The best law firms in Switzerland of 2022

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The lists of the best 2022 law firms in Switzerland that we publish are based on recommendations from lawyers (questionnaires pear to pear) and clients in 31 different jurisdictions and in nine different industries.

More than 6,800 lawyers, more than 1,000 corporate lawyers and heads of legal departments from the 500 largest companies in Switzerland and clients of law firms were invited to participate in the survey. The sample was mainly collected through the Swiss Bar Association (FSA), company websites, publications and searches on job networks such as Xing and LinkedIn.

In addition, lawyers and corporate lawyers, as well as qualified clients who had private or professional experience with law firms in the relevant jurisdictions, were given the opportunity to register for the study through the websites of balance and Time† The survey invitation was sent by email with a personalized link. Multiple participations and recommendations for his own cabinet were identified and disregarded.

The survey was conducted online between October 18 and December 3, 2021. Statista recorded the recommendations for law firms in each jurisdiction. In total, the survey participants made more than 27,000 relevant recommendations. In addition, recommendations from last year’s survey (about 25,500) were used with a lower weighting to account for a law firm’s long-term reputation. On average, no fewer than 136 law firms received advice in each area of ​​law.


The top 25 law firms in each jurisdiction are identified based on the number of recommendations. The frequency of recommendations is indicated by the ratings “very often recommended by colleagues and customers” (*****) and “often recommended by colleagues and customers” (****). The rating “very often recommended by colleagues and clients” is awarded to law firms whose number of recommendations is higher than the average of those in the top 25.

The lists of the best law firms have been created through a complex process. They are thus not linked to qualitative judgments with a claim of objectivity and completeness. There are plenty of smaller companies that do a great job but target a select few customers – and are therefore less known. And like any poll, this one only reflects the subjective opinion of the respondents.

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The different offices of the Best Lawyers 2022 are classified by category according to the number of recommendations according to the following distinction:

●●●●● = very often recommended by colleagues and customers

●●●● = often recommended by colleagues and customers

General contract law

Labor law (employer side)

Labor law (employee side)

Banking and capital market law

Construction and development law

Regulatory Compliance

Energy and environmental law

Inheritance and gift law

Marriage and family law

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

corporate law

Health and medicine law

liability law

Intellectual property law

real estate law

International right

Antitrust and Competition Law

media law

tenancy law

migration law

public markets

Private equity and venture capital

Procedural law

Restructuring and bankruptcy law

Social insurance law

sports law

Tax law and public taxes

Criminal law

Technology and telecommunications law

insurance law

economic criminal law

Law firms recommended by affiliates




Medical technologies

Art and Entertainment

Trade in commodities




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