40 ideas to adopt it at home

Between contemporary and clean lines, minimalist style and practicality, the designer kitchen stands out for its modern look that reflects only the bare necessities. Space-saving, with plenty of storage space, often with a central island, it’s both sophisticated and warm. Practical guide to designing your designer kitchen.

Ingenious and chic, the designer kitchen shines through its sobriety. Hidden behind cabinet walls, made of noble materials such as wood, marble or stainless steel, it often looks like a kitchen worthy of professionals. Functional and warm, it is open to the living room for maximum coziness.

How do you adopt a white designer kitchen?

Very clean, the designer kitchen merges into the walls to reveal only the essentials (sink, oven and hob). Organized and neat, nothing should stand out. the white is a preferred color if you want to bring light to this indispensable room in the house. It is the reference color for this type of kitchen. Synonymous with purity and space, the facades, credenzas and worktops are generally lacquered for even more chic. While designer kitchens generally rhyme with neutrals, it’s quite possible to bring in a touch of fantasy by pairing white base cabinets with pastel blue or almond green wall units.

How do you choose a wooden design kitchen?

Contrary to popular belief, wood is not the enemy of modernity. It even plays a fundamental role in a kitchen with clean lines, roundness and warmth. The facades must, however, remain simple and smooth to achieve the desired minimalist effect, specifically for the design kitchen. Ideally, we opt for solid wood in honey-like tones, but imitation wood laminate is also a good alternative that offers many shades. For a graphical aspect we prefer horizontally or vertically grained wood veneer† However, be careful not to opt for cabinet doors with too many knots. We should not fall into the rustic. Wood has the advantage that it goes just as well with marble, stainless steel or even natural stone. This gives you a wide choice for the sideboard and the worktop. You can also choose a Design kitchen of 100% woodvery trendy.

How to pay for a cheap designer kitchen?

Although design often carries a high price tag, it is entirely possible to create a kitchen with a minimalist and sophisticated look without spending too much money. Without necessarily having to hire a kitchen designer, you can completely redecorate your kitchen by Swap fronts for solid doors in lacquered melamine or wood effect† Also replace your old sink with integrated drainer with a single square or rectangular stainless steel container† On the hood side, choose a straight-lined model in stainless steel or angled glass. If you have the option of installing a central island, combine space for cooking and a table for a drink and a chat. Finally, to complete the style specific to a design kitchen but for a low price, place cabinets at all heights of your walls. The attunement has to be perfect to achieve that impeccable spirit.

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What goes on in a designer kitchen?

The most important feature of a design kitchen is its sleek appearance. The furniture fronts are numerous to hide crockery, kitchen utensils and groceries. In order not to break through these lines, it is important not to weigh down the whole with door handles that are too massive. The ideal handle in a design kitchen is the invisible handle. With the “push-pull” or “push to open” system, cabinets and drawers can be opened with a simple push. Another solution is the throat which can be pulled into the door by a clever hook. Finally, the profiled handles in brass or brushed metal are attached to the edge of the front for a graphic and light effect.

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Which lights in a design kitchen?

If sobriety is desired in the arrangement of storage and work spaces in a designer kitchen, lighting is certainly an exception. Leave the saucer lampshade falling from the ceiling: too classic! The lighting is designed and airy in this kitchen style† We opt for original suspensions. In the form of spots in accumulation or in an XXL version, the lighting is aligned above the central island. The furniture is also lit by LEDs in an increasingly functional spirit.

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