Football: Nîmes winner in Nancy (3-1), Crocos scores … and bonuses!

This Saturday, April 30, Nîmes Olympique won on behalf of the 36th day of the Ligue 2 at the red lantern Nancy (3-1). Thanks to his goalkeeper, Lucas Dias, surprising author of 8 saves, to the connection with Senegal (two goals and an assist for Moussa Koné, a realization of Sidy Sarr) and to the Swedish-Brazilian leg of Eliasson (two offers).

Lucas Dias (rating: 8/10) : 8/10, like the number of stops on Marcel-Picot’s lawn. Surprise holder (a sign compared to next season, the tendency is not to exercise the option to buy Pekko Bratveit), he is no longer the black cat: it is his first win in ten pro tenures with Nîmes Olympique (2 equal games and 7 defeats so far, L1 and L2 combined). It took a penalty to cheat his vigilance, after he brilliantly fended off a shot from Biron (48th) that we saw into the back of the net. Goalkeeper n°1 next season? “I’m ready and I’m a candidate,” he slipped to us. In any case, he was “the man of the match” in Nancy, as Pekko Bratveit told us when he left the stadium!

Patrick Burner (5) : he has Ciss center (3rd, in front of the head on Biron’s beam), symbolizing his overall lack of defensive aggressiveness. He became more serious as the match went on and became more aggressive offensively, but made no difference. Out for Leon Delpech (79th), who failed to show.

Kelyan Guessoum (5) : Less prominent than his partner in the central defense axis Mbow, but sober and serious, as in this comeback against Biron (57th). Still some imperfections in the first period, such as this misdirected defensive header in the first period, or this game lost to El Aynaoui, which cost him 6/10. Is replaced by Nao Ueda (62nd), quietly behind.

Moustapha Mbow (5) : good, if he takes (a lot of) balls with his head and if he cuts a lot of Lorraine passes. And good in any case, if he loses his concentration: he is preceded by Biron, in the air (bar 3rd) then on the ground (25th). Most importantly, he caused the ASNL equalizing penalty, foul on Ngbakoto (61st). Supplied by Anthony Briancon (62nd), warned less than ten minutes later. Then he attacked: he offered himself an offensive attack (shot blocked, 90th) and almost got ahead… Koné on the 3rd goal, from a corner!

Gaetan Paquiez (6) : Once out of custom on the left, Captain Croco has held onto his job well and assumed his managerial status. He withstood several Lorraine attempts. Defensively, he was where he needed to be.

Scotty Sad Salt (5) : as in Quevilly-Rouen (1-0), he started as a (rather attacking) left midfielder and alternated with Eliasson on the right wing. Little in sight, he distilled a few centers and tried a pair of scissors (55th), unsuccessfully. Pablo Martinez replaced him (62nd), and he’s behind the action of the second Gard goal.

Sidy Sarr (6) : Holy Sidy! With an attack from elsewhere, especially from Senegal, the 25-year-old midfielder scored his first goal with Nîmes after 2,628 minutes of play, in all competitions (44th). Before this personal achievement, he was often late, overtaken by the Lorraine rhythm, as in this dangerous tackle on Delos (yellow card, 16th). Relaunched by coach Nicolas Usaï when he arrived in January, he was out of action for another month. “He’s a guy I was strict with, his coach slipped us for normal reasons. I spoke and warned the group about reintegrating him.”

Julien Ponceau (5) : It has increased in power over the course of the game. First wiped out and dominated in midfield in the first 45 minutes, he was increasingly present and dominant after the break.

Nicholas Eliasson (7) : two assists, against (64th) then on a corner (90th + 2) for the Swedish-Brazilian, who can thank Moussa Koné. They even thanked each other: eleven days ago, in Quevilly-Rouen, it was the Senegalese who had served the left-hander. Eliasson made late game differences. He has 7 goals and 5 assists in the league this season. Satisfying.

Moussa Kone (8): two goals and an assist for the striker: what more could you want? Defensive Efforts: He’s making them now. “He has been playing full matches for a month,” said his coach. If he was unsuccessful in the collective play in the first half, he was decisive before half-time and served his compatriot Sarr for the opener. With 11 goals he became the top scorer in Nimes, ahead of Yassine Benrahou (10). And has just provided his second assist in 11 days. He hadn’t done anything with NO for two years before…

Elias Omarson (6) : the Icelander ended the season well. He is on his feet and he is at the root of the first croco goal, when he finds Sarr in the overflow wing position in the ashes. The Icelander weighed in and held the ball better than usual. A beautiful half volley from the former Nîmes Baptiste Valette (45th). The complementarity with Koné is refined… a little late.

Nicolas Usai (coach, 7) : it becomes a habit, he still surprised in his team composition, with Dias in the cage, Paquiez on the left, Sarr in the middle and the three experienced defenders Martinez-Ueda-Briançon on the bench. Dias and Sarr were decisive and the trio’s entry on the hour set a defensive tone and stabilized the team. It’s also to his credit that “we found the consistency we’ve been running for a long time”…

The collective of Nîmes (7) : with an average age of 24 and not in his thirties in the starting line-up, he suffered a lot in the beginning, but managed to turn his back and reverse the course of the game. So with “cohesion”.

Bartolomeu Varela (referee, 6) : half penalty called in favor of Ngbakoto, half penalty not called in favor of Koné. Two controversial decisions, but without apparent error.

The Marcel-Picot Stadium (behind closed doors, 6): it will be without a doubt the most beautiful stadium of the National. This Saturday behind closed doors after the incidents that occurred at the Quevilly reception.

The old crocodiles (7) : the Rhodan Gardois Antonin Bobichon directed Nancy’s play and set pieces well. He was the metronome of the Lorraine midfield. Baptiste Valette can’t do much about the three Gard goals. It was a pleasure to see them again.

the ball (6) : after fifteen minutes of play, it almost ended up on the computer of the special correspondent for Midi Libre, who with a reflex stop at the Dias! Otherwise, he went into the ASNL net three times, so that’s fine!

The hinge on the bench (7) : Martinez and Briançon have always continued to encourage and motivate. At the hour (62nd), their entry and Ueda’s made the difference, with Nîmes, five behind, in less danger at the end.

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