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Asian interior decoration is so appreciated for its simplicity, its harmonious storage space and its refreshing style. Even the most minimalist design can look full and fill you with serotonin. In fact, the culture and history of Asia is very rich and full of interesting facts and mysterious symbolism hidden in their mesmerizing architecture. Everything has a purpose, a history and is filled with traditions that have been passed down for centuries. Do you want to radically change your home by taking inspiration from Japan, China and South Korea? The DeaVita team is here to show you and dive into the symbolism behind it all. Stay tuned to find out how to adopt Asian interior decoration. Let’s go !

interior asian decoration

If you think Asian decorating is all about red lanterns and kittens, you’re wrong. The Asian culture is very rich and is transcribed by the architectural decoration inside and out. Simple and uncluttered in appearance, it is actually quite complicated. Why ? The furniture and materials used are mostly natural and durable, making them last longer than you! So it is an investment in itself, and not just a feast for the eyes and a zen atmosphere. If you are ready to go on a cultural journey, you must first learn to respect and know it thoroughly. Do we have time to cover all the important elements in this article? Certainly not. But it can be a start for you to dive even deeper into the culture of Asia. Without further ado, let’s have some tea, sit comfortably and educate ourselves.

The most important elements to furnish the living room

Asian decoration

Yes, minimalist designs are often mentioned when it comes to Chinese or Japanese designs. Light, open spaces, pastel colors and the lack of excessive clutter take center stage. That’s not all though! Colors and shapes are of great importance in Asian culture. For example, in this beautiful living room you can see many circles: the mirror, the table, the stool, etc. The circle is a symbol of unity and infinity, symbolizing the eternity of the soul and the beauty it radiates. Red (we’re aiming for pillows) is a cheerful color, a color of excitement, celebration and happiness. And blue symbolizes spring and immortality. Basically, the people of Asia bring positivity into their homes through symbols.

asian living room decor

In contrast, Japanese modern minimalist design is currently on the rise! The clean style is really fascinating! The use of wood and linen in combination with the pastel colors is a feast for the eyes. Add an indoor bonsai or other tree of your choice to create a peaceful, greener design.

And the kitchen?

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Kitchens come in many shapes, sizes and colors. Wood and marble are the most durable materials, but they can be quite expensive if you are planning a large kitchen. Storage is key to keeping everything looking neat. In contrast, in Western society we like disorder.

kitchen design trends 2022

Maximalism is enchanting and a widespread way of life! However, it has been proven that less clutter positively stimulates the brain, makes you happier, treats stress, as well as your concentration problems.

Bathroom: just as important as the others

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If you need ideas for your bathroom layout, this is the sign to follow! Asian bathrooms are quite modern. There’s still the sturdy hardware element that makes them durable and a great investment. While we see hard geometric shapes like the square everywhere, oval shapes (the bathtub for example) to soften the atmosphere are a must. By the way, we’ve already talked about the circle and its symbol, so it’s essential to include it in every room in some way.

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Put up flowers like the Dracula Simia Orchid to brighten up the place if you’re out of decorations and make sure you have all the necessary storage.

The bedroom: maximum relaxation

Asian bedroom decoration

For the bedroom, there are some basic elements that you should include in your decor for your well-being and relaxation. You need a comfortable and beautiful headboard, a touch of bright colors (but not too much so as not to tire the eye). Residents of Asian countries, not all, but most, have their beds on a raised surface. A curious detail, however, is that their mattresses are on the floor. Normally we all sleep on raised beds and search up and down for the perfect shape. But do you know why the Japanese sleep on mattresses on the floor?

Asian bedroom decor

In fact, in Japan it is customary to sleep on a very thin mattress, which is placed on the floor or other hard surface. The Japanese believe that this exercise will help relax your muscles, allowing for a natural alignment of your spine and hips.

Photo Gallery: Asian Interior Decoration

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Asian interior decoration: play with colors and their symbolism!

interior asian decoration

Pastel colors in Asian interior decoration are indispensable!

asian home decor

Incorporate plants into your design to freshen it up!

asian decoration living room

Do you know the tiny house movement? Dare the Japanese style for your tiny home!

Asian decoration

Asian interior decoration: green is the color of the renaissance and the beginning.

Asian apartment interior design

A beautiful Asian garden? Why not ?

Asian garden

Asian interior decoration: do not deprive yourself of red!

bedroom trends 2022

Japanese and Chinese style are part of the 2022 living room decoration trend!

living room decor trend 2022

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