The new eco – The Burgundian company CGP Horse Feed arms you against flies

It is in Chagny in Saône-et-Loire, not far from the Côte-d’Or, that CGP horse feed† If horse owners know about feed intended for horses, the strong company with a turnover of one million 300,000 euros is now attacking the entire public. It offers a solution to prevent the spread of flies. Your barbecues can take place in peace. Interview with CGP Horse Feed Director, Richard Grenier.

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Your company CGP Horse Feed is specialized in the nutrition and welfare of horses. What exactly do you offer?

We even have a line of natural hay-based feeds for horses. You have alfalfa, haylage and hay grains. Usually it is in the form of cubes, that is, much larger than a grain. It measures between 3×3 cm or 4×4 cm. And its peculiarity is to be able to promote the chewing of the horse. It is a product that can also be hydrated at the same time so that old horses can feed themselves. We have been inspired by what already exists in different countries, in South America, in Spain, in Italy where we find cubes like this. But often in 100% alfalfa. We are offered it with other food.

At a time of increasing shortages in the food industry, have you had any influence on the production of these foods?

Not at the moment. Because we have several factories. They occur in Spain, Italy and France. So we don’t have any particular concerns about the feed supply today.

How long has your company been around?

Already 11 years. In the equestrian world there are many individuals who still have their horses in the house, their ‘heart’ horses they started out with. It also affects professionals, in other words, all things riding, and general food distributors. We touch everyone.

Does the turnover match your expectations after 11 years?

Yes, we specialize in the Internet, so we don’t have a distribution circuit with salespeople who go directly to the field. Our catalog is online. We are already pioneers in this field. It allowed us to evolve in this environment. Nowadays it is current to be able to buy products directly on the internet and have them delivered. We are active throughout France and can deliver wherever a truck can reach.

Are your customers mainly in France, or also abroad?

We have distributors abroad, in Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, but mainly our customers and our distributors are located in France.

The top trap attracts and catches flies
CGP horse feed

This year you will develop a solution to scare away flies. What is his principle?

There are two types of traps. We have a 10 liter trap called “expert trap” and “pro”, which has a large capacity and lasts up to 60 days. And then we developed the Top Traps, these are individual traps where everyone has a bottle at home and which we can easily set up. Rather, what we have developed is a specific bait that attracts flies. After all, research has been going on for two years to find a solution that fits multiple species. I believe there are more than 80,000 species of flies. So we try to catch as many as possible.

Where can we find this top trap?

You will find it on our website, you go to the section “Litter”. For a top fall it costs about 15 euros including VAT if you pick it up on site in Chagny or 20 euros including VAT delivered to your home. And for the “expert” trap it costs about 35 euros including VAT or 42 euros including VAT delivered.

The Top'trap for fly-free barbecues
The Top’trap for fly-free barbecues
CGP horse feed

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