: stay classic or innovate. Add to this questions of the type: Which kitchen color trend 2021 to choose? Is wallpaper in the kitchen a good idea? Has the black kitchen been out of fashion for a year? Surely, if the white kitchen has dominated the market in recent years, it will give way to the podium for black! This trend started seven years ago and exploded three years ago. “Black is the new white”, as we keep hearing. Black paint is installed in the kitchen in style, extending to the walls and to all the decorative elements of the room: furniture, shelves, kitchen utensils, household appliances, sink, mixer tap, etc.

New kitchen trend 2021: tomorrow’s kitchen will be decorated with color

which kitchen paint trend 2021 to choose decoration ideas kitchen trends

Even if white and black remain safe bets, the kitchen will also be colored in 2021. And most of the shades that energize the New Year are meant to be intense and deep. The vibrant colors will be very present in the gourmet room. We especially find green, navy blue and duck blue. Not to mention the warm and warm colors, such as yellow and orange. Elegant colors or bright colours, 2021 will not lack character in the kitchen. However, experts recommend giving preference to shades that you can’t get enough of and that will age well over time.

Kitchen with two islands

trends in kitchen design in white and wood

As mentioned, the kitchen trends of 2021 are all about comfort! That is why the central island will remain a favorite place in the kitchen of tomorrow. An element of the layout that allows the gastronomic space to gain in comfort and efficiency. But what about the two-island kitchen? According to the kitchen designers, the two islands are an important part of the increased functionality of the kitchen without hindering the circulation flow. It is a practical solution to define the different zones: the cooking zone and the meal zone. And with the addition of two handles, cleaning is a breeze. It is therefore a kitchen trend to adopt with your eyes closed!

Kitchen furniture without handles – a trend to grab

kitchen trends 2021 black marble central island black kitchen design

With the central island, this monolith that marked the beginning of the era of the open kitchen of the “American” type, the cabinets are becoming more and more discreet. No more XL handles, the kitchen trend is now for bare doors! More elegant and modern, they are equipped with a system of pushers or a groove (a space cut into the door to accommodate it). Simple, discreet and easy to install, cabinets without handles are also very easy to clean!

Pantry integrated in cupboards

practical furniture new kitchen trend 2021

The built-in pantry is about to become the star of your kitchen! Previously considered essential, this piece of furniture has lost its usefulness since the invention of refrigerators. This year, however, he plans to return to brilliantly reinvent the kitchen. In addition to its trendy look, the integrated pantry will seduce us in 2021 because it rhymes with organization par excellence. Pantry storage offers a super convenient panoramic view of all the food. While some choose to install their pantry in one room, others prefer to integrate it into the kitchen cabinet.

Kitchen trends 2021: golden finishes

kitchen and trends 2021 decoration ideas kitchen layout

Matte or shiny gold accessories complete any party outfit. In interior decoration, including in the kitchen, the well-used gold accents just let the gourmet room shine. Gold has no equal to illuminate an already very bright room. So if you want to get your white kitchen out of boredom, bet on gold finishes. Sink, faucet, suspensions, crockery, chairs, tiles… you’re spoiled for choice! And because the little black dress and the golden jewel go hand in hand, the black kitchen with golden accents always has maximum effect. Ditto for the kitchen in navy blue or duck blue.

Multiple suspensions mounted above the worktop

black kitchen new kitchen trend 2021

In contemporary cuisine, the island has revolutionized customer lighting needs. If a few years ago a simple ceiling lamp was enough to illuminate the worktop, it is no longer the case today. We need as many light sources as there are working areas. That’s why new kitchen lighting trends are causing a stir on the web! The pendant lamp is more than a practical addition, it is a decorative element in itself that brilliantly reinvents the contemporary kitchen. If you choose to illuminate your kitchen with an island with designer hanging lamps, it is better to multiply them! The idea? Provide sufficient lighting on the worktop, but also give character to the gourmet area!

Our inspiration for designing a successful kitchen of tomorrow continues. See you in our photo gallery!

A mix of colors and materials for a contrasting kitchen

which color kitchen trend 2021 to choose decoration ideas kitchen trends

Practical and symmetrical arrangements in walnut wood

deco kitchen trends in wooden kitchen trends 2021

Hand painted kitchen in navy blue and white

new kitchen decoration trend 2021

decoration ideas kitchen trends 2021 kitchen trend wallpaper

The pantry and pantry will be in the spotlight in 2021

kitchen trends 2021 modern kitchen with cooking island painted blue

Design and practical drawers from floor to ceiling

furnishing a black kitchen kitchen decoration trends 2021

The retro-style kitchen is back!

top kitchen decoration trends 2021 kitchen trends

A simple but cozy kitchen

trendy kitchen decor 2021 blue painted wood marble

Design partition wall, awning, freestanding furniture to delimit kitchen areas

modern wooden kitchen decoration trends 2021 kitchen trends

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