we were able to discover Philippe Etchebest’s new restaurant

WE WERE THERE – The “Top Chef” judge recently opened a branch in the Chartrons area of ​​Bordeaux in which the candidates of the M6 ​​show went for a test broadcast this Wednesday evening. TV Magazine was also able to discover this new place that sticks to the chef’s identity.

Philippe Etchebest is a man of challenges. After the opening of the brasserie Le Quatrième Mur and its table d’hôtes opposite the kitchens of the establishment in Bordeaux, the chef launched a new gourmet restaurant at the end of December, in the heart of the Châtrons district. “This is the culmination of a project I’ve had in mind for years”he explains.

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For this, he had to find the ideal place to fulfill his desire. It’s on a carpentry job – which has been going on for four generations – that the “Top Chef” judge has set his sights. A footballer also hoped to buy it, but the owner preferred to choose the cook, convinced that he would make it.”something good”† After two and a half years of work, Maison Nouvelle opened on December 21, 2021. Outside, nothing suggests a restaurant except two discreet posters announcing the explanation of the name (Exte Beste: Maison Nouvelle in Basque), the menu prices (210 euros for a discovery of seven courses) and above all the philosophy of the place: “More than a gastronomic address, the chef welcomes you to Maison Nouvelle as if he were at homewe can read.

To enter, no handle: you have to ring the bell. As soon as you step through the door, Philippe Etchebest takes us into his universe. Next to the plush bar in warm colors (where you can drink cocktails without going to the restaurant), is an impressive staircase. On the wall hung numerous photos of the chef (with his wife on the other side of the world, next to his son but also with his music group Chef and the gang or even as a child on his mother’s knees) in the immediate vicinity of the star chef of M6.

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At the top of the stairs, a library lounge accommodates guests, as does the room on the second floor. In total, the house has the capacity to receive about thirty covers. The colors of the walls – black and gold for the great room – are offset by the light wood, ubiquitous in Maison Nouvelle. An ode to the history of the place… Even the handles of the knives are made of wood from the former owner, now deceased. Paintings, chandeliers, decorative objects or crockery, everything has been thought through down to the smallest detail. For example, on the shelves next to certain tables, an AC/DC concert ticket lies next to a book about Gainsbourg or a wooden rugby ball. Once again Philippe Etchebest exhibits part of his life.

“My wife loves nature and so do I, so I am inspired by plants”

Philippe Etchebest

In the kitchen, the chef also offers a dive into his world. “My wife loves nature and so do I, so I am inspired by plants”, he notes. For example, he offers meat with red cabbage juice made in the spirit of a bordeaux sauce. It also systematically serves a classic of French cuisine “We made the sautéed chicken chasseur because it’s the first dish I managed to make, but also a vol au venthe continues† I often tell young people that there is no creativity without foundations and that you can be very modern by having classical foundations”† Fine connoisseurs of the chef’s cuisine will be delighted to find his signature dish on the menu: mushroom ravioli accompanied by a tuile and a cappuccino, served on a white and refined plate specially made, copying the traces of the vegetable . It is also to celebrate this dish that the candidates of “Top Chef” went to Philippe Etchebest’s restaurant in the broadcast of Wednesday 27 April. They will have the arduous task of impressing the ravioli themed chef…

Towards a second star?

Potatoes, black and Granny Smith truffles, Wagyu beef glazed with pepper and balsamic or even creamy chocolate smoked with almond wood … the dishes follow each other to the rhythm of the restaurant’s very good playlist, giving it a relaxed side. Philippe Etchebest does not hide it: with this establishment in his image, he is aiming for the stars. And it has been since Maison Nouvelle won its first Michelin star last March… just three months after opening! “It’s the reward for a good jobhe confides. I have a team of dynamic and enthusiastic young people so I’m happy for them, I’m proud and I congratulate them. Maison Nouvelle is the culmination of a major investment with my wife Dominique. So it’s a good start that calls for great things to come.”† The cook hopes to get back the two stars he had in the Hostellerie de Plaisance in Saint Emilion and why not “to become the first three-star Bordeaux” but he keeps his feet on the ground. “We will have to be patient and work a lot. We go step by step and we will see…”.

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