Your clothes speak… do you listen to them?

After being a hit with his work In style – Secrets of a well thought out wardrobestylist Louise Labrecque continues her reflection on clothing and the messages it sends Your clothes speak – Express yourself in stylea matter of helping everyone find a style of clothing that really reflects their personality!

Posted on February 27, 2021

Iris Gagnon Paradise

Iris Gagnon Paradise
The press

Since the start of the pandemic, Louise Labrecque has completely changed the way she works. She no longer visits clients; she receives them individually and masked in her large bright studio, in the Chabanel district. There are several clothes racks, grouped by their colors, that can be purchased on site, many of which can be found in the new online store. She also does online consultations, in addition to animating her social networks with live events on Facebook or “Reels” on Instagram.

But COVID-19 or not, it is inevitably the same question that arises in his consultations: how to have style? After helping women better understand which pieces of clothing to wear according to their silhouette and how to put together their wardrobe correctly with a first book published in 2009 by Éditions La Presse, those who have entered the stylist profession for 30 year, with Your clothes speaka deepening of his reflection on style, clothing and their meanings.

“This book is not a fashion book, but a book to help people find their personal style and not feel guilty because their style is less successful some days than others. Because ultimately, style comes from within, from who we are and how we feel,” she explains.

Find yourself to find your style

Adopting current trends or copying people who have style in our eyes doesn’t necessarily give us style, explains Labrecque in his book, who first wants to guide the woman “so that she finds her own style”. And to get there, you have to start at the beginning: know yourself, know who you really are.

So, she explains, we all have basic personality traits — open, conscientious, friendly, anxious — that should be the “structure” of our style, to which we then add our colors depending on the context and our preferences.

Sometimes you need to know how to push certain aspects of your personality. The stylist describes herself as an eccentric. Her looks always have something “more”. “If I have to be less flashy, then it will be difficult for me,” she confides.

On the contrary, a more shy person who has to act as a leader at work may feel lost, unable to dress themselves. “It’s not about clothes, it’s about personality!” exclaims the designer. This person must manage to push another facet of their personality. A clothing style, that takes work! †

Control the message

“Once you understand who you are, you can move on with the message. And that, my God, is important!

It’s not a question of silhouette, budget or age: we get dressed every morning and send a message at the same time.

Louise Labrecque

Are you aware of the image you project and the message your clothes convey through your choices of colours, cuts, fabrics, prints and accessories? For the stylist, this point is essential. She supports her statement with several notions drawn from psychology, sociology and ethnology, in addition to illustrating them through a few portraits of well-known personalities with a strong visual signature, such as Pénélope McQuade, Isabelle Boulay or Pauline Marois.

Once these basics are understood, it becomes easier, assures Mme Labrecque, to find our own style and to feel (finally!) good and confident in our clothes, taking into account our silhouette (her famous VIAXHO method, the contours of which she recalls in the book) to create the most suitable pieces. choose according to our morphology. But again, it’s not an obligation: you can very well be short and have an X-shaped silhouette and still prefer to wear looser clothes!

At the end of the book, Labrecque offers a very interesting summary of the different styles out there and their many variations. We may therefore prefer a more classical style and its derivatives (contemporary, minimalist, relaxed…), for the Street Style (gender neutral, sportswear [vêtements sport]† arty…), or do you even like to get some inspiration here and there to build your own.

  • On social networks, the stylist often shares different ways of wearing and combining clothes.  This is how you wear this two-piece set with silver accessories for a chic effect...


    On social networks, the stylist often shares different ways of wearing and combining clothes. This is how you wear this two-piece set with silver accessories for a chic effect…

  • … or even wear the top with black pants and ankle boots, for a more urban effect.


    … or even wear the top with black pants and ankle boots, for a more urban effect.

  • The same pants, combined with a beige knitted top and cream boots, gives a more casual and warm look.


    The same pants, combined with a beige knitted top and cream boots, gives a more casual and warm look.


I liken the style to a recipe – it’s the same! There are many ways to prepare a dish, just as there are many ways to wear a garment, and accessories are the spices you add.

Louise Labrecque

This style is not fixed, on the contrary: it can vary according to the context, our mood, the periods of our life and our preferences, which evolve during our life. “Fashion changes, but so do we! sums up the stylist.

And the trends in all of this? Of course they exist and influence us. But today, more than ever, authenticity prevails, rather than wearing the latest spoiled piece seen in magazines at all costs. “With COVID-19, we are moving towards a new twist, new silhouettes, lighter and brighter colors, but also a new attitude to fashion where personal style becomes more important. I would like my book to help women find their authenticity without wanting to be perfect, because beauty is in the imperfect,” she says.

Your clothes speak – Express yourself in styleby Louise Labrecque, published by La Presse, 232 pages


Your clothes speak – Express yourself in styleby Louise Labrecque

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Tips for a good start


Our journalist played along with Louise Labrecque for an explicit style advice.

I lent myself to the game of a style consultation with Louise Labrecque. Here are five tips, tricks and tips to get you started on creating a wardrobe that speaks to us and speaks for us.

Do you know colors

It’s an extensive topic that could be the subject of a book in its own right, but it’s essential to figure out which colors suit our skin tone, as well as the color of our eyes and hair. In this way I learn that my tendency to only buy black is understandable: it is the cold colors that look good on me. But I could also go for lighter shades, which I never dare to do, preferring white or beige tones that are more pink than yellow. A simple preview in front of the mirror makes it possible to grasp the subject directly.

Combine, try, repeat

What to do with this very loose-fitting navy wool top, which I really like the style, but which doesn’t really suit my X-shape? By not being afraid to try different combinations and accessories, and by showing a little imagination when choosing the base. with jeans thin it just doesn’t fit, but putting on a flattering floral print short skirt made of lightweight material suddenly works!

know how to let go

This light pink floral patterned top is beautiful, with its high neckline and ruffles giving it a romantic look. But it is clear that this style is not my preference. And the color doesn’t suit my skin tone very well. I could try breaking it with, say, white jeans, the stylist suggests, but maybe I should also face the facts: This piece isn’t for me. The same goes for these brown lace-up boots, a very sleek style that doesn’t suit me as much and a color that doesn’t suit me. On the “to give away” pile.

Complete with the right accessories

A thin belt to emphasize my waist, but not too loose because I am short; silver instead of gold jewelry, which suits my “cold” skin tone better; cream slippers, instead of black, to update certain looks: the stylist offered me several accessories to integrate into my wardrobe to multiply my options.

follow your taste

I’ve always liked the more casual style, but for a long time my short stature made me feel like I absolutely had to wear heels or form-fitting clothes. But when Labrecque let me combine my black pants with a white stripe on the side, plus sportswear to a pair of sneakers, a white sweater and my stylish jacket bomber black with a red floral print, I realize I can take it all over, in my own way, without appearing to be making a “faux pas”.

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