what trendy clothes do you wear to look longer?

Want to gain a few centimeters when you don’t necessarily have the cut model, is often the common point that unites many of us. So let’s offer a lesson in style, learn what clothes to wear and how, toenlarge our silhouette thanks to a few clever twists.

How to look taller with clothes and accessories?

Before plunging body and soul into the construction of a custom outfit, it’s always interesting to take a break to forget about a few items of clothing.

Avoid oversized clothes

Starting with loose and long clothes, which have the heavy duty of packing our clothes morphology† The t-shirts too big, extra large blazers, heavily oversized sweaters, XXL trousers… The condition to wear them without getting in the way? Reshape them, for example by rolling up their sleeves or hems, by wearing them with a belt to mark the waist. Or spice it all up with heels, a crop top, or just tie the tops up and improvise them into real crop tops.

Know your morphology well

Second, regardless of size, it is essential to know its morphology at your fingertips, to discover all its advantages, so that we can draw attention to the parts of the body that are our strength. If you have a small bust, plunging necklines or square collars are our best allies to give the impression of an even longer silhouette.

The bandana top

A revival of the 1970s, the bandana top forges strong bonds with the trendy girls of our time. Between its pure vintage aesthetic, the improved headwear and bare shoulders it promises, the scarf-effect top also features a pointing downward point, which thwarts the laws of gravity.

The hoodie in a dress

Yes, the hoodie is wide. Yes, loose clothing is not recommended if you prefer increase the size† And yet, considered a dressthe hoodie is the unstoppable trick for stretch your figure in no time. We especially recommend wearing nude shorts leggings underneath just to be comfortable in all circumstances.

Platform soles

Because it is not mandatory to go through the 12 centimeter stiletto heel box to lengthen your silhouettethe platform soles stand out as important alternatives to achieve this. The fashion gimmick? Pair them with socks or pretty tights to boost our cool quotient.

Flared Pants

Whether it’s a cut glowpalazzo, boat cut or eph legs, the pants are one of the most promising clothes to pull up our silhouette. Most ? Wear it with a pair of heels whether it shows or not.

high waisted clothes

An ultra-high-rise skirt, paperbag pants or shorts… High-waisted stockings are the shaping asset to hold in your rows, to stretch out your bust and legs.

the mini skirt

The quintessence of the seasonal wardrobe, the mini skirt is present on all fronts. Whether pleated, split, wrapped, draped, checked, colored or soberly styled, the mini skirt especially has the advantage ofstretch the legswithout the need to wear heels.

The micro bags

Unlike the bags too big who take over small morphologiesthe micro bags bring this desired minimalist effect. Whether you carry a mini bum bag, a baguette bag, a backpack, a shrunken tote bag or a croissant bag, all means are good.

The “Dryer”

Removed from catalog of trend 2000the superposition of a dress on a pants signs his return, to wives of small size, a faster pace. the twist to adopt ? Prefer a dress with buttons, and unbutton it from the waist until autumn, so that the skinny or flared jeans stand out.

heel mules

If all shoes with heels pull the silhouette up, not all of them are trendy. A model that stands out? The muleswhich are not only ideal for taking a first step in the summer, but also have the merit of: enlarge, without compromising our sense of style, quite the contrary.

The knotted top

A t-shirt, a tank top or a shirt are involved in this mode gimmick allowing to mark the size and ghosts. Because in addition to modeling the cut of the crop tops, tying the tops of our wardrobe is the unstoppable trick to tick all the style boxes.

Chunky Soled Sandals

Compensated or with solid soles, the sandals are the accessory to absolutely adopt at the spring Summer† Let’s get them out of the locker room ChanelPrada Zadig & Voltaire, Maje, Zara or Bershka… They enhance our silhouette by making us grow taller, without losing our grip.

The shirt hidden in the pants

The ultimate fashion gimmick for Spring-Summer 2021, the semi-hidden shirt in skirts, shorts and trousers provides an undisputed optical effect. Between the fall of the shirt and the slightly camouflaged side, the silhouette seems all the more drawn.

Long Sleeves

Since there is nothing better than ultra-long sleeves to counteract boredom, but also to fool everyone, we bet on a shirt equipped with this gimmick, to elongate our silhouette by drawing attention elsewhere.

the bra

The essence of the spring-summer wardrobe, the crop top -like the bralette- is the guarantee of a elongated silhouette† The reason ? This is not only an object of desire par excellence, underwear the ville is a beautiful trompe-l’oeil as a bonus, as it gives the impression of having a higher waist, revealing part of the belly.

Mini dresses

Although the summer trend is for bohemian dresses and extra-long flowers, these models have an unfortunate tendency to small size† So, instead of turning to these thankless clothes for our morphology, you might as well say yes to dresses with the same prints, but prefer them in a shorter version.


Halfway between the shorts and the pantsBermudas enhance the silhouette and lengthen it significantly. His trick? It sparingly sublimates the legs and emphasizes the footwork.

the shirt dress

If the traditional white shirt is unrestrained in the green or pink version, it also lengthens the cut to cut out the look of a dress. A piece of clothing as if it was plucked from the men’s wardrobe, which makes for longer legs, whether you are flat or not.

the slit skirt

If there is one skirt that is doing well this season, it is the skirt with a split. His promise? Reveal our steps with subtlety and give the impression of having taken a few centimeters in an instant.

belly button shirt

Seasonal repeat mandatory, the crop top again becomes the prerogative of girls who depend on the fashion sphere† No matter the style, this sultry top can be worn with pants, shorts or a high-waisted skirt to create the illusion without complications.

the short

What would summer be without fashionable shorts? Whether we prefer a paper bag with a high, pleated waist, with darts, a cargo bag with striking pockets, in denim or in natural materials… Shorts are the style guarantee to have in your wardrobe.

The vertical stripes

If it is common knowledge that the grooves horizontal pack the silhouettes, their sisters vertical pull the silhouette up. the should † A vertical striped dress to embrace the nautical spring-summer trend.

The deep neckline

Great assets for body types with small breasts, clothes with a plunging neckline are also an ideal trompe-l’oeil, with which you canenlarge the figure without fuss.

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