we tell you why we love vintage

Ah fashion… We love it and we hate it. We love it because it allows us to assert ourselves in terms of style, but we hate it because it’s one of the most polluting industries in the world. Yes, the processing of fibers and the cultivation of cotton, with the use of chemicals but also fertilizers and pesticides, causes a lot of pollution. Alternatives are then available to us and even if we know that some are telling us that we will not change the world on our small scale, nothing prevents us from consciously and respectfully consuming. Slow fashion, as opposed to fast fashion, is the best alternative for those who want to continue shopping without feeling guilty. Today we are talking to you about vintage, buying second-hand and their advantages.

Reduce consumption intelligently

At a time when fast fashion rages with its ravages, one wonders why clothes aren’t given a second life? Want to reduce your footprint on our planet, but don’t want to give up shopping? Okay why not. The advantage of vintage is that the part is already manufactured so you are in recycling mode when you buy it. This way you can mix business with pleasure: on the one hand, leave with a stylish piece and on the other hand, reduce your consumption. Smart, right?

The return of trends

At a time when we are witnessing more and more standardization of outfits, vintage brings a touch of originality. To be considered vintage, a piece must last at least 20 years and since fashion is an eternal renewal, you will notice the return of certain trends. Vintage makes it possible to offer you almost unique pieces as it is rare to find the same thing twice in thrift stores. And if you want to stand out and wear quality pieces, now is the right time!

money money money

Tired of spending an insane amount of money on fast fashion brands when you haven’t bought that much clothes yet? The second hand is a qualitative alternative. Of course we’re not talking to you about luxury thrift stores where buying certain vintage pieces is expensive, but rather about places where you can buy a Levi’s denim jacket for less than 30 euros or even stylish overalls for 5 euros. Sometimes you have to search hard to find what you’re looking for in a thrift store, but the search is worth it when it comes to making good deals! Do not forget to set a budget that you should not exceed, as we remind you that we are in a process of intelligent and non-compulsive buying.

“From fast fashion to forever fashion”

We told you about the benefits, now on to the concrete. There are many addresses of second-hand shops and if you come from Paris we can say that you are spoiled for choice, especially in the Marais district. But that is not everything ! If you live in the capital Bordeaux, Lille or Rouen, the Pimkie brand, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, has good news for you. Indeed, it is now possible to find “Re.Love” corners in some of their stores, in the cities mentioned above. Why this name? For the love of the garment that we are learning to love again. How ? A space has now been reserved in the aforementioned Pimkie stores for second-hand clothing of all brands. The brand explained this initiative by a desire to rethink its production system “in accordance with current environmental concerns”. The sale is per kilo which you can enjoy until the end of August for 30 euros per kilo for the summer collection, and for 20 euros per kilo from September to February for the winter collection. To carry out this project, Pimkie has teamed up with Eureka Fripes, the international leader in the sale of second-hand items and founder of the vintage concept store Kiloshop but also of the Upcycling brand “Culture Vintage”. The ready-to-wear brand concludes with class: “Nobody is perfect, and neither are we, but we are doing our best to evolve towards more circular consumption, to go from fast fashion to forever fashion”.

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