President, you cannot face these challenges alone

dAfter announcing the results of the first round, the CFDT called for the vote for Emmanuel Macron. Not by membership, but by reason. The far right has never been an option for us and will never be an option.

The re-election of the president gives him the legitimacy of power. He owes that to his supporters. And also in the spirit of responsibility of many voters who do not share its program, but above all reject the National Rally and everything it represents. They gave him their votes, but not their votes. Mr Macron must now listen to them.

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These voices are those of a tired society. A society that unfortunately believes less and less in democracy and the effectiveness of public action. Distrust, the lack of perspective in the face of the challenges of globalization and the necessary ecological transition, the feeling of abandonment among part of the population cannot remain unanswered. It demands attention, listening, respect. The president must take this situation into account. And he has to do it now!

If we have a collective responsibility to find the answers to these challenges, he has a responsibility to appease, repair and bring the country together.

This will not happen without a clear course towards a new development model in which social progress, justice, respect for the environment and “living together” are central to the solutions. A clear course that revises our social pact makes it more fit for the 21stand century by responding to the needs for protection and emancipation of workers.

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Building this new balance between economic performance, social justice and environmental transition is the only possible way. By accompanying it with a democratic revitalization that combines representative democracy, civil democracy and social democracy, we believe this can be achieved. Is Emmanuel Macron ready?

Will he shrink from the security of a few, as has been all too often the case for the past five years? Or will it finally open spaces for dialogue to give a taste of the power to act together, from national to local? Social and civic expectations are too strong to be treated with contempt or indifference. Our role today is to point out to him the risks that the reproduction of yesterday’s methods would entail.

A just and sustainable society

He must listen to these voices. Listen to those who claim to be able to live with dignity from their work by rebalancing a distribution of wealth that leans far too much on the side of capital. Listening to them requires a huge investment in a just ecological transition that will face the future of our planet without leaving anyone on the side of the road. Listen to these workers in the private and public sectors, essential to our society, yet receiving far too low wages. Listen to their desire to practice a profession that emancipates, that preserves their health. Listen to their demand for more powers in companies or administrations to influence the decisions that affect them. Heed the expressed desire for a fairer pension system without further delaying the statutory retirement age – a simplistic and useless solution – that would punish the most vulnerable workers. Heed the call of young people to live in a society that gives them the means for their emancipation and their place in our collective choices. Hear the silent cry of the poorest who want to be respected, guided and not stigmatized… Thus the President will mobilize all available energy to fight against what is undermining our society: the decay of the ordinary, the accentuation of inequality and the lack of projection in a just and sustainable society.

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