Alessandra Montagne opens a Tempero supermarket

Alessandra Montagne will open L’Epicerie Tempero in July 2022 in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. This is what the Brazilian chef has to offer.

[Mis à jour le 28 avril 2022 à 10h25] New project for Alessandra Berg † One year after the opening of his Nosso restaurant in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, the Brazilian chef will make his inauguration The Tempero supermarket in July 2022.

The Tempero supermarket – in honor of his restaurant closed in 2020 – an open living space of almost 130 m² including a neighborhood supermarket with more than a hundred locavore products in short circuit, but also a cave and a library present beautiful works. Finally, Alessandra Montagne will give a snack table from 20 to 30 seats, where it will be possible to taste cooked sandwiches such as Croque-pao de queijo, candied onions, cured ham, herb salad, aged Comté cheese; the Focacciahomemade pastrami, arugula, dried tomatoes or de brazilian feijoada completely. The Tempero supermarket will be located at 24 Promenade Claude Lévi-Strauss, in the 13th arrondissement of Paris.

The biography of Alessandra Montagne

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Alessandra Montagne is raised by her farming grandparentsin a small village without water or electricity† It is with them, by the way, that she learns the basics of cooking, in total autarky. At the age of 16, Alessandra Montagne became pregnant and was forced to marry, after which she became a victim of domestic violence. To save her skin, the young woman leaves her country for France to look for her mother and stepfather. Alessandra Montagne began with domestic work, enrolled at La Sorbonne and learned French before embarking on a career as an executive assistant in the medical field. Then, out of passion, Alessandra Montagne converted to professional cooking and passed her CAP Cuisine and Pâtisserie in Jean Drouant hotel school. Convinced that this is where her true calling lies, the Brazilian continued on this path by training with star chef William Ledeuil and then star chef Adeline Grattard, before perfecting her skills in the pastries of Benoit Castel and the Grande Epicerie.

What is Alessandra Montagne’s restaurant called?

In 2012, Alessandra Montagne started and opened temper, in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. She then became known for her solar personality, but also for her involved and waste-free cooking. In 2021, after a long period of closure of restaurants all over France, the Brazilian chef will finally open nossostill in the 13th arrondissement, a stone’s throw from the MK2 Bibliothèque.

nosso is a human adventure. In this project I started with a whole team of talents, chefs, waiters, sommelier, everyone followed me and that gave me a crazy energy and emulation”, she rejoices. With her team, Alessandra Montagne has chosen to surround herself with the best producers of meat, fish, fresh fruits and vegetables to propose you a local cuisine, nourished by different cultural influences.A winning bet since the end of 2021, the chef will receive the Young Talent prize of the Gault & Millau.

Alessandra Montagne will be inaugurated in July 2022 The Tempero supermarket, a space of 130 m² opposite Nosso, where the Brazilian chef offers about a hundred locavore products, as well as a cellar, a bookshop and a table with about twenty seats where ready-made sandwiches are served.

What is Alessandra Montagne’s kitchen?

Alessandra Montagne’s cooking is guided by what she learned as a child, on her grandparents’ remote farm, where nothing was thrown away. Even today, the chef strives to recycle as much as possible, for example by transforming the Jerusalem artichoke skin into chips or powder, or by purchasing whole animals to improve all parts of the animal.

Beyond the plate, Alessandra Montagne argues for a more human kitchen, where the the well-being of the staff is paramount. In his old restaurant temper, For example, undermined by the many demonstrations that took place in front of her establishment, the chef preferred to deprive herself of her salary to continue paying that of her employees. During this time she became general manager of a laboratory in Orne specializing in herbal medicine and nutritional supplements.

Even today, in the little free time she has left, Alessandra Montagne is preparing meal for the most precarious next to the Hello Ernest associationthat finances food aid campaigns.

What are the emblematic recipes?

It’s hard to name a signature recipe from Alessandra Montagne, as the chef works in harmony with nature and the passing of the seasons, as well as her Brazilian and French influences. in ‘s house nosso, You can taste a good pao de queijo, a typical Brazilian cheese sandwich, but also vega gyoza, confit pork belly and smoked mashed potatoes or spelled risotto with seasonal vegetables. For The women’s magazineAlessandra Montagne had given us her Sunday roast chicken recipe, as well as another ravioli recipe, the filling of which was made with the remains of the same chicken.

Where can I find Alessandra Montagne’s Instagram?

On her Instagram page, Alessandra Montagne shows an unfailing smile despite the vagaries of life. The chef is also happy to present to us unusual and often unknown products or even anti-waste tips, Between two photos of dishes from her restaurant nossoAlessandra Montagne also shares photos with her many friends.

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