How to dress in winter without freezing or losing elegance? 10 fashion tips to stay stylish and warm!

When the temperature drops, when night falls at 4.30 pm and the icy wind attacks our meshes, women are divided into two schools: those who go out in ski suits and sacrifice their style without fear or reproach and then those who continue all expectations to sublime dresses, trendy mini skirts and chic overcoats. Only here the latter know well how to dress in winter without experiencing the slightest frost and without losing elegance. Layers, long down jacket, turtleneck, thigh high boots, faux fur… they tell you everything!

When the temperature drops below 5°C, everything comes together and being warm becomes the only priority. So much that we forget to have style. The result ? The inspiration to come up with looks is running out confident and connected. So, how do you dress in winter without losing your dignity and style? All it takes are a few little tricks to increase fashion potential in times of extreme cold. Take a little inspiration from our fashion file and you’ll find yourself feeling much warmer and more stylish!

Turn your wardrobe into green with faux fur

how to dress in winter without getting cold a small fashion guide 2022

Faux fur this season yes, but colorful! Eco-friendly and ultra-stylish, the “faux fur” seems truer than ever thanks to contemporary fashion designers. Givenchy, Balmain, Balenciaga and Prada succumb to it without hesitation. In addition to protecting us from the cold, the faux fur coat is absolutely essential in the female wardrobe. And if so far the solid color has dominated to face winter 2022 in style, the brands are betting on both saturated colors and wild prints!

Slip into a colorful (or printed) down jacket

how to dress in winter when you are little with a down jacket to have style in 2022

Between the parka and the caban coat, the down jacket for women catches the eye. Admittedly, it’s a weird name for a jacket, but we love it because it reminds us of the word “cozy”. And we love cosiness on cold days. Long considered a technical piece of clothing, the down jacket has been relegated over the years to the must-have list of the winter wardrobe… and for good reason! This quilted jacket not only keeps us warm when the outside temperatures start to drop, but also successfully rides the vagaries of fashion and reinvents itself every season! Short, long, ultra oversized, printed, belted or even sleeveless, there is a model for every taste.

how to dress in winter with style thanks to the fashion trend 2022 woman monochrome look

Fashion trends are of course just a matter of cycles! So what was once in vogue will be in vogue again years later. No surprise, because the designers are once again focusing on the monochrome look. And although we love black, this winter it is better to give preference to pastel or chromatic shades. From head to toe, including underwear, you have to follow a unique color code to succeed with the monochromatic trend. So you no longer have to worry about the color coordination between this and that outfit. Another important advantage of the monochrome look? Its power to lengthen and refine the silhouette. A little fashion tip to remember: Khaki is back to mark winter 2022 fashion. Negative temperatures are therefore a great opportunity to take advantage of the sublime variations: pine green, almond green, sage, water green, etc.

how to dress well in winter fashion trend layering layering women's clothing spring 2022

At first glance, the cold season freezes us. So much so that we forget his style. However, it doesn’t take much to dress properly in winter. The most logical fashion trick when you’re cold is to multiply the layers. How do you ? Try layers of course! For a few seasons, layering has been the best fashion trick to spend a chic winter without blinking. This interesting trend actually consists of superimposing different pieces of clothing by making them visible to create a kind of contrast, to give movement, but also depth to the outfit. This is enough to beat the freezing cold without sacrificing its stylistic dignity.

Wear thigh high boots

how to dress in winter with thigh high boots

Dressing stylishly in winter without getting cold is not the most complicated task. And even less so if you find the right model of shoes that will keep your legs warm all season long. Available in a variety of styles and lengths, over-the-knee boots promise to be the centerpiece of any look that’s a little too basic. And in addition to elongating the silhouette, they keep the legs warm. Even the most cautious will quickly fall for it… and for good reason! Waders are universal shoes that adapt to every taste and every temperature. A game about material, height, print and fit.

Wear nice tights

how to dress in winter, wear nice tights to have style in 2022

If there’s one accessory to bet on during cold days, it’s this one. This autumn-winter, fancy tights are in the spotlight, adorning the legs of all models. Fishnet, sequins, stripes, dots, flowers… this trendy accessory promises to brighten up your legs. In addition to the practicality, this piece has a huge fashion potential that should not be overlooked. Under a babydoll dress, a knitted outfit or a leather skirt, printed tights are the trendy accessory of the moment. It will accompany you in style all winter long!

two-piece knitted women's set how to dress stylishly in winter

If it’s only fashionistas who like to stand out, there are fashion trends whose aura is so powerful that you can’t escape it. That is the case, for example, with the mesh set that Instagrammers adopt as a second skin. This winter 2022, the cardigan continues its fashion rise by bringing comfort to our wardrobe. We love the two piece outfit where the top is slightly off the shoulders and the skirt is long and straight. To top it off, we dare to go for the faux fur chain bag.

Adopt the jellyfish style

jellyfish fashion trend to dress in style this winter 2022

Fight the grayness with a red outfit

how to dress stylishly in the winter of 2022 without getting cold

Dare to wear the wool coat

how to dress in winter with style 10 fashion pieces to face the cold

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