Amazon opens first clothing store in Los Angeles

Amazon will open its first physical clothing and shoe store called Amazon Style in Los Angeles this year. While Amazon already sells a lot of clothing on its electronic marketplace, most ready-to-wear sales still take place in stores, hence Amazon’s interest in physical sales.

A shopping experience inspired by browsing an e-commerce site

The shopping experience in the future store will partially reproduce browsing an e-commerce site, placing products in the shopping cart via the Amazon mobile application and recommending additional products as they go along. Personalization will be important. † Amazon Style is built around customization. Our machine learning algorithms produce real-time, personalized recommendations for each customer as they shop “We explain it at Amazon.

Customers will find the selected clothes in the fitting room

For a more personalized experience, customers can share information such as their style, fit, and other preferences to receive more accurate recommendations. The most notable improvement to come is that customers will find their selected garments in their fitting room or at a takeout counter as they walk through the store.

The mobile application becomes the key to shopping in the store

At the point of sale there will be no traditional piles of clothing that you have to search for your size to try on. Clothes in the right size can be placed directly in the fitting room. Most items of clothing are kept in the back of the store and only one sample of each item is displayed on the sales floor.

The customer scans the QR code of the clothing he is interested in

To purchase an item of clothing, customers scan a QR code on the item using Amazon’s mobile shopping app and then pick it up at the pick-up counter. If they want to try it first, they can have it sent to a fitting room, which has a touchscreen where customers can browse more options, rate items, and request more sizes or styles that are delivered directly to the cabin in minutes.

Algorithms will recommend other items that customers may be interested in

As customers scan items, Amazon’s algorithms will recommend other items that may be of interest to them. Through the mobile app, customers can simply scan an item’s QR code to see sizes, colors, other customer reviews, and product details.

A touchscreen in the fitting room is used to request other items

For Amazon, the benefits of having a store are several to boost sales. Amazon will be able to offer its customers to pick up their online order in-store, return the products for an exchange or refund. It will be possible to have clothes ordered via the internet delivered to try on at the point of sale.

A frequent update of the presented collections

Hundreds of brands will be on display in the store. Amazon Style offers more choice than a traditional store of its size, more than double the number of styles. Amazon announces regular updates of the garments from its warehouses.

Amazon Style selection is updated regularly

It will also be possible to discover the clothes at the point of sale and to buy them on the Internet. † Amazon Style’s selection is regularly updated, allowing customers to discover new items with each visit. we promise at Amazon.

Amazon Style will use the same technologies and processes as its warehouses to stock more items that can be delivered to a customer from the back of the store at the pick-up counter or fitting room in minutes.

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