Launch of CAP Primeur in Bordeaux

This training, unique to Bordeaux, is much more than a new diploma and allows pupils to be trained in the profession of greengrocer: to love fruits and vegetables, learn to appreciate them, master them and access an exciting profession.

What is a scope?
Being a scoop requires multiple skills, from knowledge of fruit and vegetables to sales techniques, including selection, ripening, theatrical presentation of the stalls… but also constant innovation to respond to consumer trends. Today, consumers want to consume more responsibly, favor seasonal influences, reduce waste while protecting their health.

“The establishment of a CAP Primeur is essential for our local economy. Knowing how to select, prepare, value and advise customers on fruits and vegetables are undeniable assets that young learners will appreciate in their professional careers. This often overlooked profession offers real job opportunities throughout the fruit and vegetable sector as well. It is a profession that can be oriented to one’s taste, from the land to the plate. » Chafika SAIOUD, Scoop of the Au Temps Des Fruits store in Bordeaux

The MIN of Bordeaux Brienne, a privileged place for the supply of firsts, supports this rewarding diploma for the entire sector. This unique place is an indispensable link in the marketing circuit that is committed to a profession of the future today.
“The MIN is the market for professionals in the food and plant sector. It makes it possible to match supply and demand with a product choice and an incomparably wide range. But the MIN is also a partner of the sector’s actors and works with them for the professionalization and excellence of the crafts. That is why MIN has joined forces with the Institute for Aromas of the Chamber of Commerce and Aromas of Commerce to promote the CAP Primeur, a real guarantee of quality in the profession. » Claude Mellier President of MIN Bordeaux Brienne

A diploma course in work-study or as an initial level 3 course!
“I achieved my CAP scoop in one year. For me it is a good compromise between practice and theory. We participate in everything, shelving, cutting products, making fruit baskets… It is a varied and interesting course that I am glad I chose. » Nicolas Couapel, 21 years old, best student in France

Requirements :
– In 1 year
– Possible conversion
– Course adapted to the profile
– Between 15 and 30 years old

Goals :
The content of the CAP is built around 2 areas of expertise:
1/ Supply, storage and preparation of fruit and vegetables
– Reception activities
– Quality control
– Storage of fruits and vegetables
– Preparation and selection for sale
– Realization of a complementary range such as that of fresh cuttings.
2/ Promotion and sale of fruits and vegetables
– Know how to present fruits and vegetables on the stall
– Advise customers based on their needs
– Hold the cash register and participate in the point of sale animation.
The training is supervised by a team of teachers of technical and general subjects, as well as an apprentice master in the company, who are in close contact to guide the novice pupils throughout the training.

Practical information:

Workforce: 15 people per business group
Location: CFA Institute of Flavors Bordeaux

Prices :
– Internship: training covered by the OPCO of the authorized branch.
– For retraining: flexible price depending on status.

Find out more:
The official CAP Primeur website:
The video of the MAF Scoop 2021 final: here.

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