Wirk, Vekia, CM.com, Opportunity and Callity are some of the stars in the Directory of CRM, RPA and Customer Experience, the 4th edition of which will be released at the end of September 2022.

The editors of En-Contact magazine (and its honest inspectors) put the finishing touches to the Service and Customer Experience List to be released a few days before its September 2022 release Reference forum on the matter, Experience Client/The French Forum, the 10th edition of which will be held in La Baule, as every year

This directory, completed by email and phone*, enables the identification and preselection of service providers, publishers or subject matter experts who can help resolve the most common and painful customer journey pain points, digital or patient experience. Automating processes, electronic signature, everything the Wismo will improve, for example, being able to provide information about the status of a delivery. Indeed, this is the question that raises the most questions in ecommerce customer service.

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What it understands and identifies

There are 800 companies and specialists in customer experience, digital, CRM, BPO in France, classified in homogeneous categories. As well as an exclusive list of the 100 people working in France, within companies or institutions, on key service or reception topics: reception, flow forecasting, KYC, omnichannel, UX Design, patient journey improvement, etc. (Angélique Gérard- Gratis; Jérémie Zeguerman – SNCF; Florence Désert -SETE Tour Eiffel; Jean-François Rial- Paris Tourist Office; Benjamin Huteau- SNCF; Sandrine Beltran-La Banque Postale; Sophie Martin- CNAM etc… Those who manage stations, VIP services of major brands , major tourist offices, the customer experience of operators or major marketplaces)

The Directory is published for the 4th time and was created in 2005 by the magazine En-Contact, then still the Who’s Who of contact centers and customer relations.
It is meant to help the entrepreneur of all sizes, the director of administration – or a cobbler! – who want to identify and rely on specialists in one of the areas that contribute to good service or a smooth and clean customer, patient or visitor experience.
We can therefore find specialists in the implementation of Wifi on campsites, the concession company for public toilets or the two solutions of Customer Reviews or Mystery shopping a priori the most effective on the French market. All listed companies have been checked by the editors, or the information provided by them has been verified, which makes it possible to propose some form of reasoned classification. 4 independent specialists from leading companies shared their comments and views.

The stars ? Specialists in Callbot, Messaging of delivery, process automation or KYC.

“What we call the starred companies are companies whose innovations, services and achievements marked the past year: Daniel Benoilid (Wirk), Nicolas Panel and Yann Bermond (Deep Transcript and Callity), (Webhelp), the incredible lead that the operator has acquired Manifone in the fight against cold calling, soon at European level, can justify having been given a quasi macaron”, says Manuel Jacquinet, editor of this Bottin.
“But we will also find publishers like Innso, Djust of Cellonis whose solutions have convinced customers by their performance. Third-party PCI DSS payment specialists, such as Voxpay. If Orange Business Services has chosen them and now transports them all over the world in his luggage, it is no coincidence. Club Med just adopted it too”

Finally, callbots are not forgotten because they will certainly continue to star in many customer journeys: the toll-free number answering questions about Covid-19, 0800 130 000, received the first day of implementation, 1,400,000 calls, a volume impossible without the contribution of conversational AI. Zaion, DYDU, Calldesk, which company should you rely on to design and set up a callbot? This is an example of a problem that this directory answers, we hope, points out one of the experts who helped select the “starred”, notable craftsmen. “Appointment scheduling platforms (Doctolib, Cegedim), IOT connected boxes (Skiply), publishers of omnichannel solutions that integrate messaging or notifications, efficient supply chain, these are the needs and topics that are even more than central to the Seamless Experience. Opportunity’s interactive digital catalogs are characterized by their efficiency, the battle announced with a platform like that of CM.com will be exciting.

The 2022 edition.

A Köchel, not a Parker guide

Malpaso-Radio Caroline Média, the publisher of this specialized Bottin, calls it a Köchel of the sector: “the book is not a Parker Guide to the sector, but rather a Köchel of it, this independent researcher and passionate about Mozart who classified works of the composer chronologically”. In 2020, de Bottin listed more than 430 service providers. In 2022 it will include more than 800; the categories Measurement of experience and listening to the voice of the customer (Customer Opinion, Feedback management) and Cloud platforms for customer interactions are the two with the most companies mentioned. Conversely, in specialized training or planning (WFM) there are only about fifteen organizations, while the subject of skills development and the allocation and availability of care or advice are experienced as keys.

The Service and Customer Experience Directory will be completed on July 29 and sent to 10,000 French companies in September. Companies are listed* when En-Contact’s editors have been able to validate the essential information requested from the company.

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*Only subscribers who are up to date with their subscription to the magazine can include additional information and contact information for their sales department. The mobile numbers of the managers of the listed companies are included in the premium and digital version of the Directory.

If things don’t go as planned, let the customer know.

Photo of a: Benjamin Huteau of SNCF Voyageurs – © Édouard Jacquinet
Leading a team of engineers, this Polytechnician tackled an important topic at the SNCF two years ago: the rapid aggregation and convergence of all traffic and incident information on the network, from operations centers, in order to bundle this information and make it available. create for users. Thanks to this work, you will now receive a text message on your way to Chambéry station, for example, because the TGV Annecy-Paris had a failure with a delay of 1 hour and 10 minutes. Incident experienced on Monday 19 July 2021, SMS received by the editors of this article when the signs in the station did not yet announce the duration of the delay.

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