Amazon launches an immersive game to train in its AWS cloud

Amazon’s cloud is also giving in to the Metaverse’s marketing sirens. AWS launches a bizarre serious game, immersing users in a virtual city to better train them in the various cloud services it offers.

“Metaverse” is undoubtedly the “buzz word marketing” of this year 2022. For those who doubt it, Amazon is providing further proof of this by launching a new immersive training experience on its AWS Cloud.

AWS Cloud Quest: Cloud Practitioner is an online role-playing game for those who are starting a career in IT or for those (developers, administrators, project managers) who are taking their first step in the cloud. AWS Cloud Quest teaches the fundamental concepts of cloud computing by inviting the user to create their avatar and then travel through a virtual city in which they have to shoot flying drones and above all solve challenges (thanks to cloud services) to collect gems and progress in his quest. The student player earns points by running simulations and solving puzzles using AWS services. The goal is to learn through play and to get a real hands-on AWS experience through play.

AWS Cloud Quest deliberately deviates from traditional passive content. We want to make the abstract concepts of cloud computing a reality through interactive and hands-on activities that immediately enable learners to move from theory to practice said Kevin Kelly, director of Cloud Professional Education Programs at AWS. † On their journey, aspiring players understand the cloud by exploring key AWS services and categories (e.g., computing, storage, database, and security services) and building foundation clouds for solutions. This game is also an interesting and fun way to prepare for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam.

The initiative is original and distinct from traditional approaches typically adopted by competing clouds. It’s an original way for AWS to stand out, introduce a new population to AWS through gaming, and surf the current metaverse marketing buzz. Which undoubtedly inspired the competition in the future, because the idea is quite attractive.

Note that AWS also launched new ultra-accessible content this week for its “AWS Educate” training site. This cloud discovery content has been completely redesigned to include new, more interactive courses and hands-on labs accessible from the age of 13!
AWS Educate is intended for motivated people who do not yet work in the cloud but learn through self-study.

These two new offerings help individuals increase their skills and employability. We continue to innovate how learners can develop their hands-on cloud knowledge and skills, meet them where they are, and bring knowledge to everyone by making these programs free. adds Kevin Kelly.

These two initiatives (AWS Cloud Quest and AWS Educate for All) are part of a larger AWS investment program to train 29 million people in cloud technologies by 2025


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