What trendy clothes to mix to have style in 2021?

If we mistakenly think that knowing how to treat the various fashion pieces with originality was only reserved for the elite of the fashion sphere, the rules of the game may change. And for good reason, whether you master the stylistic codes or not, namely dress well standing out with style is within the reach of every fashionista at heart. But to do that, we need to access the style guide on the tips page, to find out how to beat pawns and turn the tide by outdoing yourself stylistically.

How do you know which clothes to mix?

The trick is simple: to make a difference on urban asphalt, it is necessary to mix simple clotheswith what more elaborate clothing, and sometimes even distract from their primary function to create originality in the outfit. But also, know mix styles to put them together and create a perfect alchemy. For example, instead of wearing a black pencil skirt with a shirt and pumps as the public would expect, we surprise our world by pairing it with a linen blouse with rolled up sleeves, an accumulation of gold bracelets, a camel belt bag and military boots. Surprising? We’d bet, because if this combo mode seems complicated at first glance, it’s actually easier to reproduce. The whole thing is to think of mixing diametrically opposite pieces, but those once assembled win all the votes.

To illustrate her point, the editors have rounded up the most beautiful clogs Pinterest has to offer so that fashion lovers can put this style lesson into practice and prove that the next generation is assured.

A romantic blouse and jeans

The idea to contrast with the raw look of jeans? Bet on a tight, romantic blouse. And to make a real difference, you might as well prefer a blouse that has a heavy drape and is distinguished by choice with loose sleeves, buttons or a pleated texture.

A dress with print and a sleeveless jacket

What happens when you merge two fashion trends? A very hip outfit that usually works. In writing we approve the wearing of a printed dress and a men’s jacket, which fits perfectly at the waist.

A scarf worn as a cape, white jeans and black boots

To improvise excellent riders, we copy the look of Camille Charriere who hides her white trousers in a pair of high boots. His signature? Rethink the usefulness of your bandana scarf by pulling it over your shoulders like a cape.

A pantyhose skirt and boots

To brave the weather or treat yourself to a relentless style session, the duo of culottes and boots are the perfect ally. Because if, strictly speaking, jeans are a wardrobe staple, culottes are the antidote to boosting our uncomplicated fashion quotient. And the boots provide an extra dose of style.

A colorful suit and a vintage bag

If there’s one fashionista you can trust with your eyes closed, it’s Neapolitan Gilda Ambrosio, who manages to create an ultra-fashionable outfit with clothes that are accessible to everyone.

Flat sandals and loose clothing

Yes, wearing oversized clothes is stylish, provided you know how to wear them. In other words, wear them with flat sandals, sunglasses and a pile of jewelry to create a cool look. But what proves that this look is a real success? The certainty that must be shown when wearing.

Similar shades of clothing and shell jewelry

Yes, clothes of the same color work together. The point is to dose the tones by playing with the contrasts. Most ? Beach jewelry tied to the feet.

A hoodie and a mini skirt

Who said the hoodie and skirt don’t match? Certainly not. And it’s not for nothing that the mini skirt is the perfect alternative to jeans in the summer.

Pleated pants and a streetwear belt

To counterbalance the ultra-classic cut of serrated trousers, the sportswear line belt is the perfect ally.

A slip dress and a basket

A big summer trend, the slip dress is a perfect match with the basket, whose raw look contrasts perfectly with the silky texture of the slip dress.

A printed shirt and a colorful bag

Better than a simple shirt, a shirt dress. And this time not a matter of betting on an immaculate white model, but rather on a printed version. The whole, to be associated with a colored bag.

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