Football: 20 years ago, Onet reached the CFA 2!

The leaders of Castonetois have the opportunity to take a step closer to the National 3 this Saturday, April 30 in the evening (8 pm) with the reception of Toulouse Rodeo on behalf of the 22nd day of R1. Twenty years earlier, Francis Cabaniols and his band had accomplished such a feat. Memories “from a group of friends”.

NOTWe had an extraordinary team for the level. Pasturel, Gombert, Vielfaure, Cano, behind that was a national defense. The Lacombe brothers, Villien, Marius (Dobre), Marino… It was easy for me, I accompanied a group of friends every weekend. And then a guy like Camara, who very often was a substitute, when he came in, he always did his job, he was very good in this role.“The memories of this blessed period are intact for the emblematic Francis Cabaniols, the coach who took Onet from the 1st departmental division to the 5th national level.

2002 and its enchanting spring. An exceptional year with the emergence of CFA2 (ancestor of the Nationale 3) but also because of the statistics. 92 points (4-point win), or 23 more than his runner-up Colomiers! In the end, 22 wins, 2 draws, 2 defeats. 66 goals, 26 against. Pasturel and his gang had then waited the 17th day before being restrained for the first time after 16 wins in a row.

“Marius rides the bus, stops at the night shop in Albi and Laury’s…”

I think we lost our first points in March. It was monstrous to evolve with Pastu’ behind us, we played together without talking to each other. A real gentlemanremembers David Gombert, the last of this generation to raise the crampons at department level with the club of his village, Agen. We were really a bunch of friends, it was the neighborhood club atmosphere in DH. And then there were the bus trips where Marius often replaced the driver because of the driving time. This little night shop in Albi where we stopped all the time before returning to Onet and leaving for Laury’s . (former nightclub). A hell of a time. And to project himself over his successors:It would be great to go back. I’m thinking about going to the stadium on Saturday

DH champion, but not alone. Indeed, at the start of this season, which will be historic for the club, shooter David Marino and his band failed in the 7th round of the Coupe de France against Istres (D2) in a Paul-Lignon full as an egg (1 – 3)

Marino: ‘Yoan (Boscus) knew how to build, hard work pays off’

Exactly, remembers the striker who had watched the goals like pearls: “It was exceptional, everything worked for us. There was a mix of old and young a bit like this year. It lived very well, the old people tried to manage us, it was difficult (smiles)† I remember a return from Labège or Caba (cabanioles) and Guy Bousquié (President) had to stay there. It wasn’t a bus, it was a disco. Our relationship with Caba was exceptional“, admits the one who took advantage of Marius Dobre’s pancakes. The next season will be more difficult, in CFA2, with an immediate comeback despite the prolongation of the good times and the choice of a Southeast hen that is often rejected. “I can’t stop people talking, especially now that we’re down. But instead of going to Muret or Les Fontaines we went to Toulon, Hyères or Corsica, we left each time for at least two days, or even three in Corsicadefends Francis Cabaniols. We have had an amazing season, we keep an unforgettable memory. It would be great to go back 20 years later, it took time to rebuild. I follow them remotely. This means that Yoan (Boscus)’s work is extraordinary and the training has also worked well.“An observation that was shared by his goalkeeper at the time.”They have left well. This group reminds me of us: there is a clever mix of old and young. This is proof of Yoan’s excellent work who was able to build little by little. Like what, hard work always pays off.

Absent but a decisive evening

Tonight on the synthetic La Roque (still no return to the commune and its delicate lawn thus), by beating Rodeo, the Castonétois would offer themselves a first match point in Lourdes next Saturday in view of the rise of N3; and this regardless of the result of his second place in Lourdes going to Albi at the same time. For this, coach Boscus has to do without the services of Couly (ill), Daurenjou, Mellé, Fofana and Camilleri (injured), as well as Delsol, Dominice and Palacios who will be kept at team B. The group: Bonnet – Bonnefous, Schaab , Soulatges, Vaysset – Bobek (cap.), Deplace, Durand, Malrieu – Ahammout, Brunet, Fabre, Peci, Riva.

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