Online sale of baskets of Ramadan products: when amateurs and professionals share the market

The virtual Burkinabè space has become a real open-air business space. From the sale of services to those of agri-food products, household appliances, textiles, including clothing and make-up, the list is not exhaustive. A thriving market where everyone goes with their creativity and imagination to conquer their market share. The month of Ramadan is not spared with the sale of fruit baskets, fruit juices and other sweets to break the fast. Amateurs and professionals have developed initiatives to make more quick wins. Report !

Pleasure to offer, Well’ Or, Astrid’s baskets, Lynska-SA, Fasoranana and others. So many virtual shops offering variety of Ramadan baskets. In this online market, people are not lacking in imagination or creativity. From the making of baskets and boxes to the posts, nothing is done randomly.

“Often we put ourselves in the person’s shoes and say to ourselves: if it were me, what would make me happy? And even when we talk about food, you have to know how to attract beauty to stimulate the appetite of customers,” says one of them we met on Friday evening April 22, 2022 at her home, located in Katr-Yaar district of the city ​​of Ouagadougou.

Astrid Valian, of the boutique “Les Paniers d’Atrid”, which also bears her first name, is an amateur saleswoman in this field. Immersed in the preparations for her last evening deliveries as the muezin invokes the magrib prayer, the young lady installs us in front of her drooling monster baskets. “Basically no baskets have been made yet, it’s ready when we take orders,” she admits.

Astrid Valian, promoter of the virtual shop “Astrid baskets”

There is something for everyone and for every budget. And according to his explanation, the prices of these baskets vary between 15,000 and 35,000 FCFA, or even more, but the choice is left much more to customers and according to their wishes. For this young lawyer by training and trainee in a company, it is an activity she has been doing in her spare time since 2019, assisted by her younger sister who is an event decorator.

To hear him speak and see the genius that went into the creation of the baskets, it all seems to have been done in his image. “I love everything that’s beautiful and everything I do, I think it’s beautiful. I also like to be of service to others. That’s why when people order baskets from me, I don’t just take any products, I go out of my way to have the best products to satisfy my customers,” she reveals. Astrid Valian even says she’s willing to invest at a loss , even if it means satisfying her customer. A technique that seems to be paying off for the basketball enthusiast. Because she says it is doing well and even plans to professionalize in this. Even if it is often difficult to controlling the impatience of certain customers, she regrets, it is a profitable business.

Mariam Diawara, promoter of the virtual store “Pleasure to offer”

Like Astrid, Mariam Diawara also started selling online amateurishly. For this professional marketer, it is a related activity that she has developed that allows her to add strings to her bow. According to her confidentiality, she never received any training in the subject, but learned on the job. “My Plaisir d’offre store, I launched it in 2019, where I offer all kinds of baskets for weddings, baptisms and others. But it was after I saw that people were also making baskets for Ramadan, so I started,” she says for.

Mariam Diawara seems to convince her customers with baskets and boxes. Mariam’s technique is the technique used by many women who have also embarked on this Ramadan e-commerce. In fact, Dame Diawara has already started to inspire other women, including her cousin, Khadija Diawara. She also introduced her to “okra,” as they say in the slang. The new recruit says she also found “Well ‘Or” along with her boyfriend. These two friends, who have become business partners since 2021, also offer baskets with different models and different prices.

Nafissatou P. Hien, promoter of the “Lynska-SA” boutique

Unlike Astrid, Mariam and Khadija, Nafissatou P. Hien is a professional in the field. She is a medical student and claims to have completed certification training, as well as training herself through tutorials on YouTube. Like Khadija, she also joined forces with her aunt Belinda Traoré. And the duo together founded “Lynska-SA” with the initials of the two employees. And this is the second consecutive year that the duo has offered baskets of all kinds, ranging from 10,000 to 25,000 CFA francs. Standard baskets that can be adjusted according to the customer’s wishes, explains the future doctor.

And as individuals increasingly enter this market, it must be said that it was first led by companies and supermarkets, recalls the director of Poste’Éclair, Vincent Sawadogo, whom we met for this purpose. His institution had also launched in this market since 2019 through his “FasoRanana” platform which offers many products including Ramadan baskets from 5000 F, he recalls.

Vincent T Sawadogo, director of Poste’ Éclair

Profitable Trading

Même si la plupart des interviewés n’ont pas voulu dire réellement leurs bénéfices, à vue d’œil, c’est un business spontané qui semble être une machine à sous où chacun tire son épingle du jeu. Ils se frotent d’ailleurs les Hands ! “In the first year I made a decent profit thanks to a large order placed with me,” says Astrid Valian with a smile on her face. Over 500,000 FCFA, even if she didn’t want to be more precise.

“But the years that followed, she continues, it was less than that, but this year I hope it exceeds that.” Mariam Diawara also refused to tell us what she earns in a month. But according to her, we at least know that she delivers an average of ten baskets a day with a profit of 2500 each.

A figure that is not fixed, she says, because it can be seen up or down depending on the orders. Before her baptism of fire, Khadija says she made 300,000 FCFA profit during the 30 days that the fast lasted and since then she has also developed her network which she continues to satisfy.

As for the medical student, she admits she sold more than 40 baskets in the first year with a profit of 200,000 F that split the duo in half. Benefits that could be greater if those interested became professionals, the director of Poste ‘Éclair teaches because, in his opinion, it is a service that requires much more technique and skills.

Yvette Zongo

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