Men: 4 trendy and modern clothing styles…

It is essential to choose a look that matches your personality. Find yours among these 4 clothing styles.

The sportswear style: a way of life

Are you looking for a comfortable style and are you only comfortable in your pair of sneakers? The sportswear style is ideal for you. The idea that sportswear is reserved exclusively for athletes is incorrect. Indeed, anyone can adopt this style that reflects an everyday lifestyle. Sportswear style fans are bon vivants who enjoy life to the fullest and live life to the fullest in spontaneity. This natural and unadorned look is not only defined by a pair of sneakers and a jogging set. A well-made sportswear look is perfect for the office and important events.

To adopt the mens sportswear or street style clothing style, it is essential to have a certain number of sweatshirts in your wardrobe. T-shirts and loose and loose sweaters should be adopted without moderation. Choose bold and flashy colors to stand out and add a touch of originality to your everyday look. For the bottom, opt for joggers, jeans, not to mention sneakers for shoes. Denim overalls for men are also timeless, very trendy at the moment. To complete your look, accessories such as a cap, a hat or even a banana bag are indispensable. If you want to change your look for a special occasion and make it more chic, opt for a blazer jacket, a colorful t-shirt, jeans and a few converses or vans.

The casual chic style: fake casual looks

The casual chic style is undoubtedly the most fashionable clothing style of the moment. All magazines and fashion shows recommend this kind of outfits for men who want to be aware of the trend. The term “casual” means “casual” and refers to casual pieces that are associated with “chic” pieces to create a fashionable and classy look without wearing too stuffy pieces. The casual chic style consists of fairly basic clothing and strong pieces. By choosing this style, you don’t have to choose between an elegant style and a casual style.

To dress casually chic, the principle is to mix a casual or casual piece with a dressy piece, and voila! Your dressing room should therefore consist of basic clothing such as t-shirts, bermudas, chinos and canvas sneakers. Polo shirts, blazers, shirts, cardigans and derbies, more chic, should be integrated into your wardrobe to give your looks a touch of elegance. It is advisable to avoid oversized clothes and choose close fitting clothes instead so as not to get too casual. Natural materials such as cotton, linen, cashmere or even silk are ideal for a casual chic look.

The rock look: timeless

Contrary to popular belief, rock style isn’t just for bad guys and rebels. This is an easy dress style to adopt. It’s easy to put the pieces together and put together looks with character. The rock style translates a free and daring way of life. Adopting the rock style means having the attitude that goes with it. Indeed, open-mindedness is required to break through the codes and dare to take on the extravagance of this style. The rock style isn’t just limited to black clothes and studded accessories. You can perfectly wear more pop colors. Everything is allowed as long as you respect certain codes.

It would be unthinkable to go for the rock style without having the traditional leather jacket in your wardrobe. Avoid poor quality parts to avoid falling into the cheap ones. It is better to invest in one or two good quality coats than to buy several inferior coats. In addition to classic white and black t-shirts, checkered shirts and loose tank tops are also indispensable. Have a black shirt or two in your closet for special occasions. For the bottom, choose torn jeans, according to your taste. Complete your outfits with ankle boots, hats, dark glasses and costume jewelry.

The Preppy Style: BCBG Looks

Are you a fan of luxury clothing and want to take care of your appearance by adopting a chic look? The preppy style is for you. White shirt, moccasins, classic trousers, this BCBG look is ideal for class in your everyday life. If you are used to putting together classic outfits, you can adopt the preppy style to bring more fantasy and brighten up your usual looks. This style is indeed based on the codes of the classic male clothing style. However, the fashionable touch is provided by the cuts and the ultra-trendy materials of the clothes you will be wearing.

To adopt the preppy style, the shirt is the centerpiece of your everyday outfit. Choose white and light colors such as light pink or sky blue. In summer you can also wear a v-neck t-shirt. The blazer jacket is another must-have in your wardrobe. For your blazer, opt for dark colors such as navy blue, black or ink dark grey. This way you can easily associate it with any item of clothing. As an alternative to your jacket, plan two or three V-neck sweaters in your wardrobe. It is advisable to opt for cashmere sweaters, the material of choice for a classy look. For pants, you can choose between chinos and flannel pleated pants to replace with Bermuda shorts or shorts in the same style on sunny days. Moccasins and derbies are the signature pieces of the preppy style.

Our advice to be aware of the trend

This year a few pieces stand out and are used to put together trendy and modern looks. Joggers are all the rage right now. This timeless men’s wardrobe is ideal for fans of the sportswear style and those who prefer casual chic. Moreover, whatever your style, it is advisable to have at least one jogging set in your closet, because it can always serve you. For the more eccentric, the oversized trench coat in pastel colors is also an ultra-trendy piece. It is suitable for all seasons. For a sporty look you can combine it with a pair of sneakers and a bucket hat. Those who opt for a more classic style will fall for vintage cardigans, which are still in fashion this year.

In terms of prints and colors, checks are in fashion this year, much to the delight of these gentlemen who love the rock style. Brown, khaki, blue, yellow, any color the tiles can take. The floral print is also very popular. Shirt, t-shirt, sweatshirt or even blazer, wearing floral prints is sure to become trendy in 2021. Monochrome is also gaining ground among men. For a style that’s both minimalist and bold, opt for a monochromatic red look or more neutral shades like camel.

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