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When you talk to a young man about acne, he doesn’t necessarily think about the clothing brand. Still, Acne Studios is a high-end Swedish brand that you should check out. In this article we give you our full opinion.

The history of the Acne Studios brand

We’ll start by eliminating the risk of confusion with the skin problem right away: this isn’t about acne, it’s about Acne Studios. This brand was founded in Sweden in 1996 by Jonny Johannson

Much more than a simple fashion brand, the designer wanted to initiate a real artistic project. In addition, the name ACNE has been successively presented as the acronym of Associated Computer Geek Companies (i.e. “Company of nerd-nerds associated”), then Ambition to create new expressions (“the ambition to create original expressions”).

For example, Jonny Johansson wanted to share his passion for art in general, photography, architecture and contemporary culture… His creative process could therefore interfere with clothing, but also with furniture or writing. Anyway, what makes Acne Studios’ reputation around the world today is its high-quality clothing collections for men and women (we’ll come back to this “high-end” side a little later).

And if it was the first jeans that allowed Acne to make a name for itself in the fashion marketa complete wardrobe is now available, including beautiful shirts and beautiful jackets, with cuts directly inspired by silhouettes seen at menswear shows.

Jonny Johansson, the founder of Acne Studios
Jonny Johansson, the founder of Acne Studios

Our review of Acne Studios

Acne Studios looks at the high-end side, as we mentioned. And even luxury. It is no coincidence that the brand regularly unveils its collections at Paris Men’s Fashion Week. In fact, all the outfits presented during these parades are not really “wearable” on the street and the prices used are in line with this positioning† Count on at least 150 euros for a t-shirt, 250 euros for a shirt or a pair of sneakers and more than 300 euros for a work jacket.

If we limit ourselves to simple value for money, not everyone will find what they are looking for. Nevertheless: Acne Studios has the merit of offering clothes that stand out† Far from being limited to nice jeans or the minimalist style typical of Scandinavian brands (COS, Selected…), Jonny Johansson now offers real strong pieces.

Oversized cuts, colorful patterns, androgynous style: the collections will not appeal to all menbut will be able to fill those who already have advanced stylistic mastery with joy!

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The best clothes from the brand

Acne Studios may have made jeans its “historic” piece, but today the brand offers a much more complete and colorful wardrobe. From basic denim to oversized shirts and beautiful casual workwear jackets, there’s plenty to do at Acne… as long as your budget allows!

Oversized jeans: €250
Review Acne Studios Oversized jeans
Acne Studios Review - Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Long sleeve t-shirt: €140
Long sleeve t-shirt: €230
Acne Studios review Long sleeve t-shirt
Patchwork shirt: €520
Review Acne Studios Patchwork Shirt
Denim jacket: €340
Review Acne Studios Denim jacket

Current offers at Acne Studios



This marble gray melange jersey t-shirt from Acne Studios features a chest pocket and a pink flag label.

socks with contrast logo


These black knee highs from Acne Studios are made from a lightweight cotton blend with a black jacquard logo.

Python bag


This beige/black Acne Studios bag is made of python-embossed leather and features an Acne Studios logo.

Cotton canvas belt


This blue belt from Acne Studios is made of cotton canvas with a vintage effect and has a logo buckle.

metal sunglasses


These purple/dark gray metal sunglasses from Acne Studios are made of stainless steel and fitted with mirrored lenses.

denim jacket


This light blue/brown denim jacket from Acne Studios has a unique wash and loose fit. Made from organic cotton and finished with classic denim jacket details.

Reinforced fabric shorts


The brown reinforced shorts from Acne Studios are made from a polyester-cotton blend for a technical finish. It has a straight cut and a length to mid-thigh. Details include…

satin bomber jacket


The olive green jacket from Acne Studios has a loose and voluminous cut. It has a classic bomber jacket silhouette. It’s made from lightweight satin and features checkered cuffs…

Polar fleece jacket


The khaki green jacket from Acne Studios is made of soft polar fleece, which is often used in hiking clothing for its warmth and durability. It has a cut out and …

Cotton blend shorts


These black shorts from Acne Studios are made from a cotton blend with a patch pocket on the back and a pink label.

Organic jeans


Acne Studios light blue/brown denim shorts are made from indigo organic cotton with classic denim details.

micro carry bag


Acne Studios Black Micro Tote is crafted from soft leather and decorated with a twisted musubi knot on the front, inspired by traditional Japanese obi sashes. Finished with a zippered center pocket…

Where To Buy Acne Clothes?

By 2022, there will be Acne stores all over the world, from Japan to the US, through Australia, Italy or of course Sweden. In France you have to go to Paris (Galeries Lafayette, Palais Royal, Rue Froissart or Quai Voltaire) for an overview of the collections. You can take the opportunity to see that the layout of these outlets alone is worth a detour!

Please also note that it is possible to make an appointment to take advantage of a personalized shopping service, directly in the store. Finally, if you can’t get around, the Acne Studios e-shop is particularly well stocked!

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