Sport: Football crisis in Burkina or ego conflicts?

It has been given to public opinion to sadly witness what appears to be a disgrace to national football and thus to sport in Burkina. A real mist!

Indeed, the inglorious exit of the stallions of the CAN 2021 (held in Cameroon), blew up what had long been smoldering. Why is things suddenly not going well between the actors inside and outside the Federation? Are we going to rest everything on the performance of the stallions on the CAN or on a possible incompetence of the current management team of the Federation? What exactly is happening?

Let’s go back to the recent history of the Federation.

On March 10, 2012, Colonel Sita SANGARE, replacing Zambendé Théodore SAWADOGO, who is also a magistrate at the Military Court of Ouagadougou, was elected Head of the Federation for a four-year term. He will be recognized for the stability of the National Championship, but also for the opportunity to have arrived at a time when the country had a good vintage of talented players (generation of Jonathan PITROIPA, Alain TRAORE, Charles KABORE, Aristide BANCE, etc. .). But we will also remember the tumult with his mentor and former Colonel Yak and the many complaints from his staff, both managerial and technical, that unnecessarily disturbed the peace in the sector.

On November 11, 2016, Mr. SANGARE at the head of the Federation will be renewed with brilliance, as he beats without a doubt 221 votes against his challenger Bertrand KABORE, slightly credited with 75 votes. It is clearly the mandate of our current setbacks that so many unfortunate initiatives by the chairman of the FBF have escaped the vigilance of everyone. He decides to change the texts and, above all, introduce measures for the less curious, such as the following to interest us only in them:

Article 42 provides that the executive committee is composed of 21 members, including 1 chairman and 4 vice-chairmen, and 16 members who are all appointed by the chairman after being elected by the general assembly. So only the president is elected.

Let’s see how this provision is overly dangerous and yet not dangerous enough to alert the national press or the Federation Legal Committee.

First, it goes against the spirit of the very first article stating that the Federation is a sports association made up of sports associations or clubs, districts or football leagues in Burkina and abides by the Federation’s statutes. While Article 42 gives the president the freedom to take people of his choice as long as they have “knowledge of the football world”. Knowledge of the football community, what does that mean?

Then the article does not close the door of the committee to Burkinabè, neither by its function nor by any other objective limit to which it might be subject.

In the end, only the president of the federation is elected, the rest of the committee members arrive by the fact of the prince.

But who is the prince in this case?

Since the members of the Executive Committee (OC) are presumably appointed by the President, it will be said that the latter is indeed the Prince; therefore in this case Mr. Lazare BANCE. But how would the prince become harakiri by appointing members and vice presidents not taken over by him, and even less submissive? So the proposition that would make President BANCE the prince does not hold. But if you know the stakes of national football, you can understand that it is a combination of forces that made it possible to install the current president of the Federation.

The legitimate question we would ask comes back to the change of the lyrics. What interests did the former Federation president have in including such contradictory provisions in the texts? Would it be to control things from the outside once they are gone? What happened that no one denounced these provisions? Pending an answer to these questions, the crisis in national football is closely related to the shortcomings of the texts managed by the Federation under the authority of President SANGARE.

In any case, we are witnessing again something unique of its kind: a president who appoints members of an EC but does not have the right to revoke them, which the statutes do not prohibit. † What about the principle of parallelism of forms? In any case, it could not be otherwise, since there is a special lawyer among the slingers of the works council.

This is indeed one reason why the texts prohibit a certain number of citizens from having the status of member of the EC of the Federation. Our case is all the more serious because the latter is not a member of a football club. We then witness a systematic judicial jurisprudence of all the bickering in football, which takes away from the pleasant character.

Yes jurisprudence when the manager of the Stallions (Aristide BANCE) is in turn taken to court by Mr. SANGARE who would rather have asked the public prosecutor to investigate X based on the statement of the former international of the Stallions, to clear up the football community, which would eventually increase her further in the public eye if the investigations ever come to clear her of any embezzlement. He preferred to aim at the reproach of his person.

It will be remembered that without the proactivity of the then Minister of Sports (Mathias TANKOANO, whom we congratulate), who initiated and led a mediation between the parties, the Burkinabè would still be the victim of a falling between a member of the Federation and Mr. SANGARE from whom we do not deny any right to take legal action.

But as long as we do that, it seems to us that in every action we must assess the possibility and mediate between the national interest and the private interest. Would it have been preferable, therefore, to challenge the prosecution to take action against X, following the statements of BANCE Aristide, who would have had the credit of not only purging the house of its unsavory practices, but also of any to dispel suspicions of President SANGARE . Law, Justice in the service of the people and not of the individual. This is a view from the point of view of social cohesion that the judge does not always pursue by enacting the law or even its law (the texts are often interpretable).

Seen from the point of view of football, our common passion, while we are on the eve of the CAN 2023 qualifiers, we are organizing the national coach identification from scratch. We’re trying to break up the Federation. Finally, what do the actors expect? What are they avoiding? What are they afraid of? It seems that what is under the rock is much more than an eel.

The inevitable gigantic and passive loser of this sickening move is indeed the people, as it is apparent that the ministry responsible for the matter is unable to whistle the end of the recreation while holding all the cards; worse, it is to be feared that he will take a stand and divide hearts further. Let’s just hope that Koupèla’s enfant terrible can play his role as boss, he who has a ministry devoted to social cohesion.

God save Faso!

Celestin Badolo

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