Football: Servette takes another lesson in realism


On Saturday night of the Super League, the Grenats had the most chances, but it was Saint-Gall who showed how to score, without really having one (0-2).

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Stevanovic (left) in the fight with Schmidt, Saturday night in Geneva.

photo Eric Lafargue

Season end with exhausting chorus: Servette, who has chances and fails to score, sees his opponent – Saint-Gall this Saturday night – teach him a lesson in efficiency (0-2). Third defeat in a row after Zurich win, a big deal… The Garnets will end the season in the soft underbelly of the standings: nothing to be ashamed of, quite the contrary, even since relegation has never been a threat. But there’s a frustration that needs to be corrected: this Servette who wants to play can concede goals, but when he can’t score anymore for lack of a goalscorer, it’s complicated…

Yesterday Servette should have returned to the dressing room with at least a goal lead. It was the 20th minute of the game and Clichy’s action had enabled Bédia to pass back towards Imeri: big attack, Zigi intervened as best he could and pushed back in front of him on Cognat, who had anticipated well. He was probably ashamed of Schmidt’s return, but it was from outside the shin that he lost the huge opportunity, the ball spinning to Zigi’s left.

A post by Kastriot Imeric

Rarely in danger, Servette could also have opened the score on a small masterpiece by Kastriot Imeri. A dream free kick from nearly 25 yards, in effect and posted, that hit the top of Zigi’s right post, spectator and batted, spinning the ball out.

That opportunity was also there for Stevanovic, but true to himself, the best passer in the championship didn’t hesitate to shoot when he was well placed and tried a too short pass towards Imeri.

St. Gallen, not as hard as usual, had these shots in front of him: twice Fazliji, once Ruiz, always on a well positioned Frick. The warning was there, exactly: Fazliji had far too much freedom on his side, Bauer gave him too much room to come in and strike. This is exactly what would be paid in cash in the 68th minute.

A bright strike by Fazliji

In Bauer’s defense, if the break from the previous minute had been properly negotiated by Servettiens, the Garnet would have led to the score. But Stevanovic and especially Cognat played the trick badly. And seconds later, Fazliji fired a shot, with a Bauer deciding too late to go after him: a light attack, unstoppable for Frick. As if to rub salt in the wound, in the 73rd a center caviar from Stevanovic found a Rodelin who wanted to control rather than take over directly. Then it was a good move (Cognat-Antunes-Imeri), who suffered from a finish that was not clean enough.

This half chance St. Gallen taught a lesson in efficiency to a Napkin without finishing. The chorus is known. The Garnets even drank it to the bottom in the 88th minute, when they took risks to equalize: it was with 100% success from Geneva that Saint-Gall sealed the score, Jankewitz serves Lungoyi for the 0-2.

Stade de Geneve, 5394 spectators.

Arbitrator: mm. S. Wolfensberger.

goals: 68th Fazliji 0-1; 88th Lungoyi 0-2.

Napkin: frick; Bauer (88 Valls), Vouilloz, Sasso, Clichy; Cognat, Douline, Antunes (73rd Oberlin); Stevanovic, Bedia (64th Rodelin), Imeri (88th Alves).

St. Gallen: zigi; Sutter (64th Cabral), Stergiou, Maglica, Schmidt; quintilla; Gortler, Ruiz (80th Jankewitz), Fazliji (75th Toma); Duah (64th Besio), Schubert (64th Lungoyi).

Warnings: 13th Stevanovic (nudge), 62nd Sasso (hard play), 71st Lungoyi (hard play).

On Saturday, Lugano and Grasshopper also donned their cleats in the Swiss Super League Championship. The two teams ended in a draw (1-1). It was the Zurichers who opened the scoring via Bonatini in the 58th minute. At Cornaredo in front of 2,484 spectators, FC Lugano equalized 17 minutes later via Sabbatini. This accumulated point does not apply to the Ticino, who succeeded in the standings by Saint-Gall, nor to the Grasshoppers who remain within reach of FC Sion who receive the Young Boys on Sunday at 2.15 pm. As for Lausanne, it will travel to Lucerne at 4:30 PM.

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