The Secret Society of CATS (Social Telephone Shelters) of Maif

“Car assistance: in the event of a breakdown on the highway or on the highway”.

Like Amazon in e-commerce or Apple in setting up its Apple Stores, the mutual insurance company Maif has established itself in the field of insurance, as a quasi-benchmark in terms of service and customer experience. Awarded 14 times at the Oscars, at the Césars, at the Palmes, at the Podium. Visiting its CATS and CCSs or obtaining technical information about the organization of its 18 entities and telephone platforms across the country appears to be more protected or locked-down than Coca-Cola’s prescription among bottlers. Why ? Christine Mathe Cathala’s cell phone has been hacked; we listened to the soundtracks of Nadège Willemot’s intervention when she came in 2018, to the Customer Experience Forum† She had mentioned the importance of the mirror: customer experience – employee experience.

Nadège Willemot at the French Forum in La Baule in 2018 – photo credit © Igor Lubinetsky

The following article was published in En-Contact magazine n°73, April/May 2013

En-Contact magazine n°73 – April/May 2013

The file of Marc Violette (director of the Marseille CAT, at the time of writing this article, in 2013)

His vision of the profession

“When I made the choice to leave the ‘agencies’ industry to work in the call center industry, my colleagues didn’t understand. They thought I would join a less permissive structure, with more control over the activity, more regular conversations with management, planning of breaks, etc.
But it is normal that there are rigorous processes: we do not manage a multi-activity structure (telephone, visits, mail) of 20 people like a call center of 50 people in mono activity, which is not just taking care of the phone. The accuracy and framework are ultimately very comfortable for everyone, and requested by the advisors.
In retrospect, I see that all resources deployed in the call centers for follow-up and support are at the service of the employee and their skills improvement.
The quality of the relationship with the members is really central to us and achieving commercial objectives is on the agenda in a very good working climate”.

His greatest satisfaction

“Human management and proximity in human relationships. The success of my team, first for them and then for me”.

his difficulties

“Recruitment. It is difficult to attract real skills and motivated people today”.

his projects

“After the Call Center I would like to take on the role of Regional Sales Coordinator or else at Niort (hard to lose the sun!)

Moult from cats to CCS – A few important points

– Like many of its competitors, Maif has embarked on a massive plan to revive its telephone platforms, the Cats, which should be renamed CCS – Centers de Contacts Sociétaires. Soon there will be more than twenty in France and in 2015 they will provide most of the contacts with the members of Maif and Filia-Maif.

– Generous with its employees to whom it provides fairly decent benefits, powerful tools and up-to-date work frameworks – for the ones we’ve seen, it’s more in the advancement of careers in the Cats that, according to some, the mutual could still make progress.

– A teleconsultant with several years of seniority receives a salary of approximately 30,000 euros gross per year, and a director of Cats an annual envelope of 40,000 to 45,000 euros, plus any profit sharing – almost a monthly salary in 2012.

– Despite all these advantages, the complexity of the recruitment process and the difficulty of finding profiles who want to make a career and really engage in the profession of customer relations by telephone, proves to be persistent, as in the entire sector in France.

His journey

Originally from the Seine Saint-Denis, Marc made the choice “as soon as his military service ended” to join the Marseille region. So he keeps to a long-standing commitment: his parents told him that he had said from an early age that he would live in the south, “in the sun”!

Therefore, today he appreciates this opportunity to have realized his dream, and to be close to the sea and the sun. And not only in his spare time, whether he spends on the beach or at sea, fishing and practicing various nautical activities. He says: “During my first job in the region in 1997, I looked out the porthole of the reserve window at the hill and the sun. My colleague from Marseille thought I was crazy!”. He is even surprised to look at the sea and the landscape when he takes “la corniche”, this road that runs along the sea to go from the old port to the beaches of the southern districts.

With a commercial background, he focused his career on field sales.

2002 he left AGF Assurfinance, where he worked as a field sales consultant, to join Maif. He then starts from scratch as an insurance technician at an agency.

In 2004 when the call center opened in Marseille, he decided to join the new call center and help support new recruits. His assignments then: technical support, training, telephone reception.

2006 after a vacancy on the site he became assistant to the manager and team manager.

In 2012 he succeeds the manager of Cats de Marseille.

Photo by Une – credit © Edouard Jacquinet

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