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Knowing how to dress according to your morphology and new trends is a gift! Winter slowly slips away as we wake from our slumber, ready to thrive in the beautiful, warm spring weather. Some of us want to redecorate the outdoors with a new spring decor, others are starting to get outside more and go hiking… At DeaVita, we look for the biggest trends and reveal insider secrets so you can always look fabulous! If you are a fan of fashion and want to be more elegant, stay to find out how to dress in the spring of 2022!

This year’s fabulous fashion trends are reminiscent of 90s grunge style and 2000s chic! Oversized shirts, miniskirts and jackets mixed with low-rise jeans and butterfly sandals are a beautiful mix of the best trends from 20 and 30 years ago. Fashion repeats itself and all we can do is make it better and cooler. If you’ve been wondering how to dress in the spring of 2022, here’s your fashion dictionary. In the first part you will find the most important elements you need in your wardrobe for a breathtaking look. In the second part you will discover how to accessorize these clothes. So let’s go !

The mini skirt is back!

2022 fashion trend mini skirt

How will you dress in the spring of 2022? The mini skirt has been in fashion since the 60s and is making a comeback! Mini skirts come in low and high waist and can be very tight or fluffy. The fabrics vary from cotton, polyester, leather, imitation leather, denim and even cashmere… Put on tights when it’s still cold and combine with a sweater with a playful design.

Leather coat

jacket trend spring 2022

Leather jackets have always been trendy and essential to every fashionista’s wardrobe. Vintage oversized styles from the 70s, 80s and 90s crushed the cropped leather jacket that was so popular in the 2010s. Size is everything these days!

Trench coat: the basis for going out in style

trendy ladies trench coat 2022

The beautiful trench coat has reached the status of a fashion must-have and is now an indispensable item in most of our wardrobes! Since the 1940s, this has been the outfit of choice for anyone who wants to be elegant. The charm of the trench coat lies in the simplicity of the beautiful model. It is lightweight, ideal for everyday wear, but transforms your figure and makes you look chic!

oversized shirt

oversized women's t-shirt trend 2022

To feel and look beautiful, you need to know that comfort is key. Even if you wear the most fashionable and tight dress, if you don’t feel comfortable even that can’t save you! However, to avoid looking like a grocery bag, wear the oversized t-shirt tucked in with a mini skirt or high-waisted slouchy jeans.

very peri-aesthetic

The Pantone color of the year is Very Peri and we are totally obsessed with it! Very Peri Nails, Very Peri Fashion, Very Peri Decor… It’s Crazy! To follow the trend and look like it came out of a fashion magazine, treat yourself to a piece of clothing in this shade!

How to dress in the spring of 2022 accessories

Bella Hadid is fast becoming the next fashion icon of our generation and we’re all here to witness the magic. She likes to experiment with vintage styles and always dresses beautifully. And since she is a notorious trendsetter, most of these items were influenced by her fashion sense. After all, being in the fashion industry has its perks. We now reveal the 3 most essential accessories for Spring 2022! We’ll start at the top and work all the way down to give you a dazzling starlet look that’s sure to turn heads!

vintage sunglasses

fashion trends spring summer 2022

Remember those chunky sunglasses from the Y2K era? Yes, those horrible glasses… We’d like to forget them! There were many missteps in the year 2000 and this was one of them. So instead of taking inspiration from that era, we went back to the 80’s and 90’s and stole their little vintage sunglasses, typical of that era! They are chic and can be worn any time of the day. Pair them with a half ponytail to make it the main star of your face!

Bucket bag and waist bag

Michael Kors handbag 2022

A bag is a girl’s best friend. It is therefore essential to wear something fantastic and useful! The Michael Kors bucket bag is a creation of beauty. He came back into fashion at the 2022 fashion show and now everyone is watching him!

bum bag ladies 2022

The banana back was the sporty dad’s favorite in the ’80s, and it was an accessory that we felt was inappropriate to wear. However, in recent years, fashion has changed drastically and we have started wearing the bum bag over the body!

Y2K shoes

trendy shoes spring 2022

If we can only put the Y2K’s style into one category, it will definitely be Barbie. Hot pink colors and butterfly patterns are a staple of the year 2000 and ooze style and femininity!

how to dress in spring woman Very Peri


How will you dress in the spring of 2022? Dare the trench coat!

How to dress in spring 2022 woman trench coat

The oversized T-shirt is beautiful, practical and fashionable!

how to dress in spring oversized t-shirt for women

How will you dress in the spring of 2022? Follow our advice!

spring coat trend 2022 how to dress in spring woman

How will you dress in the spring of 2022 woman? Long leather jackets are in!

fashion trend 2022 ladies leather jacket

Opt for vintage glasses like Bella Hadid.

women's fashion trends spring summer 2022

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